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I finished compiling a list of the common Sergeantry requirements for any group across An Tir who's requirements I had access to. Those groups currently include the Principality of Avacal and the Baronies of Aquaterra, Blatha An Or, Stromgard, Terra Pomeria, Vulcanfelt, Wastekeep and Wealdsmere. This is just the first round, and as I've said before we're not trying to change anyone's traditions, just start with what we already all have in common as standards.

The core skills (those courtly skills tested in addition to the martial skills of their specific rank of Seargeant or Serjeant at Arms, Gallant, Lancer, Yeoman and Courtier) that all candidates are tested on in all of these groups are:
Petition / Scroll/
Marshaling / ABC's of Combat / Armor Inspection for various martial combat / rules of the list
Military Sciences
An Tir History & Geography
Dance (performing/ teaching)
Arts & Sciences ( may include domestic skills like calligraphy & illumination, embroidery, spinning, weaving, etc)
Domestic Sciences (fire starting with flint & steel, setting a rivet, etc)
Baroness's Question/ Challenge

There are many skills that we have in common, but we might call by slightly different names.

All groups test for martial skills specific to the various equal ranks of Sergeant at Arms, Yeoman, Gallant and Lancer are all tested on their martial skills in three weapons forms, and Courtiers are tested on three "weapons" in a mix of arts & sciences, service, and martial skills as well as the core skills that are equally tested for all. It's a common requirement that the first weapons form for each of these ranks be in the specific field that is the focus of that rank, e.g. the Sergeants must have at least there first and one other weapons form in heavy fighting, but can choose thrown weapons, archery or even equestrian for their final weapon form.

I haven't had a chance to discuss with anyone yet ideas for what our common requirements are for standing Sergeantry. Perhaps it would be easiest to have that discussion here online rather than trying to physically meet up? I would still LOVE to have a meeting at Crown Council with Their Majesties if there is interest in doing so.

I also just wanted to that I was struck again, as I always am, by the vows we take in Aquaterra when we are sworn in and thought I would share them here. I'm curious as to whether these vows, or something like them are something else we have in common as Aquaterra traditions seem to have sprung from those in Lions Gate, Blatha An Or, Madrone and others. To me this addresses the core of what the Sergantry is, and does beyond the scope of testing and passing the trials.

Baron: We would now ask you to join the ranks of our standing Sergeantry; however, before you answer this request, first hear these words from our herald.

Herald: Before you accept membership into the Sergeantry of Aquaterra, you must know that this rank has more responsibility than privilege.
Is is not only your duty to protect and serve Their Excellencies and the Barony both on and off the field, but also to be available to those in need of your service either above or below your rank- to be an example of chivalry at it's best. Also that this is just the beginning. You must continue to increase your knowledge and skill and be willing to teach others what you have demonstrated here today.
Do you understand what is expected of a member of the Sergeantry of Aquaterra?

In Joyous service,
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In my studies I found reference to two different contemporary sources of information on what kind of care was expected at the hands of wetnurses in Florence, which extends far beyond just feeding and seems to cover all aspects of child care.

The first are two renaissance carnival songs about wetnurses:
Here we come, balie, from the Casentino,
each one looking for a baby,
and here are our husbands
who lead us on the way,
whoever has a baby, show him to us
male or female, it doesn’t matter.
We shall take good care of him,
and he will be well fed,
that we’ll soon have him standing straight
like a proud knight.
If the baby falls sick
or is a bit run down,
we’ll take such good care of him
that he will soon recover;
but we must help him out
in changing him frequently;
when he’s wet, we must dry him
and wash him with a little wine.
We’re fine in our way of life
prompt and skillful in our trade,
always when the baby cries
we feel our milk returning;
acting with energy and speed,
we do our duty
we take him out of the cradle
drying his little face.
When he has a sore eye
we go clear up to poppi:
a woman puts him on her knee
and gives him back his health,
and then she wants us to hold him
sometimes for days on end, so naked,
behind the bake oven,
playing with him in the sunshine.
In ever matter, we know what to do,
so that the baby grows up quickly;
as long as the stays straight and hard
we don’t mind getting tired;
and he’ll never leave us
until his nursing is finished;
so you can be quite confident
in sending him to the Casentino.

With lots of good fine milk
our breasts are full.
To avoid all suspicion,
let the doctor see it,
because in it is found
the life and being of the creature,
for good milk nourishes
with no trouble and make the flesh firm…
We’re young married women,
well experienced in our art,
we can swaddle a baby in a flash
and no one has to show us
how to use the cloth and bands
while caring for him we arrange them carefully
because if he catches cold,
the baby is harmed and the balia blamed.
We change three times a day
the wool and linen cloths and white bands,
and we never get tired or cross
being with him so he won’t cry….

