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Quick update before I drag my tired bottom to bed

This may look like a brick of cheese, but it's much, much harder. I didn't cut it so much as hack at it: 

I initially was going to melt it in the disposible pie tin I wound up hacking it to pieces in. I'm glad I realized that I'd need it in a much smaller space so I could dip the bottles deep enough to coat not only the corks, but the strings for the tags as well (as this serves to help them stay in place as well as seal the corks).

Dipping the bottle: 

Finished bottles!

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I'm saving them here so I can go back and find them later
Has boar, venison, and rabbit, no eel:
Boar roast 5.99 lb (not currently in stock)
Venison shoulder roast 7.79 lb
Rabbit 5.99 lb

I think the winner for boar may be this reference from Eden:
Fresh / 1.5 lbs. avg. $16.99

Carries rabbit- no venision, no boar, no eel:

Can order Venison, boar, rabbit- doesn't carry eel:
Venison 19.99 lb
Rabbit 6.99 lb

wild boar leg 36.00 4lb package
Venison Medallions Fillet (Cervena), (2-4 oz. count) 1/2 lb. Package 15.00
Rabbit (Whole) 2.75 lb. Package 24.00

Farmer George in Port Orchard has rabbit for sale occasionally 3870 Bethel Rd SE Port Orchard, WA 98366 (360) 876-3186
Venison ground only 8.98 lb, Rabbit fry cut 5.89

One more to add:
Bellevue, Washington at: 15255 NE Bel Red Rd • Bellevue, WA 98007.
No boar, Venision loin 45.16 lb, Rabbit cut up, packaged by 1/2 animal at 8.99 lb

Another to add late in the game-
Tacoma Boys- closest to my house
No Boar, No Venison (they don't carry "game meat"), rabbit frozen, whole 2.99 lb

It looks like I may need to try asian markets when eel comes up- that's alright it's actually much closer for me than all of the places that carry any exotic meats. :)
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I've got a friend who's thinking about apprenticing and she wants a persona appropriate scroll. I sent her the links I still had from when I researched  mine and the transcription of the basis for mine, but I can't seem to find the image of the original extant scroll. Any suggestions? 

Also, someone on my Friends list posted these really cool doll links. I'm totally blown away, and instantly though of Mort:  Beware, it does show some images of naked dolls.

Check this out the description is "Album with Italian, mainly Venetian, costumes and characters from the Commedia dell’Arte, Italy, Venice?, first quarter of the 17th century"

Guilds in Italy in the Early Modern Period: 

Maiolica ideas
I want to paint the pitcher and bowl- from "the bean eater" 
Eventually I'd like to enter Kingdom A&S and I think I want at least one of my entries to be a Maiolica piece. I'm not sure what yet there, other than I want it to be something reasonably persona appropriate as that will be the theme for all of my entries.
Maybe this one, only switch out the devices: 

Knitted Venetian sailor's cap: 
I had started making a knitted cap once upon a time, but it was using the modern two needles hooked together. I want to try it sometime with the double ended needles.
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6 commercial sized convection ovens.
Large full sized standing warmer - to hold hot foods in safety zone (potentially useful for Veggie tarts, maybe others)
8 outlets in kitchen-
space in front that will be curtained off has 13 heavy duty outlets - for roasting ovents and rice cookers? 

Ask Mort- about how many roasting ovens needed for roasts & serving ware

If unable to get serving ware in time -talk to E about borrowing.
Check in with HL R about noodles- if not then plan alternate. If not homemade, keep dish? Test alternate friday or saturday if not confirmed.  Just heard back, she's going to give it a try! This will be awesome! I already have the walnuts. Noodle-y goodness!
ask guild list if they have industrial tin foil, who all plans on coming- call out for rice cookers

Autocrat to verify that we can use their pans as long as we leave them clean.

Changes to menu- ask Oonah if she thinks she can do walnut bread- need to know by end of week. If not, switch for sliced artisan to accompany fruit, cheese and stuffed eggs.

