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I need to make or get a food icon. 

Anyway, I've been working on gathering recipe & menu options for the Page's feast, but in the end I'm going to let them choose and just give them lots of choices (so there's not just casting about aimlessly, but they can pick from anything, really). 

In the meantime I've been looking at recipes for May Crown.

Oh, and one of the biostatisicians (he's Australian, very sweet and yummy) just stopped by my desk and brought me a little glass period looking jar of a spice he said is hard to get over here. He wrote down the names for me: Ajwain  Carum Copticum (syn. trachyspermum ammi). Anyone recognize it? It looks and tastes like caroway seeds.  
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So, I've been insanely busy, but at the AQ social meeting on Tuesday I managed to catch up with all of the major contributors to the festivities.

A&S will be there afternoonish on Friday with the tubs of Baronial fabric for draping. They will also be the head of team dance with the Bouncing Baron (aka Trahern). While they don't have the specific dances hammered out yet, I've pretty much got a dream team who have done countless balls before so I'm just going to let them spin. I'm still hoping for live period music, but they haven't gotten solid confirmations back yet. The one who was really excited about playing will be sitting vigil (not for a friend, his vigil) and so naturally that would be rather difficult. :)

I received a tentative menu which makes me a very happy camper ( I was getting just a bit nervous. B&F have also done full on feasts before, this will just be nibblies, and I have great respect and confidence in them both. I can't wait to see how it turns out, everything on the menu sounds wonderful. I do need to get ahold of the lady doing the cake subtlety as they've asked that I make sure it's clear that the feast food crew won't be cleaning up after the cake.

The miniature tableaus of the 7 deadly sins are about 1/2 done, and she says it's the hard ones she did first. Whoohooo!

The lovely Mort is handling the decorations and I plan on getting there as soon as possible on either Thursday night, or first thing Friday morning to help.

The only thing still hanging in the breeze is figuring out the best way to get the invitations / flyers printed. I can take them to the local Kinko's but that's definitely not the most cost effective way, and I'd like to make as little financial impact as possible. I'd like to have them done in advance so they can be distributed to all of the various hotels and passed out to everyone who checks in Thursday and Friday with an SCA room.
Hmmm, maybe I can pick Mr. Foxxy's brain and see if I could send someone either an attachement with the files to be printed, or figure out where to print them and mail the completed ones to someone who's going down even earlier than I am.
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Whew, what a busy long weekend. Sewing, bezant striking, more sewing, then some more sewing with a little sewing on the side. It's looking absolutely stunning though, we'll have the sparkliest Majesties EVAR. I can't wait to see it on them.

I was just a helper monkey on this project but I have to give some serious props to the brain trust that planned this out. If the end result is even remotely living up to your original expectations, WOW. Just, Wow.

I had a lot of fun playing with the metal, and the social time was pretty spiffy. I had a chance to hang out with people I don't often get a chance to spend time with.

Now, I just need to see about cat wrangling for the ball and if there's time try to get my ball gown finished. I've got it all cut out, I just haven't had a chance to do any sewing on it at all other than getting the channels done for the boning of the bodice.

Oh, and here's a site both for my friend Dustin and myself. For him because it's the website for a mongolian group (check out the link to the boots D) and they've got several relish recipes redacted from Platina.

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Here's an amazingly cool concept. I'd love to see this in AnTir, but I know I'm not personally up to the challenge _yet_.
I think we could even take things further as suggested by orlaith in the post I yoinked this from (with permission). I could see AnTir doing this from all one country, all documented recipes. See offical rules below.

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Tonight is up in the air. I talked to Arianne last night and she told me to stay in and not go out in the horrible weather. As a result I also forgot to swing by the fabulous Ciar and take her up on her generous offer. There will be groveling later, a lot of grovelling.

Tomorrow I will be going to PPP's 'rent's place for consuming of mass quantities (I will try to keep over-eating to a minimum though). After dinner I may be making the rounds a bit to just see folks. I have the morning open as well, and don't have to be on the road until 3ish.

Friday morning I will get up fairly early to go work on pouring all of tokens for Goode Yule. We only need about 100 of them, so I'm hoping to get all of them done in one day, and possibly not even take the whole day to do it. It depends on how much tweaking the mold needs to start with. Once it's rockin' they will turn out fairly quickly, possibly as fast as 2 per minute. I finished the soapstone mold last Sunday and I'm fairly happy with it. I may actually ask if it would be alright for me to make some extras to give as gifts after the events. I did this specifically for the event, but two crossed holly leaves with holly berries is just too perfect for the season not to share- if it's not inappropriate that is.