An intellectual perspective on the duties and expectations of a wetnurse was defined by Bartholomeaus Anglicus in his encyclopedia:
The nurse (nutrix) is so names because of her nourishing (nutriendo) power, since she is suitable for feeding the newborn child. A nurse, says Isidore, feeds the child in place of the mother. Like a mother, the nurse is happy when the child is happy, and suffers when the child suffers. She lifts him up when he falls, gives him suck if he cries, kisses him if he is sick, binds and ties him if he flails about, cleans him if he has soiled himself, and feeds him, although he struggles with his fingers. She instructs the child who cannot speak, babbling, practically breaking her tongue, in order to teach him speech more readily. She uses medicines in order to cure a sick child. She lifts him up on her hands, shoulders and knees and relieves the crying child. She first chews the food, preparing it for the toothless child so he can swallow it more easily, and thus feeds the hungry child. Whistling and singing, she strokes him as he sleeps and ties the childish limbs with bandages and linens, which she adjusts, lest he suffer some curvature. She refreshes his disfigured body with baths and unguents.
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Adiantum- list of sergeantry, previous site of requirements broken

Aquaterra Sergeantry manual:

Blatha An Or Customary, including Sergeantry requirements:
Old requirements for Blatha An Or:

Barony of Borealis

Barony of Glymm Mere:

Barony of Lions Gate:

Seagirt Customary 2010 (which includes rightes and responsibilities:
Sergeantry: The Sergeantry is the host of current Sergeants, Yeomen, and Gallants. They swear fealty to the Baroness.

Stromguard Sergeantry requirements, history, etc.:
Stromguard Sergeantry manual:

Requirements for the Barony of Terra Pomaria

Requirements for the Barony of Vulkanfeldt

Barony of Wastekeep Sergeantry requirements

Wealdsmere duties & responsibilities, requirements
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I haven't posted my thursday thankfulness in a while and thought I should give it a go today.

I'm thankful for my job that's currently extra interesting but is a steady paycheck. I'm filling in for someone else so I've basically got my job, but covering another desk at the very far side of the medical center, Dispite being busy I've already gotten lots of thanks for the help and a job well done.

I love my life, the people I choose to surround myself with and I'm still in awe of my son. I'm so very grateful that when I have to leave for work my son is always in the care of someone who loves him dearly.

I've got to run because I'm finishing up at desk number two, but didn't want today to pass without some good thoughts. :) 
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I'll write this up much better once I've had some sleep. I just want to get the pictures loaded so I can play with them properly. 
XXIII. Cisame de pesse quale tu voy.
Toy lo pesse e frigello, toy zevolle e lessale un pocho e taiale menude, po’ frizelle ben, poy toli aceto et aqua e mandole monde intriegi, et uva passa, e specie forte, e un pocho de miele, e fa bolíre ogni cossa insema e meti sopra lo pesse.
XXIII Cisame (Sweet/sour dish) of whichever fish you want.
Take the fish and fry it. Take onions which have been boiled a little and chopped finely, and fry them well. Then take vinegar and water and whole peeled almonds, currants, strong spices and a little honey and put everything to boil together (with the onions) and put it above the (fried) fish.

Eduardo gave me 4 cod steaks to use for this, and let me use some of his dried currents, sliced almonds and homemade white wine vinegar (he had both red and white, but I thought white more appropriate for this trial) and I fried it up in some of his lovely lardo- NOM. One of the other foodies in camp from the west had a spare onion.

4 cod steaks
1/8 tsp black and strong spices (black pepper, long pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves)
1 medium red onion (I used the red because it was available, not nessisarily because the recipe called for that type)
1/4 cup currents
4 cups water
2 tbsp lardo, or lard (I used Eduardo's fantastic lardo because it was available)
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1 tbsp honey- left out here because things got crazy and it was forgotten- will try again and add it
Finely chop onions, boil onions, drain. Take vinegar, water, currants, strong spices and a little honey and put everything to boil together including the par boiled onion. Fry fish in lard (or lardo in this case) flipping half way through cooking, plate and cover with sweet/ sour onion sauce and garnish with almonds. 

XXII. Cime de vitte.
Se tu vo’ fare cime de vite, toli le cime ritorte e fale lessare un pocho; quando sono un pocho bolite, traile fuora e strucha ben fuora l’ aqua, e poy frizelli molto e grasso, e poy toy verzus, //petreselo\\ et aqua, e specie, e sale; distempera insiema, e meti sopra, e lassa ben bolire. Poy toy un pocho de ozaiorana, [?=ma-] e destemperalo con aqua, e meti sopra e serà bono.
XXII Sprouts of life/health
If you want to make sprouts of life, take the rounded cabbage sprouts and boil them for a little while.  When they are a par-boiled take them off the heat and strain away all the water.  And then fry them well in plenty of fat.  Take verjuice, parsley, water, spices and salt and mix them well together before putting them on top (of the sprouts), and let them boil well together.  Then take a little marjoram, temper it with water and put it above (the dish) and it will be good.