Work around for no stove tops- possible brown gobbets of chicken the night before then chill- finish cooking on site, possibly in roasting oven, if nessisary. How many roasting ovens available for this? Possible call for roasting ovens needed if not enough.

Tomorrow make spread sheet for prep time/ cook time for all dishes / equipment/ prep surfaces available. Start with pre-prep like candied items to the end of clean up.

I go crash now.
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After work tonight I'm commuting over the Dragon's Lair- instead of bussing home and driving around I'm hopping a van pool with a coworker and taking the ferry across. R said he will come and pick me up after the meeting and site visit. I must remember to email him at least the name of the site, if not the address too.

I will be bringing a couple of copies of the source material as well as the most current version of the menu. Oh, and I must remember to finish checking in with a couple of memebers of the culinary guild about whether they would like to be in charge of a specific dish (e.g. the bread artist doing the fabulous nut bread, the all around can do any period food lady possibly making the homemade noodles for the lasagne), and see if anyone wants to come over this weekend to play with candying orange peels and sauces.

Our fabulous candy fairy evaria  is sadly unable to make it due to previous commitments, but we will think of her fondly and soldier on! 
Anyone interested in fiddling with culinary bits, just hanging out and being social while others do so (or even working on other projects and being social) are very welcome to stop by. At this point I'm thinking Saturday anytime after 10AM- that way if we get a lot done I can actually spend Sunday lounging like a lizard, and if not I can bust more bottom. Email me at raphaellad at yahoo dot come if you would like the address. 

Thank goodness the house is pretty clean- I just have to clean the bathroom and convince R that dishes should not be stored in the sink (ew!). 
Here are the recipes we will be focusing on this weekend: 
CXXX To make a good and delicate dish of oranges These are a definate go- I'm just not sure on what exactly a serving size should be for this. Meat, veggies, starches, even cakes and pies are easy, but how much of each comfit should I plan for each person? 
CXXXI To make a chopped orange dish in another way candied orange peels- only chopped and cooked until almost hard- I think the extra dried ones may work for this. :) 

III. "Agliata", roasted garlic sauce. Garlic with garlic
XVII Perfect strong sauce ginger, cinnamon, cloves, breadcrumbs, and vinegar. 

I already worked on the sauces again here: http://ayeshadream.livejournal.com/235813.html
Now I just need to make them again in bulk. 
I may give this a quick run through too, and see if a version of pastry crust will work well.
XXXVIII Lasagne A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices.

All of these recipes currently come from a single source the Anonimo Veneziano and I'm currently working from the translation found here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

There is also an online version still in Italian here: http://staff-www.uni-marburg.de/~gloning/frati.htm
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Per Cominciare:

Frutte & Formaggio - Fruits & cheese
Pane de noxe - A rich bread with walnuts & spices
Ove plene  - Stuffed eggs

 Primo Servizio

Ambrosino: Chicken with dried fruit, almond milk and verjuice, sweet and sour (possibly adding a vegan version)
Panicata - Millet polenta- This is probably getting switched out for rice w/ saffron, still vegan
Rapa armata - Turnips with cheese

 Secondo Servizio

Arrosto - Pork  roast with two sauces on the side
Agliata - Roasted garlic sauce
Savore rinforzato – Strong Sauce of  ginger, cinnamon, cloves, breadcrumbs, and vinegar.
Panini con burro – Bread rolls & butter
Torta de herbe – A tart of spinach & other greens with cheese. 

 Terzo Servizio  

Lasagne - A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices. 
Ranciata - Candied orange peels
Confetti - Various comfits. 