Saturday, or Sunday, or both I will be enjoying the S&B goodness with Ldy_lavender and the girls. I intend to at least have the sleeves done for the green brocade and hope to at least have a good start on the burgundy velvet V from Venetian.
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I've got 25lb of barley in my Jeep, my pavilion has been handed off for gold key use, and I have some smaller (well smaller than 5 gallons) pots in back as well.

I need to remember to also contact Angus as he said he's also bringing another 5 gallon pot for me to use.

Last things left to purchase:
Salad (how many bags do I need for 150 people?)
Big bottle of ranch dressing, for those who don't want the homemade balsamic, or the raspberry.
butter / margarine (groom is lactose intolerant, so must at least have both, or only m).
Apple juice/ cider for hot spiced cider.
Possibly beef stock to cook the barley in and add a little moisture back to the stew in case it gets to dry. Add at the last minute so it doesn't suck it up.

No pre-cooking for this one, except possibly the barley the night before.
Need to pack rice cooker, cloth tea bag (s), serving utensils, hot pads, cooler, Chopped garlic!!, cloth for draping, and lots of herbs. I think I'm going to clear out a lot of my spice cupboard for this. I made the best batch yet on Friday of the beef and barley stew and to replicate it even remotely is going to take a lot of dried herbs.

Oh, almost forgot measuring cups!!

catching up

Sep. 7th, 2006 01:14 pm
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Work has been hell. Certain other aspects of my life have been "interesting" in a chinese curse kind of a way. A spiritual group that I had been backing away from due to internal conflicts and drama finally went nuclear and seems be be disolving. I'm both saddened and relived by this, and feel guilty for being relived. I think I'll try to get around to a separate post on that whole mess.

Had a great time at Crown! The downsides were unfortunate biological timing which was made more unpleasent by the abysimal facilities available, and the fracking heat. I'm so greatful that Ldy_lavendar had brought her fabulous pumping camp shower and let me use it. I would have had a much less pleasent weekend if I couldn't bathe (I know, I don't mind being a big ol' wuss on this count, better wuss than wiff).

I finally got to see people I've been trying to hang out with all season. It was way too short of course, as I was either on a mission, or was so exhuased that I could barely see straight much less hold a witty conversation. I got my peasant-y cheese. I donated to the cheese fund for peseant's revel (they roll it down a hill) and I wasn't able to make it so the divine Ms.M was kind enough to hold it for me since then. I'm having some for lunch, so yummy!

I had two friends along for this one. One of them is still shiney new to the SCA (Warren War last weekend being his first event) and the other hasn't really come out to play in about 10 years. Much fun dragging them along and playing hostess. I did feel guilty though, as I wound up doing way more volunteering time than I had planned. They were both amazingly cool about it though and made their own way just fine without me there every second.

The company was great, the food was great, all in all I think it was a pretty good event. If I were in charge of the world the only things I would have changed would be to turn down the heat a little during the day, especially Saturday, have the biffies pumped and cleaned WAY more often, and somehow add more hours to the day. I didn't get to hang out with people as much as I'd like, or sing nearly as much as I'd like.

I came home Sunday night and had the day monday to relax. I would up heading over to the_doctors and we watched Helsing and a little witchblade while I did some sewing on my (hopefully soon) to-be Venetian gown. I got the worst part of the cartridge pleating done, now I just have to stitch it to the bodice. There will be pictures forthcoming.

The grindstone is calling......perhaps more tonight if time permits.
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To do:
Repair loop on umbrella pavilion.
It won't take long, I've just been putting it off.
It would be nice to have the new green Venetian done but it won't happen before this weekend. See hand sewing projects to bring.

To cook:
Prepare and bag separately the beef and barley for the stew.
Make / bake the two pies
1 jakke of dover = pork, chicken & cheese pie
1 Green Vegetable torta = yummy vegetarian (not vegan) cheese and herb pie
Just because it's tasty and their excellencies like it. I think I'll surprise them.
More muffins? The last ones were a big hit. Perhaps I'll bring the lavender jelly to put on them.