2 cups sprouts (bean, in this case as that's what was available)
2 tbsp fat (Eduardo's lardo)
1 cup white verjuice
2 tbsp chopped flat leaf italian parsley
1 tsp marjoram
1/4 tsp each fine and sweet spice mix, and salt to taste (may vary dependant on fat used)
Par boiled the sprouts then pan fried them in some of Eduardo's delicious lardo (clairified lard) then made a separate sauce of the verjuice, parsle, spices and marjoram. Heated sauce then served over fried sprouts, salt to taste.

I packed super-duper light since I was carpooling and I wound up begging nearly all of the ingredients for both these dishes from David Walddon. I should have de-boned the fish but was otherwise completely happy with how this turned out. I'll have to try this again at home.
More AnTir West pictures behind the cut )
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Hoping to do some effective delegation & organization. Last week was insane so I need to catch up on emails and tap others rather than trying to do everything myself, especially when there have been good offers. @[1218112474:Jeanne C. Wood]- I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet re: the artist gathering at Coronation. I'd LOVE to have you ladies helpout!!

Items to be delt with in no particular order 1)Artisan gathering, 2) Sergeantry Summit 3) Kingdom Costumer's Guild contest 4) Friday night gate party 5) Royal retinue.

1) Send emails asking / respond to offers for help this week!

2) Check back with autocrat team on scheduling for this. Just facilitate when/ where, publish information & attend.

3) I need to nail down the rest of my judges this week, and start sending out advertisements on the lists. Follow up on potential leads for replacement contest coordinator. Autocrat has said this will be put on Sunday 10AM-1PM

4)tap people to come party/ help with gate Friday night. Obtain portable grill or make other food plans to feed volunteers.

5)Find out if there are things I can work on in advance. Plan for kidspace & toys / activities that would be at least somewhat appropriate. Ask if/ how I can get a copy of the AnTir Map that we use for sergeantry geography/ heraldry testing for the kids to play map games with. Collect more wooden &/or cloth toys.

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I've got 3 pairs of hose, 1 bias cut blue linen, 2 purchased creme colored knit and a lovely pair of garters that Gwen the Potter gave me several years ago that she made herself. The knit hose don't need the garters to stay up, but I think they look better that way.

I've constructed 3 pairs of Drawers, (Brache or Calze in Italian) that are loosely based on these- without embellishment and following the shape and ratios of these, but based on my measurements: http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/workbox/extdraw1.htm
I'm still working on hand finishing 2 pairs of these, and think I may give at least 1-2 of these button closure instead of lacing holes.
Here's the inside, the hand finishing on the crotch gussets and the waist band. The acorn pincusion (made by the lovely fittzwm) is in the shot to get my figity camera to focus on the details better, otherwise it was just a flash of white.  

kathrynmice helped me measure, drape and pattern the drawers, as well as the working class Italian that is also in process. She even put together the bodice and made handsewn eyelets for it! I've got it back now to do the next step of contructing and carteridge pleating the skirt and I'll try to get some shots of it soon. I still need to make an apron, shoes, 3 partlets and start working on the patrician class gowns. I've got my first fixed neckline camica to finish, and then two more to produce after that. I'll try to remember take some construction pictures as we go along.

Awesome, great shots of how to accomplish the bottom of the open V front opening. This has been giving me fits, and this is such a beautiful and simple solution.

I've also still been working on my research into historical midwifery and prenatal care. I was looking for images of Renaissance Italian birthing chairs and came across this treasure trove:
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Gearing up for all of the sewing I have in front of me I thought perhaps the next step might be to compile the sources I'll be working from for these garments & accessories.
Behind a cut, because I love my friends and it's HUGE )
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On Friday night I attended the Full Contact Social in Wyewood and had a wrap up meeting with their exchequer. All in all I believe this will be a largely successful event. There were a few details and bumps that I wish I could go back and correct, but everyone seemed to have a fantastic time and it was successful both financially and in terms of good press for the local group.

From there I made a stop at Norwescon. I got to see some peeps I've known since highschool including the household I started with a long, long time ago who now  run the gnome parties and other events. I didn't get to see everyone I would have liked but I managed to avoid drama, which is always a good thing. Conner was a very good boy and very patient.

