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I finished compiling a list of the common Sergeantry requirements for any group across An Tir who's requirements I had access to. Those groups currently include the Principality of Avacal and the Baronies of Aquaterra, Blatha An Or, Stromgard, Terra Pomeria, Vulcanfelt, Wastekeep and Wealdsmere. This is just the first round, and as I've said before we're not trying to change anyone's traditions, just start with what we already all have in common as standards.

The core skills (those courtly skills tested in addition to the martial skills of their specific rank of Seargeant or Serjeant at Arms, Gallant, Lancer, Yeoman and Courtier) that all candidates are tested on in all of these groups are:
Petition / Scroll/
Marshaling / ABC's of Combat / Armor Inspection for various martial combat / rules of the list
Military Sciences
An Tir History & Geography
Dance (performing/ teaching)
Arts & Sciences ( may include domestic skills like calligraphy & illumination, embroidery, spinning, weaving, etc)
Domestic Sciences (fire starting with flint & steel, setting a rivet, etc)
Baroness's Question/ Challenge

There are many skills that we have in common, but we might call by slightly different names.

All groups test for martial skills specific to the various equal ranks of Sergeant at Arms, Yeoman, Gallant and Lancer are all tested on their martial skills in three weapons forms, and Courtiers are tested on three "weapons" in a mix of arts & sciences, service, and martial skills as well as the core skills that are equally tested for all. It's a common requirement that the first weapons form for each of these ranks be in the specific field that is the focus of that rank, e.g. the Sergeants must have at least there first and one other weapons form in heavy fighting, but can choose thrown weapons, archery or even equestrian for their final weapon form.

I haven't had a chance to discuss with anyone yet ideas for what our common requirements are for standing Sergeantry. Perhaps it would be easiest to have that discussion here online rather than trying to physically meet up? I would still LOVE to have a meeting at Crown Council with Their Majesties if there is interest in doing so.

I also just wanted to that I was struck again, as I always am, by the vows we take in Aquaterra when we are sworn in and thought I would share them here. I'm curious as to whether these vows, or something like them are something else we have in common as Aquaterra traditions seem to have sprung from those in Lions Gate, Blatha An Or, Madrone and others. To me this addresses the core of what the Sergantry is, and does beyond the scope of testing and passing the trials.

Baron: We would now ask you to join the ranks of our standing Sergeantry; however, before you answer this request, first hear these words from our herald.

Herald: Before you accept membership into the Sergeantry of Aquaterra, you must know that this rank has more responsibility than privilege.
Is is not only your duty to protect and serve Their Excellencies and the Barony both on and off the field, but also to be available to those in need of your service either above or below your rank- to be an example of chivalry at it's best. Also that this is just the beginning. You must continue to increase your knowledge and skill and be willing to teach others what you have demonstrated here today.
Do you understand what is expected of a member of the Sergeantry of Aquaterra?

In Joyous service,


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