To purchase:
Eggs for communal breakfast, and perhaps stuffed eggs if I'm feeling creative.
Steak and possibly lobster for Saturday night.
MUST REMEMBER: oxyclean for pavilion. Must un-love the kitty love.

To bring:
Washed from last weekend, all fresh and ready to go.
Chemise (2-3), Italian gowns (only 2 this time, I promise), linen under gown, Green front lace over gown, do rag, apron, long red linen tunic (in case it gets too hot).
Socks & unmentionables.
Extra table and chairs. I've currently got a bench on site and one chair in the back of my jeep. I've got at least one other person coming and I like to make sure I've got enough everything for everyone.
Tents (see note above)
Sewing projects? I like to keep my hands busy. White flannel under / night gown. Possibly Green Venetian. I don't know how feasible on site cartridge pleating would be, but if I get that far attaching it to the bodice would be. I do have a full size fold out table on site, so it's a ponder.

I love the new (to me) pavilion. I got an update that despite the windstorm that blew over costco garages and played havoc with the Dew Drop, that she's stood firm. Yay! Will have to try to remember to take photos this weekend.

Warren War

Aug. 28th, 2006 12:07 pm
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I had a marvelous time. I wound up getting there late, but that was alright the rest was much needed.

I got to try out a new (to me) pavillion for the first time. It was one made by the beautiful and talented ciarnait. It's a single pole hub and spoke style design, exactly the kind I've been lusting after for the better part of a decade. I had some help putting it up, but I'd say that all together it took maybe 1/2 hour to erect, and it took way more time to get everything else inside situated.

I camped with Ldy_lavender, the girls, Alen & Solig, and we were practically right next to hleleanorsdress, and blondtartan, with Eric of Clan smith and his delightful Lady Beth right across the way. It was so darn hot that I didn't head out much. I went over to the baronial pavilion to check in, did a little quick browsing, but other than that I stayed pretty close to home.

We had a marvelous dinner that was a group effort. Ldy_lavender provided a gigantic pot of psgettie & meatballs, I brought a test run of the beef and barley stew I'm making for Banner War, a Jakke of Dover, and the lavendar blue berry muffins which were all a big hit. Which reminds me: meruda_true can I pass the recipe on to a few friends? They were a huge hit and I've gotten requests. I'm happy to give credit and I just like to ask before passing things on.

I got to wander, see BB & WW, who were throwing a little shindig, and kept asking me to sing. :) I got sing, and socialize, and sing some more. It was great.

I hear the grindstone calling, perhaps more later.
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There was much cooking & baking last night.

I did another run though with the barley, which makes experiment #2, thank you ornerie, and shamus9999. I've made use of your wisdom. I browned the beef & veggies last night, and have the two test batches of barley in zip lock baggies to be added on site.

Also thank you merouda_true, for your delicious lavender blueberry muffin recipe. I made them last night, including making up some of the lavender sugar to sprinkle on top. The tiny organic blueberries I picked up at Trader Joe's were tasty and the perfect size. I know they're not a period recipe, but ldy_lavenar is a lavender food addict, so I thought I'd surprise her this weekend. She's already gone to the event, so if you see her at Warren War, don't tell.

I plan to make a Jakke of Dover tonight too, as I've found that makes a great lunch. If anyone else is planning on heading to Warren War, I'll see you there.
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I've finally got around to figuring out how to get the pictures off my digital camera and on to my LJ. I'll do them in sections so as not to overwhelm.

These first three are of the beta version of the 1560-1570 Venetian gown I've been working on. I'm sure there will continue to be modifications to the pattern. I drafted it from scratch with the amazing and invaluable Ethelburga helping me (I couldn't have done it without her).

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Here's the latest word from the Seneschal: Sorry for any confusion. I wish the canton and the poor beligured autocrat team all the best.

From: ATruemark@aol.com
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 17:53:38 EDT
To: reeds@baronyofaquaterra.org
Subject: [Reeds] No Sanction for Fibers and Fletching

Greetings, AnTir. I apologize (once again), this time for the confusion that has resulted in emails from individuals claiming that Fibers and Fletching is still active. It is not. This is a canceled event, regardless of what you might hear from other sources. I have pulled the sanction for the event, meaning that as far as the SCA is concerned, this event does not exist. The landowners have been informed of the circumstances and are in agreement that their site is no longer available for the event. Kingdom Calendar has received official notice of the sanction and has officially canceled the event. As for other voices who say otherwise, there are only three people who can override my decision on this - The King, the Queen and the Kingdom Seneschal (or in his absence, his contingency deputy). No one else has the authority to say the event is still active. So, please, don't be confused any longer.
The event is canceled and is not going to happen this weekend.