Saturday morning I got up early, and luckly had packed nearly everything in the car on Thursday night so I just had to get myself and the mini overlord together. We set out by 10 AM and managed to make it to site by about 12:30 (although I may possibly have increased my personal event cost greatly with a moving violation).
Svava got some baby time while I got changed. Conner's getting so big!  He's just turned 6 months and the pediatrician today said that he's very healthy and the size (both height and weight) of a 9-12 month old. I'll need to make him some new historical clothing soon! I'm hoping he can still wear his coats and hats at least through most of this season.
I got at least one thing checked off my to-do list and made a Ventian flag fan! I'm hoping to make at least one more and just have to find some wood dowling to finish it up. I also had the idea that flag fans would make a fantastic and inexpensive site token for July Coronation sometime, especially if it's some place east of the mountains or known to be surface of the sun hot- we could put an image on one side that's styled appropriate for the time (1540-1600, looks like a woodcut) and possibly the schedule or site map on the other! How functional! :) 

It was late by I packed up all of my decorations and rolled out of there. Nettie did a fantastic job with the feast, from my pet manuscript, the anon. venetian. :) 

Conner and I stayed over at my parents house in Longview. Not only was it a perfect stopping point it was good to visit and let them have some time with Conner. I tried again to get through to my father about the open heart surgery he really needs, but he's decided that not only does he feel it would be a waste of money, he doesn't think it would "be good for him". I let him know point blank that he had better get his affair in order because while I'm totally okay with him wanting to leave everything to my brother I think it would absurd for him to refuse treatment to save money only to have his estate tied up and a portion of it go to the state because he didn't want to get his poop in a group in advance.

I called the mancreature and he let me know that they were having a family gathering at his parents house, so conner and I drove home, met up with him and all went together. It was a lovely family gathering and while Rob is athiest and I'm more spirtiual than religous I really enjoyed his father's blessing over the meal. He talked a little about the holiday and why it's so important to some, but then went on to talk about the blessing of family and how he hopes we will always be happy, healthy and there for each other in times of good and bad. Everyone took turns holding Conner, and there was another little cousin there who just turned one year and is actually a bit smaller than Conner is now, but slightly more moble.

I had hoped to get some sewing done on Sunday, but by the time we got home we were all so tired that we all crashed out together. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but it was a very good day and I'm so appreciative of how wonderful, supportive and functional (in it's own kooky way) Rob's family is and how they've made it clear that we're family too.
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Conner's tux and tophat, change of clothes, extra blanket diapers, bottle, etc. in case there's no place for me to breast feed. Just wearing street clothes, no costume for me this year.  

Tomorrow/ Saturday: 
feast ware, plate bowl, cutlery
lion chair? 
Seving dishes? Only if needed.
dress, camica, loose gown, jewlery, faux bun w/pearls, hairpins
Conner/ Giovanni - tights, linen shirt x2 & linen/ wool coat & hat, houpelande
PJ's for staying over at Mom & Dad's Saturday night.
Flag fan bits, already gathered & in bag

Lost & found from symposium: 
Beringaria's pie plates
Isolt's cup

Extant hair pins: http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1975.1.1525-7
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One of the lessons out of this year (possibly the biggest) was that we need bigger, and different spaces. We need at least 2 modern kitchens, and bigger teaching spaces, in addition to optimally having enough heated sleeping spaces. I learned that I need to have a better concept of true capacity, just because something is rated for X number of people, it dosen't nessisarily mean that many can fit comfortably, much less your average Scadian vs. cubscout. The logisitics of using one kitchen for both classes and meals was difficult enough, and a lot of kitchens aren't set up to work well as teaching spaces. Once I have a firm and clear idea of what the more realistic maximum headcount is, I need to set a cap at or just below that point advertise it, and stick to it no matter what. This may require more prodding of the teachers and staff specifically so we dont reach our cap with half our teachers unregistered. I think ACCEPTS next time will help things along as well.

The site we were at the first year had better teaching spaces but only 60 heated sleeping spaces, and another 20 or so unheated. The good thing about this year's site was that it can sleep up to 200 people in heated  cabins with bunks off the floor. Unfortunately this isn't enough to make up for the lack of additional modern kitchens, and adequate teaching spaces. The cabins worked alright for smaller classes but the more popular ones were beyond standing room only. Sadly for all it's highlights I believe this event has already outgrown this site, although I believe Brighid mentioned that it might be just the thing for an administrative retreat.

Back to searching for viable sites. The other question remains, if we find a site that has  everything we need but is twice the price, what will people be willing to pay for this event and the accomodation of having heated cabins and a food option? It may be a question of waiting to see how well Art of War does this weekend. It may be a slightly different focus, but it's about twice the price and uses the site we had the first year.  Will people pay $80 for a site fee? 

