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Let’s Eat: Kitchens and Dining in the Renaissance Palazzo
The domestic interior in Renaissance Italy has been the subject of groundbreaking exhibitions, conference sessions, and publications in recent years. Material culture is at the forefront of research allowing us to better understand how and where people lived, what they collected and bought for their homes, and how and why they valued certain objects over others. We now have a much clearer picture of private life; but what about mundane issues like food preparation, eating, and the sociability of dining. How was the Renaissance kitchen outfitted and where did people eat? Where were the kitchens and storage rooms located in relationship to dining spaces? What can be said about dining practices in the sixteenth century? Was eating gendered? Inventories of palaces, letters, expense accounts, architectural treatises, and cooking manuals, as well as paintings and architectural plans will be used in this paper to address these issues.

Edited to add- I wrote to her, now I just hope I sounded reasonably intelligent and even if I can't make I'll be able to read her research somehow.

Edited part 2- I did a search for her on Amazon and this is what I got:
I think I'm going to be buying one of these a month for a while, maybe I can get one of the text books for my birthday. :)
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For the purposes of experimenting with making this for largess (and in smaller batches for home use) I've chosen to break down the measurements into parts. As ounces seem to be the standard unit of measure used in all of these recipes and for all ingredients this is easily replaced by other units of measure, e.g. one tsp pepper, one tsp cinnamon, one tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp cloves, and 1/4 tsp saffron. When I make the test batches at home I will also be pulling out some of the recipes that call for these spice mixes from the same manuscript as sizing up and down spices can sometimes call for more variation depending on the age and quality of the spices used.

LXXIII. Specie fine a tute cosse.

Toi una onza de pevere e una de cinamo e una de zenzevro e mezo quarto de garofali e uno quarto de zaferanno.

LXXIII Fine spices for all dishes (things)
Take one ounce of pepper, one of cinnamon, one of ginger, half a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, and a quarter (of an ounce) of saffron.

First test batch will be: 1 tsp pepper, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tsp ginger, 1/8 tsp cloves, and 1/4 tsp saffron

LXXIV. Specie dolce per assay cosse bone e fine.

Le meior specie dolze fine che tu fay se vuoi per lampreda in crosta e per altri boni pessi d'aque dolze che se faga in crosto e per fare bono brodetto e bon savore. Toi uno quarto de garofali e una onza de bon zenzevro e toy una onza de cinamo leto e toy arquanto folio e tute queste specie fay pestare insiema caxa como te piaxe, e se ne vo' fare piú, toy le cosse a questa medessima raxone et è meravigliosamente bona.

LXXIV Sweet spices, enough for many good and fine things
The best fine sweet spices that you can make, for lamprey pie or for other good fresh water fish that one makes in a pie, and for good broths and sauces.  Take a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, an ounce of good ginger, an ounce of soft (or sweet) cinnamon, and take a quantity (the same amount of?) Indian bay leaves (*) and grind all these spices together how you please.  And if you don’t want to do more, take these things (spices) in the same ratio (without grinding) and they will be marvelously good.

First test batch will be: 1/4 tsp cloves,1 tsp "good" ginger, 1 tsp "soft or sweet"cinnamon, 1 tsp Indian bay leaves

LXXV. Specie negre e forte per assay savore.

Specie negre e forte per fare savore; toy mezo quarto de garofali e do onze de pevere e toy arquanto pevere longo e do noce moscate e fa de tute specie.

LXXV Black and strong spices for many sauces.
Black and strong spices to make sauces.  Take half a quarter (of an ounce) of cloves, two ounces of pepper and an (equal) quantity of long pepper and nutmeg and do as all spices (grind).

