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As an aid to my poor brain that these days is more like a steel sieve than a steel trap:

Italian Majolica pottery- pretty! I want to make some of these some day!

A really nice collection of "Italian Ren" resource links. I've already picked out some a couple of times to get people started who don't yet want to invest in books until they've tried a few styles first: http://www.quite-contrary.org/cost_link_ital.php
Includes Drea's fantastic online reference to the Milanise Tailor's handbook:

Pepperbeast is translating her way through Book V of Scappi's Opera- the menus for each day of the year!!! Total Squee_ http://libroquarto.wordpress.com/
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I'm going to stick it behind a cut, because it's one full course in both Italian and English from two separate days (August 15, & August 25th)- so it's long. I think I will leave out some of the less food-weenie safe foods like tongue for example- but I think either one of these slightly modifed would be totally do-able. So far I'm cooking for about 15 people and if my fracking oven gets fixed soon (it died just before autumn war), then I plan to do meat pies with cheese and fresh fruit for lunch. 

I think I may cherry pick from both menus and come up with something nice, fairly seasonally appropriate (granted, I realize there is some seasonal shift between here and Venice, both then and currently), and something that would be reasonable to do at a camping event. We've tested the ham boiled, shredded, served with capers and sugar- but in the earlier menu it called for the capers to be in a bitter orange sauce. That was really, really yummy. As there has been a specific request for a starch dish with dinner, I think I may  have Italian rice as well. I'm going to try to test the rice and the ham as boil in bag recipes (separately, we have someone who can eat rice, but no meat except seafood). I think I can also do the marzipan and other deserty items in advance. So the day of I'll be throwing salads together, cutting up fruit, and warming things up and that's pretty much it. Breakfast will be made fresh, but the rest will be pre-cooked as much as possible.

I think I need to get a more modern seal-a-meal and pizelle maker, if I'm not threatened with floggings for bringing yet more kitchen stuff into the house. :)


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