The site they used last in Oregon was fantastic for this! I hope it's used for a Symposium again. I'll volunteer to do their electronic PR if they'd like and we'll fill it to the rafters with foodies! :) 

I think the pre-registrations for classed helped address some teacher concerns from the first year, but there's still more tweaking to be done there as well when reality meets concept. I recieved feedback from one of the students who had registered early that she was frustraited that the teacher's didn't call roll and offer the seating to those who were registered for the class and any leftover seating and standing room to those who were on the wait list or just dropping in.  I think perhaps a quick training session like they do for judges at Kingdom Arts & Sciences might be helpful? This might also help address some potential issues with class fees and reimbursements to help keep the overall costs down and that the event can support itself. It's not as big a deal if a class has a minimal class fee, and it's just a question of additional handouts. If the classes are more supply and labor intensive, the teacher naturally only plans supplies and handouts for those who are registered. In additon to supplies this may well create additional logistical challenges and potentially a change in how the actual hands on aspect of a class goes, if people drop in without registration &/or payment. 

Overall, I'm really happy with how everyone performed, and how things went. All the success I attribute  to others, any issues I take responsibility for, and will attempt to avoid in the future. 
I'm really, really looking forward to next year, being able to take classes and help instead of being on the event steward team.

Some of the class information has already been posted! I so wish I had been able to enjoy more classes, but I'm still thrilled that we had  so many fantastic ones.
information posted online about classes or by teachers:
Renaissance Spain/ Chocolate: http://renaissancespain.blogspot.com/
Katharine's fantastic German studies: http://jillwheezul.livejournal.com/tag/culinary%20symposium
Master Ref's awesome viking food stuff.
Bread without  commercial yeast: http://vikingfoodguy.com/wordpress/papers/baking-bread-without-commercial-yeast/
Fermentation in theory and practice http://vikingfoodguy.com/wordpress/papers/fermentation-in-theory-and-practice/

Hmmm, I've sent out a request that anyone who wants to share their contact information let me know as I won't share without permission. I wonder if it would be possible to create some kind of website where those who want to share their contact information and perhaps website or other documents could add the information themselves so they would be in complete control of exactly what is posted? 
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I feel like a cloud has finally started lifting. I've been horribly sick with tummy troubles since Monday, and it finally seems to be clearing up. Add to that my father having a massive heart attack the week before, and my having a different cold I feel like the last two weeks have been a waste, which his so very not good right before an event that's been a year in the making. Luckily Countess E and the rest of the team have been really jumping in and make that things are lined up, because frankly I've been a useless mess the last week or so.

Tonight , Elspbeth and Zoya are coming to pick up the Ginormous! bags of lump charcoal and Conner's stroller so I'll have more room in my car for Urtatim, bedding, and any other equipment needed. I pick up Urtatim from the train station, have 1-2 guests coming from Caid, and have to figure out what the heck I'm going to do for tomorrow night's potluck (fish, for lent? will it hold well?). Depending on how everything else goes I may just go with the old standbye of roasted chicken or come up with a slection of cheeses and cured meats. I think I'll make some kind of soup or stew as well because I know there will be people who will have no food who aren't registered and we can't add anyone else to dinner.  

I had also originally planned to make a rice flour & applesauce cake for Conner's 6 month "1/2 birthday", and special hand made gifts for the teachers & kitchen staft I don't think I"ll have time. Normally I'd whip myself into a frenzy and stay up all night if nessisary to finish the extras, but I think all the critical stuff is well in hand and tonight I"ll prep as much as I can until a reasonable hour, then go to bed. I really can't afford to slip back into illness this weekend.

Here are the options I'm considering for the potluck tomorrow night: 

XXV. Fongi.
Se tu voy fare fongi, toli li fongi sechi e metelli a molle in aqua calda e lavaly ben, poy li lesse e poy fali boni como tu voy e conzali; poy toy cepole et herbe e conza cum specie dolze e forte; e poy meti li funzi entro e frizi ogni cossa insieme, e toy mandole non monde e maxenale, e poy mettelli suso i fongi; altri li meti agresta e vole essere caldi.
XXV Mushrooms
If you want to make mushrooms, take dried mushrooms and put them to soak in hot water and wash them well.  Then boil them a little and make them cook how you want and prefer.  Then take onions and herbs and season with strong and sweet spices, and then add the mushrooms and fry everything together.  Take unpeeled almonds and grind them and then put on top of the mushroom dish, alternatively you can add verjuice and it needs to be served hot.

I already have dried porchini, and a lovely bottle of verjuice (which I was already planning on bringing for the verjuice tasting). I'd need to get onions and decide what kind of herbs to go with for this.