First test batch will be: 1/8 tsp cloves, 2 tsp pepper,  2 tsp long pepper,  2 tsp nutmeg


All of these recipes currently come from a single source the Anonimo Veneziano and I'm currently working from the translation found here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

The original Italian transcription can be found here: http://www.uni-giessen.de/gloning/tx/frati.htm

Translated 2003 to January 2005 CE by Helewyse de Birkestad, OL  (MKA Louise Smithson) from the transcription of  Ludovico Frati (ed.): Libro di cucina del secolo XIV. Livorno 1899 prepared and made available online by Thomas Gloning. Last updated March 28th 2005.

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This is just a list to myself for the last bits of freshness I need to get- mostly on Friday before the event. The cheeses I may get tonight. All the nitty-gritty details behind cut as a courtesy.
Need to put out an additonal call to the list for apple corers/ slicers- the kind that cuts apples into 8ths and cores at the same time. I'm worried about roasters now too- we need 4 optimally and 2 are on the fritz.

Shopping and task list reminders based on menu )Have I mentioned that it takes a village to cook a feast? Just look at the preliminary list of mad talent- Margaret on the piggy roast, Renart on the cheesy 'neeps, Rycheza's noodly skills, and that's just the beginning.  I love playing with other foodies, they are good people. That hell's kitchen guy is an aberration and a freak! The rest of us feel and share the love! 
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6 commercial sized convection ovens.
Large full sized standing warmer - to hold hot foods in safety zone (potentially useful for Veggie tarts, maybe others)
8 outlets in kitchen-
space in front that will be curtained off has 13 heavy duty outlets - for roasting ovents and rice cookers? 

Ask Mort- about how many roasting ovens needed for roasts & serving ware

If unable to get serving ware in time -talk to E about borrowing.
Check in with HL R about noodles- if not then plan alternate. If not homemade, keep dish? Test alternate friday or saturday if not confirmed.  Just heard back, she's going to give it a try! This will be awesome! I already have the walnuts. Noodle-y goodness!
ask guild list if they have industrial tin foil, who all plans on coming- call out for rice cookers

Autocrat to verify that we can use their pans as long as we leave them clean.

Changes to menu- ask Oonah if she thinks she can do walnut bread- need to know by end of week. If not, switch for sliced artisan to accompany fruit, cheese and stuffed eggs.

Work around for no stove tops- possible brown gobbets of chicken the night before then chill- finish cooking on site, possibly in roasting oven, if nessisary. How many roasting ovens available for this? Possible call for roasting ovens needed if not enough.

Tomorrow make spread sheet for prep time/ cook time for all dishes / equipment/ prep surfaces available. Start with pre-prep like candied items to the end of clean up.

I go crash now.
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After work tonight I'm commuting over the Dragon's Lair- instead of bussing home and driving around I'm hopping a van pool with a coworker and taking the ferry across. R said he will come and pick me up after the meeting and site visit. I must remember to email him at least the name of the site, if not the address too.

I will be bringing a couple of copies of the source material as well as the most current version of the menu. Oh, and I must remember to finish checking in with a couple of memebers of the culinary guild about whether they would like to be in charge of a specific dish (e.g. the bread artist doing the fabulous nut bread, the all around can do any period food lady possibly making the homemade noodles for the lasagne), and see if anyone wants to come over this weekend to play with candying orange peels and sauces.

Our fabulous candy fairy evaria  is sadly unable to make it due to previous commitments, but we will think of her fondly and soldier on! 
Anyone interested in fiddling with culinary bits, just hanging out and being social while others do so (or even working on other projects and being social) are very welcome to stop by. At this point I'm thinking Saturday anytime after 10AM- that way if we get a lot done I can actually spend Sunday lounging like a lizard, and if not I can bust more bottom. Email me at raphaellad at yahoo dot come if you would like the address. 

Thank goodness the house is pretty clean- I just have to clean the bathroom and convince R that dishes should not be stored in the sink (ew!). 
Here are the recipes we will be focusing on this weekend: 
CXXX To make a good and delicate dish of oranges These are a definate go- I'm just not sure on what exactly a serving size should be for this. Meat, veggies, starches, even cakes and pies are easy, but how much of each comfit should I plan for each person? 
CXXXI To make a chopped orange dish in another way candied orange peels- only chopped and cooked until almost hard- I think the extra dried ones may work for this. :) 

III. "Agliata", roasted garlic sauce. Garlic with garlic
XVII Perfect strong sauce ginger, cinnamon, cloves, breadcrumbs, and vinegar. 