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm running in mud- I don't seem to get very far and it's very exhausting. Next week I'm going to be making and putting up the sauces in bulk, chopping and bagging all of the dried fruits that will go into the Ambrosino and starting the candied orange peels. I'm going to see if I can get in touch with someone who does amazing homemade bread and talk them into doing the Pane de noxe for me in bulk. I'm also going to see if someone wants to take on the fresh noodles for the sweet lasagne dish, and specifically ask people in the DL culinary guild who I know are awesome at specific things if they would be willing to take lead on specific dishes. I know they are awesome in general, but often people seem to respond better to a more specific request- like "you there, you make a rockin' armored turnip- want to throw down for candlemas"? 

I'm still trying to figure out how to best make the sergentry meeting work at Ursulmas- it looks like to get meeting space we may wind up getting bumped to Sunday, but enough people day trip I'm concerned that we may loose people we really could use input from - but we will have to make due with what's available. There is a small chance that If the coronets sharing the baronial pavilion wouldn't mind we could maybe, possibly have it there- whenever there is a break in the schedule. I was brainstorming and suggested maybe we could have a dinner meeting just off site, but that didn't seem to be any interest in that either.
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Project lust! One of the people on the courtesan list posted these fabulous links to images of extant Venetian coins. 

I want to get as close to my persona's time as possible. I know different coins had different duration and circles of circulation, so I'm curious just how many of these if any might have actually had a chance of passing through her hands. 

My ultimate goal is to made a die and strike my own Venetian coins to give out as little thank you tokens. If someone teaches a class I enjoy, or I see them stopping to help someone, etc. I'll give them a coin and my thanks. I love the idea of having a persona appropriate way to reinforce good behavior. :)
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It's the third one here I'm most interested in. Not surprisingly, it's Venetian: 

Post period, but very interesting gold Venetian coin: 

Here is a cast bronze venetian medal, a completely different process than coining: 

Something completely different: 
Glass flask with a portrait of Henry VII, King of England with the King's emblem of portcullis and chains in a sunburst From Venice, Italy, around AD 1500
I'd love to make this too, but I haven't even started learning to work with glass other than some lamp work beading. 

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The garlic sauce recipe came from a translation of Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco (14th/15th c.)  (Anonimo Veneziano), which you can oogle here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

III. "Agliata", roasted garlic sauce.
Agliata to serve with every meat.  Take a bulb of garlic and roast it under the coals (substitute an oven in the current middle ages).  Grind the roasted garlic and mix with ground raw garlic, bread crumbs and sweet spices.  Mix with broth, put into a pan and let it boil a little before serving warm. 

My version: 
Take two heads (not clove, whole head) of fresh garlic. Cut off just the tops and wrap in tinfoil with a little water.  Roast on a cookie sheet for about 45- 60 minutes at 350. Once cooled squeeze out of skin, thow out skins. Add 1/4 cup fresh raw garlic chopped or crushed, blend in either food processor or blender until perfectly smooth. Add liquid* and bread crumbs until desired consistency is achieved.  
The original manuscript calls for broth, I've used both chicken or beef, and have also made a tasty vegetarian alternative with either vegi broth, or vinegar which adds a slight back-kick to the in your face garlic flavor. I'd start with adding 1/4 cup of both the liquid of your choice and the bread crumbs and keep going with one or the other until its the thickness you'd like. You can either make this quite pasty or fairly liquid. If it needs to travel you can also make up the paste and add the liquid on-site. 

Serves 4 garlic lovers or up to 8 flavor weenies. :) Also great made in big batches. I used about 10 heads and went more heavy on the raw crushed garlic for the wedding and it served 100 with about 1/4 cup left over. For my brother's wedding I used about 4 heads, and one of the attendees decided it was a great chip-dip. You won't have the most romantic breath after eating it, but you probably won't get sick for at least a week either.

Honeyed carrots: 
I can't remember the original sources, just that I saw a recipe for period carrots, the basic "take a goodly amount of carrots, cooke until they are don - add hony, butter and serve it forth" kind of a thing. :) I thought, HEY, I can do that and I need a tasty veggie, so I winged it. I can't believe we went through almost all 10 pounds. 