XXXVI.          Herbetella de quaressima.
Se tu voy fare herbette de quaressima cum olio, toy li herbe, zoè spinace, e blide, petrosemolo, e mente, e maiorana poca ben monde e ben lavate, e fale alessare. Quando sono apres che cocte, cola fuora l’ aqua e strucha ben fuora a mano, po’ le batte con coltello, po’ le bati cum lo mazo, po’ le miti in la pignata e sofrigeli con l’ olio e con el sale tanto che basta; poy li miti quella lessadura sopra, e fay chosere si che siano strette e poy tray in suso e lasalle ripossare. Quando vanno a tavola, menestra e polveriza sopra specie.
XXXVI Herb omelet in lent.
If you want to make a herb omelet for lent with oil.  Take the herbs, that is spinach, beet (leaves, or swiss chard), parsley, mint and marjoram, a little peeled (stems removed) and well washed and put them to boil.  When they are almost cooked strain out the water and then squeeze it out with your hands, then chop them with a knife, and beat them with a mallet.  Then put them in a pottery pan (pignata) and fry them with oil and with as much salt as is enough.  Then put a little of the boiling water above, and close the vessel and see that it is well closed, and pull the pan to the back (of the fire) and let it rest.  When it is ready to go to the table dish it up and powder with spices above.
I could get all the herbs for this tonight and prepare it in a  crock pot. -This reminds me, I need to get my second crock pot back from Elsbeth tonight so I can potentially do two crock pot dishes and saffron rice. This would be a good dish for lent, vegetatians (although none have requested vegetarian food so far as I've been told), and those with a gluten intolerance, because it dosen't look like this or the dish above call to be in a crust.

( I think there may be a translation error here and grated suet should be grated onion) I've got the madrone culinary guild translation here somewhere, but it's copyrighted so I won't post it. They made this for their feast last weekend and OMG their version is light, flavorful and delicious!! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have time for this tonight.
LVIII. Pane de noxe maravigliosso e bone.
Se tu voy fare pan de noce, toy le noce e mondalle e pestale, e toy de herbe bone e un poco de cevola gratà e specie dolze e forte e uno pocho de zucharo, e miti in lo mortaro con le noxe e fa pastume. Poy toy fior de farina e fane un folglio a modo de lasagne grande e largo e sotile, e miti questo batuto suso, e muolzilo tuto insembre e falo a modo de uno pane, e poy lo caricha ch’ el vengna sotille a modo de una fugaza;
metilo a choxere in lo forno, e quando l’ è cocto, trailo fuora e laselo afredare.
LVIII. Bread of walnuts marvelous and good.
If you want to make a bread of walnuts.  Take walnuts and peel and grind them, and take good herbs, a little grated suet, sweet and strong spices and a little sugar.  Put these in a mortar with the walnuts and make a paste.  Then take wheat flour and make a sheet in the way (that one makes) lasagna, large and wide and thin.  Put this (nut) paste within and knead all this together in the same way that one makes bread.  Take the dough, when it has become soft like a cake, and put it to cook in the oven, and when it is cooked pull it out and let it cool.

I'm also planning on making saffron rice because it will go well with lots of things and is relatively safe for lots and lots of food restrictions.

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I've decided that the theme for April's Culinary night will be lenten foods. Since no one has made any requests I'm going to be choosing recipes from the anon. Venetian. :) I'll only be doing a couple of these but here are the options I'm looking at from this source that are appropriate for Lent: I've already done one that would be appropriate for lent- the broth of fish, but I'd prefer to work on ones from this manuscript I haven't tried yet.
under a cut because it's long and love my f-list )
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I have been beyond insanely super stressed and busy both at work and at home, but I realized I needed to stop and do the things that feed my soul. I got a call on Monday from a very nice gentleman saying he was new to the area and interested in culinary night if it is still available. I hadn't had a culinary guild night since having the mini overlord, and the show of interest was a welcome motivation to get my poop in a group and host again. While I was able to get whole rabbit from the local Asian store, I unfortunately was unable to get rabbit liver, and discovered as I was pulling out the rest of the shelf stable ingredients that I couldn't find my Saba/ grape must that Eduardo had given me_anywhere_. After a brief panic I put on my big girl calming panties and changed plans. We wound up doing the original sauce ingredients suggested in the recipe- vinegar, verjuice (the juice of un-ripened, unfermented grape juice), and honey.

Since he said he was fairly new to historical cooking I opened the night with a brief class and handout introduction to historical cooking, then we dug into interpreting a historical recipe from scratch. A few others showed up as well, so we actually had a pretty good turnout.

Unfortunately something seems to be wrong with my camera so the only photos I got were rather fuzzy, the two below were the best of the bunch, which isn't saying much.I had printouts of the recipe (and had to make a few more since there were more people than I anticipated), which I handed out to everyone so we could discuss how we should proceed with interpreting it.

XVIII. Ciuiro de lepore, over de altra carne.
Se tu voy bon ciuiro, toy lo lepore o altra carne che síano lavate e fane pezole e metile alessare, e toy pane e ardelo sí che sia negro, e metile a moglio in lo axeto, poy toy la cepola e gratala ben como el caxo; po’ toy la carne e la cepola e frigila ben in lardo colato; toy lo suo figato e maxena ben lo pane e colalo e distemperalo con axeo e con mielle, o vero con un cocto, e meti le specie, e fa bollire ogni cosse insiema. Quando ha ben bolito mitilo a refredare e serà bono e perfetto.