I already worked on the sauces again here: http://ayeshadream.livejournal.com/235813.html
Now I just need to make them again in bulk. 
I may give this a quick run through too, and see if a version of pastry crust will work well.
XXXVIII Lasagne A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices.

All of these recipes currently come from a single source the Anonimo Veneziano and I'm currently working from the translation found here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

There is also an online version still in Italian here: http://staff-www.uni-marburg.de/~gloning/frati.htm
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Per Cominciare:

Frutte & Formaggio - Fruits & cheese
Pane de noxe - A rich bread with walnuts & spices
Ove plene  - Stuffed eggs

 Primo Servizio

Ambrosino: Chicken with dried fruit, almond milk and verjuice, sweet and sour (possibly adding a vegan version)
Panicata - Millet polenta- This is probably getting switched out for rice w/ saffron, still vegan
Rapa armata - Turnips with cheese

 Secondo Servizio

Arrosto - Pork  roast with two sauces on the side
Agliata - Roasted garlic sauce
Savore rinforzato – Strong Sauce of  ginger, cinnamon, cloves, breadcrumbs, and vinegar.
Panini con burro – Bread rolls & butter
Torta de herbe – A tart of spinach & other greens with cheese. 

 Terzo Servizio  

Lasagne - A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices. 
Ranciata - Candied orange peels
Confetti - Various comfits. 

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm running in mud- I don't seem to get very far and it's very exhausting. Next week I'm going to be making and putting up the sauces in bulk, chopping and bagging all of the dried fruits that will go into the Ambrosino and starting the candied orange peels. I'm going to see if I can get in touch with someone who does amazing homemade bread and talk them into doing the Pane de noxe for me in bulk. I'm also going to see if someone wants to take on the fresh noodles for the sweet lasagne dish, and specifically ask people in the DL culinary guild who I know are awesome at specific things if they would be willing to take lead on specific dishes. I know they are awesome in general, but often people seem to respond better to a more specific request- like "you there, you make a rockin' armored turnip- want to throw down for candlemas"? 

I'm still trying to figure out how to best make the sergentry meeting work at Ursulmas- it looks like to get meeting space we may wind up getting bumped to Sunday, but enough people day trip I'm concerned that we may loose people we really could use input from - but we will have to make due with what's available. There is a small chance that If the coronets sharing the baronial pavilion wouldn't mind we could maybe, possibly have it there- whenever there is a break in the schedule. I was brainstorming and suggested maybe we could have a dinner meeting just off site, but that didn't seem to be any interest in that either.
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Here are some more pictures of The Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, there will be more interior shots to follow. As well as one decent canal shot. I just love, love, love, love, love venice.
Behind cut to save my f-list )I'm starting the serious push testing recipes for candlemas now, so that that I'll (hopefully) be ahead of the curve on any needed menu changes. I've already made some changes and now I'm debating where to start. Maybe I'll do the sauces, the rice dish, and a small roast tonight, although that may mean a late dinner. I've now got 5 sauce to choose from and I think I may test them all then eliminate maybe one or two- all the ones I've tried are all really, really good.
XIV Ciuiro* (civet) or sauce black to ash gray for boar
III. "Agliata", roasted garlic sauce.
LIX Genuine pepper sauce
LXVII Perfect strong sauce
LXIX White ginger sauce for capons

