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I finally got a replacement phone, but I lost all my numbers. If you would like me to have your number, please PM me. :) I have lots of calls to catch up on.

I also made a trader joe's run with the roomie. I stocked up on fairly healthy stuff to take for lunches and breakfast since the hospital cafeteria food is both overpriced and over-fried. As we took my car this also meant an epic purging and cleaning of said car as hasn't been done since before the move. Good lord I was hauling a lot of stuff around with me. Whew!

The original reason for the TJ run was to get more saffron for the fine spice mix as I need to resupply to sent a batch of 10 sets for Estrella. I bottled the batch of sweet spice mix I blended on Saturday, and I still have some of the strong mix left so once I'm done with this last batch, making the booklets, and the little bag I should have enough for the sets.

I'm still thinking about possibly switching out one of the recipes in the booklet (the stuffed eggs), but I still haven't decided what I'd replace it with if I do.

Here are some options )

I kept getting dive bombed by the insomnia fairy last night. I finally got to sleep around 11-11:30, then I woke at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 before the alarm went off at 5:30. I may just go straight to bed when I get home tonight.
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I've found a couple in books, but while I don't feel comfortable coping recipes here from a book I see nothing wrong with passing on links to websites. So with that in mind here are some that look good, and are very like the two versions I've found in a couple of books: 

With yeast

Without yeast, but made with tea

With yeast, and uk measurements

I think I'll try the first one tonight. I love the pictures and descriptions on the last site. 

Happy baking (& eating)!


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