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I'll write this up much better once I've had some sleep. I just want to get the pictures loaded so I can play with them properly. 
XXIII. Cisame de pesse quale tu voy.
Toy lo pesse e frigello, toy zevolle e lessale un pocho e taiale menude, po’ frizelle ben, poy toli aceto et aqua e mandole monde intriegi, et uva passa, e specie forte, e un pocho de miele, e fa bolíre ogni cossa insema e meti sopra lo pesse.
XXIII Cisame (Sweet/sour dish) of whichever fish you want.
Take the fish and fry it. Take onions which have been boiled a little and chopped finely, and fry them well. Then take vinegar and water and whole peeled almonds, currants, strong spices and a little honey and put everything to boil together (with the onions) and put it above the (fried) fish.

Eduardo gave me 4 cod steaks to use for this, and let me use some of his dried currents, sliced almonds and homemade white wine vinegar (he had both red and white, but I thought white more appropriate for this trial) and I fried it up in some of his lovely lardo- NOM. One of the other foodies in camp from the west had a spare onion.

4 cod steaks
1/8 tsp black and strong spices (black pepper, long pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves)
1 medium red onion (I used the red because it was available, not nessisarily because the recipe called for that type)
1/4 cup currents
4 cups water
2 tbsp lardo, or lard (I used Eduardo's fantastic lardo because it was available)
1/2 cup white wine vinegar
1 tbsp honey- left out here because things got crazy and it was forgotten- will try again and add it
Finely chop onions, boil onions, drain. Take vinegar, water, currants, strong spices and a little honey and put everything to boil together including the par boiled onion. Fry fish in lard (or lardo in this case) flipping half way through cooking, plate and cover with sweet/ sour onion sauce and garnish with almonds. 

XXII. Cime de vitte.
Se tu vo’ fare cime de vite, toli le cime ritorte e fale lessare un pocho; quando sono un pocho bolite, traile fuora e strucha ben fuora l’ aqua, e poy frizelli molto e grasso, e poy toy verzus, //petreselo\\ et aqua, e specie, e sale; distempera insiema, e meti sopra, e lassa ben bolire. Poy toy un pocho de ozaiorana, [?=ma-] e destemperalo con aqua, e meti sopra e serà bono.
XXII Sprouts of life/health
If you want to make sprouts of life, take the rounded cabbage sprouts and boil them for a little while.  When they are a par-boiled take them off the heat and strain away all the water.  And then fry them well in plenty of fat.  Take verjuice, parsley, water, spices and salt and mix them well together before putting them on top (of the sprouts), and let them boil well together.  Then take a little marjoram, temper it with water and put it above (the dish) and it will be good.

2 cups sprouts (bean, in this case as that's what was available)
2 tbsp fat (Eduardo's lardo)
1 cup white verjuice
2 tbsp chopped flat leaf italian parsley
1 tsp marjoram
1/4 tsp each fine and sweet spice mix, and salt to taste (may vary dependant on fat used)
Par boiled the sprouts then pan fried them in some of Eduardo's delicious lardo (clairified lard) then made a separate sauce of the verjuice, parsle, spices and marjoram. Heated sauce then served over fried sprouts, salt to taste.

I packed super-duper light since I was carpooling and I wound up begging nearly all of the ingredients for both these dishes from David Walddon. I should have de-boned the fish but was otherwise completely happy with how this turned out. I'll have to try this again at home.
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