My version: 
This was for 100 people, so I'll put down what I did then break it down to smaller portions. 
10 lb baby carrots, peeled. It would have been nice to cut them into cute little rounds, but I was limited on time and help so I ran them through my food processor with the slicing attachment. It sliced most of them long way instead of little rounds, but it worked well. I decided to make these vegetarian friendly (but not vegan) so I cooked them in vegi broth until they were still firm but not raw. I added 1/2 stick of butter to each 5 pound pot, and honey to taste (probably about 1-2 cups. Let flavors combine, drain most of liquid and serve. 

Guesstimating for 6- 8 people, depending on how much they like veggies: 
1 pound baby peeled carrots,  3 cups broth (veggie, beef or chicken your choice), 1T butter, 1/4 cup honey (honey to taste, add some, test, add more if desired). 

This is really one of those dishes that is dependent on the individual cook, how done do you like your carrots, how sweet will you like them. It turns out even yummier than I had originally envisioned. :)
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Now that things have settled down and I'm about to go crash I'll give a better recap of today. 

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I'm still chiseling away on the soapstone mold. I'm just too picky I guess, but I don't want to turn out crap. I've re-done it at least 3 times now I'm I'm still not satisfied, but I showed it to Geoffry at the last meeting and he said it's fine the way it's turning. 

So, Instead of working on it last night again, I decided to turn out a new girdle belt using the real pearls slysidonia gave me a little while back. I think I may take it apart again and re-string it, I want it to have more pearls but still have them look like the focus. I usually use silver instead of gold but thought I should try to make something a little different and wanted to match the lovely necklace that Eleanor gave me as a thank and Sine made. 

I finally got some better pictures of the various steps to do the Venetian 'do. My lovely assistant Nikki took the photos for me, which made all the difference in the world (you just can't get decent shots of all angles of your own head). Caveat on the "before" hairstyle in the first 3 shots, this is how it looked after a night of sleeping on it with a little doggy and kitty related tossing and turning. I hadn't realized how far down the crisscrossed braids had fallen (I usually pin them across the top of my head).

Wow, my head is round!

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Here are some more photos of my historical hair experiments. This is the prep that I have to do ahead of time to get it to do this:


The rest  are behind the cut, if I can get it to work.

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Whew, what a busy long weekend. Sewing, bezant striking, more sewing, then some more sewing with a little sewing on the side. It's looking absolutely stunning though, we'll have the sparkliest Majesties EVAR. I can't wait to see it on them.

I was just a helper monkey on this project but I have to give some serious props to the brain trust that planned this out. If the end result is even remotely living up to your original expectations, WOW. Just, Wow.

I had a lot of fun playing with the metal, and the social time was pretty spiffy. I had a chance to hang out with people I don't often get a chance to spend time with.

Now, I just need to see about cat wrangling for the ball and if there's time try to get my ball gown finished. I've got it all cut out, I just haven't had a chance to do any sewing on it at all other than getting the channels done for the boning of the bodice.

Oh, and here's a site both for my friend Dustin and myself. For him because it's the website for a mongolian group (check out the link to the boots D) and they've got several relish recipes redacted from Platina.

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Here's another picture of the dress in progress. I have sewn two layers of canvas with channels for boning. The boning is laid out on top and you may notice something scribbled on them. I wrote what position each one should be in so I wouldn't have to puzzle it out more than once.

I then cut out the lining and exterior fabric (it's pinned to the back of the cotton canvas).

[Unknown site tag]

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Here's the pictures from Dragon's Lair Yule. I'm really happy with how my hair turned out and feel like it's fairly close to the portraits. I'll have to later look up and post a reference portrait as well.

I should have taken off the site token (on blue yarn) and my hand sewing sissors (on the silver chain) before having the picture taken. My cleavage looks cluttered. :P Ah, well I really just wanted pictures of the hair, anyway.

