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I really need to make a period tent/ encampment icon. In any case, I found some more Italian tent pictures, this one of people doing the horizontal tango no less. :) 

this one a goth love story, Anthony has returned to Cleopatra and takes his own life beneath her window, as Octavian's forces gather around them- cool tents: 

I still haven't been able to find anything specifically Venetian, but at least I've found more specifically  Italian examples, and closer to my preferred time period. 

Also, one of the other ladies in the department who I help out from time to time brought me a present today. A set of two Le Creuset rectangular baking dishes that she had bought on sale but never used. Love, love, love the enameled stoneware. :) JOY! 
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This morning started off rough. When the alarm went off at 5:20 I really, really didn't want to get up and was moving slowly. Apparently too slowly as I literally just missed the first bus, and realized that I had managed to forget both my cell phone and my UW ID/ UPASS at home. Not a great way to start the day. To top it off I just found out that our usual conference that would have been thursday they just realized is in conflict with something else, so I had to scramble to reschedule room, parking and food- luckily it was all manageable and I was still able to get the room they wanted.
So, on to the happy, happy thoughts. :)

I'm getting really excited about the trip to Italy. I got a call from Ms.I that the apartment we were originally going to rent two rooms in is all booked up but she had found a flat closer to the Duomo that we could all stay in together with a balcony and kitchenette for less than we would have paid for the two rooms. Girl time will be had!! OMG the estrogen will flow like the mighty Nile. We'll go a couple of days early so we can spend the time in Venice! I just can't imagine how it could get any better. 

I finished a present for a friend last night. I had taken out the silk the night before, but let it hang to in theory straighten itself out somewhat. I learned how to do japanese pearl knots last weekend and I got some real pearls (although not perfectly matched) while I was at shipwreck beads, and some amazingly cool and whimsical findings. I hope she likes it, maybe if I catch her at the right time I can even make her squeal. :)

The tent is on the way. I should have it hopefully by the end of the week, and now I'm getting all kinds of canvas twitterpated. I'm still going to need to make a ground cloth for it, although R has offered to do all the measuring for me as the last one I had that was a little too small at the way 'round made his pants a little cranky. :) I plan to paint not only the tent, but paint and seal the ground cloth as well- I figure bare canvas wouldn't stay clean long anyway, may as well have a pretty design to get all smudged up. I've been looking into tent painting instructions:

Oh, and I just got another period Italian tent link, this one which depicts the siege of Florence in 1530. OMG, I can totally document poop now! Much more appealing, it also shows camp kitchens!!

I plan to do some research and get it all figured out in my head before I actually start. I hope to have it all ready to go in time for June Faire, but perhaps I'm a little delusional. 

I've sent off the advertisements/ announcements about the July Coronation costume contest, and let the web person know about all of the needed updates so if people go to the website they're not directed to the wrong people. 

I've also started moving on the A&S edition of the Crier. Sent of a note to Kingdom A&S, and have just contacted one baronial officer so far. I think I'll try to at least sent out a message to all of them today, as who knows what/ when/ if I'll hear back. 

I'm going to be spending sometime with the turnip of cuteness. Since I didn't grab my phone on the way out the door this morning I'll have to be sure to make arrangements before I leave. I get my baby-fix! I think I'll let her run around as much as possible. I think sometimes she just wants to run and be free. I'm also taking the turnip on Sunday night for a while so mommy & daddy can have a < gasp> date night with movie. 
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There's the image of Italian tents I think I'm going to use to base my painting on, only this time, in color and sharper detail. I'm thinking of getting a membership at the British Library just to have better access to their images. :) 

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To do:
Repair loop on umbrella pavilion.
It won't take long, I've just been putting it off.
It would be nice to have the new green Venetian done but it won't happen before this weekend. See hand sewing projects to bring.

To cook:
Prepare and bag separately the beef and barley for the stew.
Make / bake the two pies
1 jakke of dover = pork, chicken & cheese pie
1 Green Vegetable torta = yummy vegetarian (not vegan) cheese and herb pie
Just because it's tasty and their excellencies like it. I think I'll surprise them.
More muffins? The last ones were a big hit. Perhaps I'll bring the lavender jelly to put on them.

To purchase:
Eggs for communal breakfast, and perhaps stuffed eggs if I'm feeling creative.
Steak and possibly lobster for Saturday night.
MUST REMEMBER: oxyclean for pavilion. Must un-love the kitty love.

To bring:
Washed from last weekend, all fresh and ready to go.
Chemise (2-3), Italian gowns (only 2 this time, I promise), linen under gown, Green front lace over gown, do rag, apron, long red linen tunic (in case it gets too hot).
Socks & unmentionables.
Extra table and chairs. I've currently got a bench on site and one chair in the back of my jeep. I've got at least one other person coming and I like to make sure I've got enough everything for everyone.
Tents (see note above)
Sewing projects? I like to keep my hands busy. White flannel under / night gown. Possibly Green Venetian. I don't know how feasible on site cartridge pleating would be, but if I get that far attaching it to the bodice would be. I do have a full size fold out table on site, so it's a ponder.

I love the new (to me) pavilion. I got an update that despite the windstorm that blew over costco garages and played havoc with the Dew Drop, that she's stood firm. Yay! Will have to try to remember to take photos this weekend.

Warren War

Aug. 28th, 2006 12:07 pm
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I had a marvelous time. I wound up getting there late, but that was alright the rest was much needed.

I got to try out a new (to me) pavillion for the first time. It was one made by the beautiful and talented ciarnait. It's a single pole hub and spoke style design, exactly the kind I've been lusting after for the better part of a decade. I had some help putting it up, but I'd say that all together it took maybe 1/2 hour to erect, and it took way more time to get everything else inside situated.

I camped with Ldy_lavender, the girls, Alen & Solig, and we were practically right next to hleleanorsdress, and blondtartan, with Eric of Clan smith and his delightful Lady Beth right across the way. It was so darn hot that I didn't head out much. I went over to the baronial pavilion to check in, did a little quick browsing, but other than that I stayed pretty close to home.

We had a marvelous dinner that was a group effort. Ldy_lavender provided a gigantic pot of psgettie & meatballs, I brought a test run of the beef and barley stew I'm making for Banner War, a Jakke of Dover, and the lavendar blue berry muffins which were all a big hit. Which reminds me: meruda_true can I pass the recipe on to a few friends? They were a huge hit and I've gotten requests. I'm happy to give credit and I just like to ask before passing things on.

I got to wander, see BB & WW, who were throwing a little shindig, and kept asking me to sing. :) I got sing, and socialize, and sing some more. It was great.

I hear the grindstone calling, perhaps more later.


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