Here's the translation we worked from:
XVIII. Civet of hare or of other meat.
If you want a good roast, take the hare or other meat that has been well washed and cut it into pieces and put them to cook, take bread and toast till it is black, and put it to soak in vinegar, then take onions and grate well like cheese, then take the meat and the onions and fry well in clean lard, take its liver and mix well together the bread and the stuff (liver) and temper with verjuice and with honey, or with cooked grape must *, and add the spices and boil everything together. When it is well boiled put it to chill and it will be good and perfect.

 Here are the ingredients (except the bread, I somehow forgot to include that in the picture- we used 4 pieces).

Here's what we did
1 whole chicken
4 Tbsp lard
1 large onion
4 slices of bread, toasted
6 livers
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1/4 cup verjuice
1 pint water to boil
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
salt to taste (1/4 tsp in this case)

Don browned the bread in the oven, which were then ran through the food processor to turn them into bread crumbs. We browned 4 slices each of both white bread and brown/ wheat bread, but ultimately decided to go with the white bread, which was then soaked in the white wine vinegar. I cut up the chicken in to pieces, breast, thighs & legs, and wings. Lindy grated the onion in my handy cheese grater- she suggested freezing it first in the future as the onion was really getting to her. Don then browned the chicken, and onion in the lard, then set it aside in a pot of water while he browned the liver. It all went into the pot with the verjuice and honey (after we talked a bit about verjuice and everyone got to taste a small shot of it), and was boiled for about 30 minutes. When we opened the pot I was a bit concerned that it might be too sour as it smelled very vinegar-y at first, but when we tasted it I was delighted to discover that it was delicious and nearly perfectly balanced!
What I'd do differently:
Really the only things I can think of for the future (other than wanting to try the rabbit & saba version) is to possibly switch the quantities of vinegar & verjuice as I think that would improve the flavor subtly.

For culinary night I think I'll see if we can possibly start earlier and just jump right in so we'll hopefully be done a bit earlier. Being a new mom I was a bit punch drunk from exhaustion by the end, but very, very happy.

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I finally managed to procure some boar meat, as well as the rabbit and venison called for in the three recipes that had been holding me up from Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco. I was already planning on heading north for the historical food demo at Ursulmas that Fiamma does every year, and I asked if the mini overlord and I could stay over and perhaps even test these recipes for dinner. She happily agreed to both and after gathering epic amounts of stuff I headed north.Clicky here for extremely long post with tons of pictures )

Many, many thanks to those who are contributing to the discussion, most especially Johnnae/ Johnna Holloway, David/ Eduardo and a million, million thanks to Fiamma who aside from being a gracious hostess was the one who first introduced me to this manuscript and to Helewyse/ Louise for sharing her translations! 

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I've posted this to the steps, and the other local lists I'm on but please feel free to share this far and wide. I'd really like to reach as many people as possible in all corners of AnTir and beyond. I hope that everyone who was interested in teaching felt welcomed to do so!

We're ramping up for this year's Culinary Symposium and while I've talked the ear off of every foodie I've personally run across I know there are likely more of you out there I haven't had a chance to meet yet. If you're interested in learning, cooking, teaching or eating we'd love to have you!!
The Culinary Symposium will be April 15-17th at Camp Sheppard in Enumclaw, WA. Weekend site fee includes a bunk in a heated cabin and there is an optional food plan for either the weekend or Saturday only so those traveling won't have to worry about bringing food and can focus on classes. I will be posting further information once the website and class re-registration system is up and running, so please stay tuned and let me know if you have any questions
Some classes we already have lined up are:
Cheese Making in 1500-1600s Europe
Spices: Tracing the Spice Routes
Fermentation in theory and practice
Bread without commercial yeast
Visit to Classes by Ivan Day
Vicarious tour of the Hampton Court kitchens,
Sugar Paste Exhibit in York (and More) on Ivan Day and Peter Behr
(Not sure who the last two people are?  Look at Ivan's web site (historicfood.com) and for Peter, take a look at an article about him at *http://tinyurl.com/24ha8eo ).
16th c. Persian polaws/rice dishes
Dining with the Sultan: Cooking 15th & 16th c. Ottoman Food (hands on)
Dining with the Sultan: History of 15th & 16th c. Ottoman Cuisine (lecture)
Tourney cooking with Maitress Anne Marie (hands on)
16th century German cooking/technology class with featured recipes
Cooking in pottery
Medieval English Street Food (survey/lecture)
And a whole track on historical food research papers to be later printed in symposium proceedings, like they do for Oxford and other academic conferences. This is being organized by Master Eduardo who has presented at both Oxford's food symposium and the Renaissance Society of America.
We are currently working on the website and a class pre-registration system so we're tying to get all the class information in place. If you have offered a class please get the me the needed details listed below. If you've been contemplating giving a class, or have offered serveral and haven't yet decided, consider this a gentle, friendly and happy nudge. :) Please send the information to me directly at raphaellad@yahoo.com, or the dedicated planning address foodiejoy@gmail.com.

