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I've got 3 pairs of hose, 1 bias cut blue linen, 2 purchased creme colored knit and a lovely pair of garters that Gwen the Potter gave me several years ago that she made herself. The knit hose don't need the garters to stay up, but I think they look better that way.

I've constructed 3 pairs of Drawers, (Brache or Calze in Italian) that are loosely based on these- without embellishment and following the shape and ratios of these, but based on my measurements: http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/workbox/extdraw1.htm
I'm still working on hand finishing 2 pairs of these, and think I may give at least 1-2 of these button closure instead of lacing holes.
Here's the inside, the hand finishing on the crotch gussets and the waist band. The acorn pincusion (made by the lovely fittzwm) is in the shot to get my figity camera to focus on the details better, otherwise it was just a flash of white.  

kathrynmice helped me measure, drape and pattern the drawers, as well as the working class Italian that is also in process. She even put together the bodice and made handsewn eyelets for it! I've got it back now to do the next step of contructing and carteridge pleating the skirt and I'll try to get some shots of it soon. I still need to make an apron, shoes, 3 partlets and start working on the patrician class gowns. I've got my first fixed neckline camica to finish, and then two more to produce after that. I'll try to remember take some construction pictures as we go along.

Awesome, great shots of how to accomplish the bottom of the open V front opening. This has been giving me fits, and this is such a beautiful and simple solution.

I've also still been working on my research into historical midwifery and prenatal care. I was looking for images of Renaissance Italian birthing chairs and came across this treasure trove:


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