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I'm not sure if I want to do the full on horns, I'd rather not invite bovine comparisons to my person. However, I really love the softer version of this, the waves which kind of remind me of some 1930-40 hair styles.

Cut for those who don't care about Venetian hair: )

So for now it's looking like:
Separate into front and back parts.
Part front down the middle.
Rat the front within an inch of it's life w/spray or stiffening agent.
Brush the front into tall waves (I'll want the outside smooth).
Put the small faux braids and pearled faux bun over the back portion (I think I'll do it high back on my head).
Pearl within an inch of it's life with the pearled wire hair pins.
Spend at least an hour trying to wash it all out after the feast. ;o

Does that sound right?
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I've got oodles of projects to work on and I love it. :)

I went down to help with 12th night sewing and took home some of the button holes to work on. Hand work is very zen for me, so I'll probably work on those tonight while I'm watching Doctor Who with the_doctor.

I got the rest of the needed supplies for the chickunz project. I had to give it a test run last night even though I was totally wiped out (new toys, must play!). I think it turned out alright, but I also think that I'll get better the more I do.

While at costume supply I got some strings of fake pearls to braid into my fake hair. I plan to have tiny faux braid, and a braided and pearled faux bun. I also got some wire at costume supply and made one test pearled hair pin. I think it turned out really well. Now I just have to figure out how to do the horn like bits at the front and my hair will be oh so Ventian.

I'm wondering how much personal sewing I'm really going to get done in time for 12th night. I've got one dress I'm fairly happy with, and some others that I'd be okay with wearing, but I really want to switch over to more persona appropriate styles now. I'm also planning on losing weight between now and then and the style I want to do is very fitted. We shall see. I may just decide not to stress it and go with what I've got in my closet already.

Now I'm even more excited for my loose gown/ ropa. That over my Venetian will keep me toasty warm and I will look fabu!
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Tonight is up in the air. I talked to Arianne last night and she told me to stay in and not go out in the horrible weather. As a result I also forgot to swing by the fabulous Ciar and take her up on her generous offer. There will be groveling later, a lot of grovelling.

Tomorrow I will be going to PPP's 'rent's place for consuming of mass quantities (I will try to keep over-eating to a minimum though). After dinner I may be making the rounds a bit to just see folks. I have the morning open as well, and don't have to be on the road until 3ish.

Friday morning I will get up fairly early to go work on pouring all of tokens for Goode Yule. We only need about 100 of them, so I'm hoping to get all of them done in one day, and possibly not even take the whole day to do it. It depends on how much tweaking the mold needs to start with. Once it's rockin' they will turn out fairly quickly, possibly as fast as 2 per minute. I finished the soapstone mold last Sunday and I'm fairly happy with it. I may actually ask if it would be alright for me to make some extras to give as gifts after the events. I did this specifically for the event, but two crossed holly leaves with holly berries is just too perfect for the season not to share- if it's not inappropriate that is.

Saturday, or Sunday, or both I will be enjoying the S&B goodness with Ldy_lavender and the girls. I intend to at least have the sleeves done for the green brocade and hope to at least have a good start on the burgundy velvet V from Venetian.
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Here's an image of the men's outfit I will be trying to re-create. There seems to be a lot of fullness to the skirt, so it's been suggested to me that I treat it like a houpeland. Unfortunately, I've never made a houpeland before, so I'll be doing some contruction research before starting.

I was just thinking yesterday how I went from t-tunics (borrowed) and hello these are my breasts I'll be along shortly bodices (I was 18 when I started so I'm not too hard on myself), and from there I jumped right into late period, Italian and Spanish mostly. I skipped all the bits in the middle. I'm fairly comfortable with rectangular construction, but this full circle stuff? I'm lost.

Here's one site I found to at least get me started:
Any suggestions as to whether this looks like good instructions, or should I keep digging? I don't mind doing research, but I'd honestly like to skip all of trial and error headaches of diving into a completely unfamiliar contruction style with no guidance.

Oh, here's more:


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