In joyous service,
Raffaella di Contino
Class Coordinator,
Culinary Symposium April 15-17, 2011 

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In addition to being a new mom and now being back at work I've got some other projects I've still been working on.

The big one is the Culinary Symposium. Elizabeth had graciously volunteered to be this year's Chairperson, but has since been made the head of one of the largest and longest standing groups in our historical society- and as a result is naturally rather busy (HUGE understatement). I'm taking up the torch and going from being just the class coordinator to being the chairperson and trying to make sure we're all on track and on the same page. I've emailed all the teachers, done a couple of site visits to the new location and now need to figure out where the rest of the team currently stands. I'm really excited about this year's line up and really hope I get to  take some of the classes, especially those from Alys Katherine who's coming all the way from the Middle. There are other classes I want to take too, and I hope this isn't the last time we have her for teaching, but I'd hate to miss out. I'm even contemplating possibly submitting a paper to the lecture track to be later published in the proceedings. I'll post here later with specific details for people to send out to any of the places and individuals I may have missed who might be interested.

I've still been researching reproduction and childbirth in Renaissance Italy and feel like I've got enough information in my head for at least 5 papers. Since I've got to start somewhere and narrow the focus I'm bringing it back to my first research passion- food. I haven't decided on a title yet, perhap "Food and Fertility in Renaissance Italy? Now I just have to create an abstract and write up all of the information. I've already got a rough outline and chunks of the information in my head, it's just now down to getting them to flow together and do all the citations correctly. Chemicallace suggestion endnote, and I'm planning on giving it a try to help.
Rough outline: 
Getting pregnant & gender
1a- humoral theory (underlying medical theory for whole paper)
1b- what & when, the importance of timing
Prenatal care
2a- food groups divided by humoral nature
2b- beverages, spices, and other oddities
2c- food and beverage as supplements(potential experiment, water with iron extinguished into it)
During delivery
3a- fasting and food recommendation
3b?- potentially food products used as salves and medicine during delivery (positions, ect. another paper)
Edit to add: 
Food recommendations for wet nurses/ breast feeding
4a- what was proscribed and prescribed.
Ritual foods presented to mother after birth- any celebratory foods
5a-  valuable food related gifts (cups, spoons, forks)
5b- cakes, cookies, etc. given often inside gift cups.  

Working my way through the Anon. Venetian manuscript again. I finally have the exotic meats that were holding things up, now forever in my mind as "the dammed boar".  I'm planning on heading up north after work the Friday of Ursulmas and experimenting with Fiamma for the three roasts/ sauces that were holding things up for lack of appropriate ingredients. I'll be taking lots of pictures and posting again here, as well as my blog dedicated to my Italian historical research: http://allvenicechannel.dreamwidth.org/  I still have to make some choices on the ingredients that arn't clear, i.e. what type of bread to make into bread crumbs after toasting, what kind of vinegar, etc. before I bring up all the supplies and actually make them all.

After at least 5 different drafts I'm finally happy with a pattern for a working class Italian outfit from the late 1500's. For the first working test I'm using what I had in my stash which is waaaaay less that what I usually use for just the skirt alone. I'm having to re-think the pleating as even with bulking up the pleats with blanket weight wool there still isn't enough to do cartridge pleats, so I may have to do box or knife pleats. Still, I'm hopeful that I can finish this in time for Ursulmas so I can have a casual breast feeding friendly outfit.

On a mostly non-historical related note, regarding instead the charity I've been working with the last several years, It's My Bag- http://www.itsmybag.info/. We had been doing photos previously as one of the other board members has a hearse and a coffin. However, going to local horror conventions and other local markets and fairs doing "photos in a coffin" hasn't been bringing in as much as we would like in funds. At our last board meeting I suggested that we look into the possibility of doing photos at SCA events as a fundraiser, and brain stormed what events might work best for this, like 12th night, Ursulmas, June Faire?, and possibly some feasts like Yule where people are wearing their best court clothing and might like a formal portrait taken. We were at 12th night and had by far the most successful fundraiser we've had in at least the last year! I wasn't able to help much with the actual running of the booth, but the other board members who ran it (Michael & Karen) were delighted with how things went. We're now lined up to also have a booth at Ursulmas http://aquaterra.antir.sca.org/Ursulmas/ and have been asked to come to several other events. If you happen to see us at an event, please consider getting a photo taken- all proceeds go to help foster kids and other at-risk and underprivileged kids.


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