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For the purposes of experimenting with making this for largess (and in smaller batches for home use) I've chosen to break down the measurements into parts. As ounces seem to be the standard unit of measure used in all of these recipes and for all ingredients this is easily replaced by other units of measure, e.g. one tsp pepper, one tsp cinnamon, one tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp cloves, and 1/4 tsp saffron. When I make the test batches at home I will also be pulling out some of the recipes that call for these spice mixes from the same manuscript as sizing up and down spices can sometimes call for more variation depending on the age and quality of the spices used.

LXXIII. Specie fine a tute cosse.

Toi una onza de pevere e una de cinamo e una de zenzevro e mezo quarto de garofali e uno quarto de zaferanno.

LXXIII Fine spices for all dishes (things)
Take one ounce of pepper, one of cinnamon, one of ginger, half a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, and a quarter (of an ounce) of saffron.

First test batch will be: 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp cloves, and 1/4 tsp saffron

LXXIV. Specie dolce per assay cosse bone e fine.

Le meior specie dolze fine che tu fay se vuoi per lampreda in crosta e per altri boni pessi d'aque dolze che se faga in crosto e per fare bono brodetto e bon savore. Toi uno quarto de garofali e una onza de bon zenzevro e toy una onza de cinamo leto e toy arquanto folio e tute queste specie fay pestare insiema caxa como te piaxe, e se ne vo' fare piú, toy le cosse a questa medessima raxone et è meravigliosamente bona.

LXXIV Sweet spices, enough for many good and fine things
The best fine sweet spices that you can make, for lamprey pie or for other good fresh water fish that one makes in a pie, and for good broths and sauces.  Take a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, an ounce of good ginger, an ounce of soft (or sweet) cinnamon, and take a quantity (the same amount of?) Indian bay leaves (*) and grind all these spices together how you please.  And if you don’t want to do more, take these things (spices) in the same ratio (without grinding) and they will be marvelously good.

First test batch will be: 1/4 tsp cloves,1 tsp "good" ginger, 1 tsp "soft or sweet"cinnamon, 1 tsp Indian bay leaves

LXXV. Specie negre e forte per assay savore.

Specie negre e forte per fare savore; toy mezo quarto de garofali e do onze de pevere e toy arquanto pevere longo e do noce moscate e fa de tute specie.

LXXV Black and strong spices for many sauces.
Black and strong spices to make sauces.  Take half a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, two ounces of pepper and an (equal) quantity of long pepper and nutmeg and do as all spices (grind).

First test batch will be: 1/8 tsp cloves, 2 tsp pepper,  2 tsp long pepper,  2 tsp nutmeg


All of these recipes currently come from a single source the Anonimo Veneziano and I'm currently working from the translation found here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

The original Italian transcription can be found here: http://www.uni-giessen.de/gloning/tx/frati.htm

Translated 2003 to January 2005 CE by Helewyse de Birkestad, OL  (MKA Louise Smithson) from the transcription of  Ludovico Frati (ed.): Libro di cucina del secolo XIV. Livorno 1899 prepared and made available online by Thomas Gloning. Last updated March 28th 2005.

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I need to make or get a food icon. 

Anyway, I've been working on gathering recipe & menu options for the Page's feast, but in the end I'm going to let them choose and just give them lots of choices (so there's not just casting about aimlessly, but they can pick from anything, really). 

In the meantime I've been looking at recipes for May Crown.

Oh, and one of the biostatisicians (he's Australian, very sweet and yummy) just stopped by my desk and brought me a little glass period looking jar of a spice he said is hard to get over here. He wrote down the names for me: Ajwain  Carum Copticum (syn. trachyspermum ammi). Anyone recognize it? It looks and tastes like caroway seeds.  
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I've got 25lb of barley in my Jeep, my pavilion has been handed off for gold key use, and I have some smaller (well smaller than 5 gallons) pots in back as well.

I need to remember to also contact Angus as he said he's also bringing another 5 gallon pot for me to use.

Last things left to purchase:
Salad (how many bags do I need for 150 people?)
Big bottle of ranch dressing, for those who don't want the homemade balsamic, or the raspberry.
butter / margarine (groom is lactose intolerant, so must at least have both, or only m).
Apple juice/ cider for hot spiced cider.
Possibly beef stock to cook the barley in and add a little moisture back to the stew in case it gets to dry. Add at the last minute so it doesn't suck it up.

No pre-cooking for this one, except possibly the barley the night before.
Need to pack rice cooker, cloth tea bag (s), serving utensils, hot pads, cooler, Chopped garlic!!, cloth for draping, and lots of herbs. I think I'm going to clear out a lot of my spice cupboard for this. I made the best batch yet on Friday of the beef and barley stew and to replicate it even remotely is going to take a lot of dried herbs.

Oh, almost forgot measuring cups!!
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This is mostly just a checklist and reminder for me. Please feel free to ignore completely, if you'd like. :)

I cooked & cubed 5 1/2 lb of chicken last night, and finished up the grocery shopping.

Tonight I have to make the ambrosino sauce, boil up 5 dz eggs, re-organize the jeep & finish packing.

The things that still need to be gathered are:
Decorative touches~ fabric to drape tables. The only banner I have currently is a Venetian flag, which I will be bringing ( I can't wait for my personal banner to be done). I plan to bring morter & pestle too either for use or show.

Clothes - I have to decide if I'm going to go with the still sleeveless Venetian gown, or something more generic Italian ren. boots, chemise, etc.

Serving wear~ I have oodles & will be bringing extra in case other presenters need some as well.

Feast gear~ 2 sets. I just still need to dig out my nice goblets and tankards.

Cooking equipment~ small crock pot, blender with food processor attachment, spice grinder, Big bowl for mixing, not sure if I'll need a cooler, but I'll bring it just in case.

Spices~ most of them are packed up, I will be loaning some to the herbal guild in nice little period looking glass jars with cork lids.

I even have little gifts for the other presenters, if an appropriate time should come up to gift them. :)

List of food to pack:
Fruit~ nectarines, pears, grapes, strawberries, plums. F said to bring some fruit to do a fruit bowl, but I think I may have over done a bit. :)
Main dishes~ Just the chicken, and the 5Dz eggs.
Sauces~ in bottom of fridge in gladwear all ready to go. Need to make sure I have 3 matching bowls, or little paper cups.
Personal food~ salami, cheese, marinated artichoke hearts?, baklava, leftover fruit because I went fruit batty.
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I was in search of several spices yesterday, sadly came up empty handed and have as a result done some web searching today.

First, I was given this link:
Auntie Arwen (Baroness Mistress Arwen) usually has some GoP.... her webpage is: http://www.auntiearwenspices.com/

Then I found these:

This one has a sale on GoP:

Has grains of paradise for 3$ an oz.:


On a suggestion, next time I get a chance to go to world spice, I think I will ask them if I can get some powdre forte minus the grains of paradise, and add them later myself as that seems to be why they don't carry it currently.

Don't know if most would consider this a period food post or just info. Let me know if anyone would like me to filter it.

I will be posting an update on the Bite of AnTir progress, which will be filtered for those who don't give a darn. :)


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