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I'm still chiseling away on the soapstone mold. I'm just too picky I guess, but I don't want to turn out crap. I've re-done it at least 3 times now I'm I'm still not satisfied, but I showed it to Geoffry at the last meeting and he said it's fine the way it's turning. 

So, Instead of working on it last night again, I decided to turn out a new girdle belt using the real pearls slysidonia gave me a little while back. I think I may take it apart again and re-string it, I want it to have more pearls but still have them look like the focus. I usually use silver instead of gold but thought I should try to make something a little different and wanted to match the lovely necklace that Eleanor gave me as a thank and Sine made. 

I finally got some better pictures of the various steps to do the Venetian 'do. My lovely assistant Nikki took the photos for me, which made all the difference in the world (you just can't get decent shots of all angles of your own head). Caveat on the "before" hairstyle in the first 3 shots, this is how it looked after a night of sleeping on it with a little doggy and kitty related tossing and turning. I hadn't realized how far down the crisscrossed braids had fallen (I usually pin them across the top of my head).

Wow, my head is round!

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Here are some more photos of my historical hair experiments. This is the prep that I have to do ahead of time to get it to do this:


The rest  are behind the cut, if I can get it to work.

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Here's the pictures from Dragon's Lair Yule. I'm really happy with how my hair turned out and feel like it's fairly close to the portraits. I'll have to later look up and post a reference portrait as well.

I should have taken off the site token (on blue yarn) and my hand sewing sissors (on the silver chain) before having the picture taken. My cleavage looks cluttered. :P Ah, well I really just wanted pictures of the hair, anyway.

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I'm not sure if I want to do the full on horns, I'd rather not invite bovine comparisons to my person. However, I really love the softer version of this, the waves which kind of remind me of some 1930-40 hair styles.

Cut for those who don't care about Venetian hair: )

So for now it's looking like:
Separate into front and back parts.
Part front down the middle.
Rat the front within an inch of it's life w/spray or stiffening agent.
Brush the front into tall waves (I'll want the outside smooth).
Put the small faux braids and pearled faux bun over the back portion (I think I'll do it high back on my head).
Pearl within an inch of it's life with the pearled wire hair pins.
Spend at least an hour trying to wash it all out after the feast. ;o

Does that sound right?


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