Again, my personal email is _atruemark@aol.com_
(mailto:atruemark@aol.com) and you are free to contact me to express your opinions regarding this cancellation. I will not discuss details of the decision, but I will answer questions in a general way.

Myself, the Baron and Baroness of Aquaterra and the Canton of Bearwood
join in saying that we regret the decision to cancel the event. We are
truly saddened for all concerned, starting with the autocrat team and all the folks who were slated to teach and assist at the event. We will attempt to put this very fun event together and present it another time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Master Andras Truemark
Seneschal, Aquaterra

p.s. Please feel free to cross post to lists not included above.
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Come join the ancient rivalry between Borton on Water and Sodbury, our peasant villages, as they once again compete to show their worth. This is event is so fun we’ve done it 26 times!

Fun! - The day will be packed with fun outdoor peasant games: Spit in the Bucket, Cheese rolling, Wet Rag on a Stick, Turnip Harvest, Hopping Tag, and many more!

Relaxing! - no responsibilities, no meetings, no court, no setup, no packing. Only a simple peasant costume and you’re there (grass stains are optional). Sit in the shade. Talk to friends.

Free! - no site fee, no non-member surcharge. (A simple peasant stew will be available for dinner - $3).

Nearby! - no long commute. David Roger’s park is on Queen Anne hill in Seattle at 1st Ave W and W Raye St. (a block west of Queen Anne Ave). You could even bus there (routes 3, 4, and 13).

Details - Setup begins at 11am, rain or shine; the games commence at noon. Bring your own dishes and something to drink. Alcohol is prohibited as the site is a public park.

The best event of the year - don’t miss out!
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This is mostly just a checklist and reminder for me. Please feel free to ignore completely, if you'd like. :)

I cooked & cubed 5 1/2 lb of chicken last night, and finished up the grocery shopping.

Tonight I have to make the ambrosino sauce, boil up 5 dz eggs, re-organize the jeep & finish packing.

The things that still need to be gathered are:
Decorative touches~ fabric to drape tables. The only banner I have currently is a Venetian flag, which I will be bringing ( I can't wait for my personal banner to be done). I plan to bring morter & pestle too either for use or show.

Clothes - I have to decide if I'm going to go with the still sleeveless Venetian gown, or something more generic Italian ren. boots, chemise, etc.

Serving wear~ I have oodles & will be bringing extra in case other presenters need some as well.

Feast gear~ 2 sets. I just still need to dig out my nice goblets and tankards.

Cooking equipment~ small crock pot, blender with food processor attachment, spice grinder, Big bowl for mixing, not sure if I'll need a cooler, but I'll bring it just in case.

Spices~ most of them are packed up, I will be loaning some to the herbal guild in nice little period looking glass jars with cork lids.

I even have little gifts for the other presenters, if an appropriate time should come up to gift them. :)

List of food to pack:
Fruit~ nectarines, pears, grapes, strawberries, plums. F said to bring some fruit to do a fruit bowl, but I think I may have over done a bit. :)
Main dishes~ Just the chicken, and the 5Dz eggs.
Sauces~ in bottom of fridge in gladwear all ready to go. Need to make sure I have 3 matching bowls, or little paper cups.
Personal food~ salami, cheese, marinated artichoke hearts?, baklava, leftover fruit because I went fruit batty.
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Just talked to F's who's doing some shopping today. I'll be getting the last little bits for the chicken ambrosino and cooking it up either tonight or tomorrow, as well as boiling the eggs for the dinner. So, the only things left to do on site will be a very simple verjuice & blackberry sauce, peeling / slicing the eggs and mixing up the filling (which F has said I can use her kitchen aid for woot).

On my shopping list:
chicken 5lb?
5 dz eggs
"fresh" cheese, either goat or ricotta
Almonds ( may have enough at home) need slivered either way.
possibly some more saffron from TJ's
Add: gallon ziplock baggies


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