I put together the information part of the documentation - the original Italian and English translation of the recipe, and have started with the bones of my redactions. Some of these I have done before (this is one of my favorite sources) and some I will be exploring for the first time.  I'm not entering it, but I think this will be a good exercise for me, and I like having the information all in one place. Altogether it runs almost 5 pages, and it will get longer as I add in more detailed redactions for each one. At this point they just have the basic ingredients that I gleaned from the original. I was pondering how much is too much, as far as information goes, but I guess in this case it's really for my own pleasure. I was also thinking of having copies available in case any of the participants might be interested. Any thoughts? If you came to a feast would you be interested in a handout of the source material and redactions? 
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Formaddio e frutta
LVIII Marvelous and good walnut bread a rich bread with walnuts & spices
Fruit & cheese
possibly additional Rolls & butter

IV. Ambrosino good and perfect and such. Chicken with dried fruit, almond milk and verjuice, sweet and sour
LV Millet polenta with verjuice - a grain dish with almond milk- calls for it to be served with goose but is vegan by itself.
LXV Armored turnips - Turnips with cheese

LXVI Good and perfectly optimal roast in sweet/sour sauce - Pork loin roast. Slice roast and finish cooking in sauce of white wine, vinegar, chopped dates, pine nuts and raisins.
LXI A good way for rice Vegan with almond milk
CII Scallion or onion tart etc. Scallion or onion, boiled to remove bitterness, with eggs, cheese and saffron.

XXXVIII Lasagne A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices.
CXXX To make a good and delicate dish of oranges I got a request for candied orange peels- and here's the recipe! :) 
CXXXI To make a chopped orange dish in another way candied orange peels- only chopped and cooked until almost hard
Also, possibly more fruit & cheese and various comfits, candied almonds and fennel seeds.  

Now I'm wondering if I've cut it down too much. Does this sound too sparse, and I should add some more things back in? I could either do an additional dish or two per course and / or add one more course.

Here are some options to add back in:
LXII Fried ravioli, etc. - meat dumplings with cheese currents, sumac and other spices
XXIV Apple fritters for lent. - Vegan
XXXV Herbatella, a herb omelet, etc. Vegitarian if alternate for lard is used
XXXVI Herb omelet in lent. Vegan
XLVII Stuffed eggs  Historical  "deviled eggs" tasty- and visually familar for people nervous about period food.
XLIX Hen pastry Chicken pie
LI Optimal pork pastry alternate pork pie

Since both of the meat dishes already have sauces integrated I didn't do sauces on the side, but this manuscript has some great ones, many of while I've already redacted. I'm considering making at least some of the pork loin with all sauces on the side so those who are sauce weenies can still have meat and there will be a lot more favor variety.

All of these recipes currently come from a single source the Anonimo Veneziano and I'm currently working from the translation found here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

There is also an online version still in Italian here: http://staff-www.uni-marburg.de/~gloning/frati.htm
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I'm going to stick it behind a cut, because it's one full course in both Italian and English from two separate days (August 15, & August 25th)- so it's long. I think I will leave out some of the less food-weenie safe foods like tongue for example- but I think either one of these slightly modifed would be totally do-able. So far I'm cooking for about 15 people and if my fracking oven gets fixed soon (it died just before autumn war), then I plan to do meat pies with cheese and fresh fruit for lunch. 

I think I may cherry pick from both menus and come up with something nice, fairly seasonally appropriate (granted, I realize there is some seasonal shift between here and Venice, both then and currently), and something that would be reasonable to do at a camping event. We've tested the ham boiled, shredded, served with capers and sugar- but in the earlier menu it called for the capers to be in a bitter orange sauce. That was really, really yummy. As there has been a specific request for a starch dish with dinner, I think I may  have Italian rice as well. I'm going to try to test the rice and the ham as boil in bag recipes (separately, we have someone who can eat rice, but no meat except seafood). I think I can also do the marzipan and other deserty items in advance. So the day of I'll be throwing salads together, cutting up fruit, and warming things up and that's pretty much it. Breakfast will be made fresh, but the rest will be pre-cooked as much as possible.

I think I need to get a more modern seal-a-meal and pizelle maker, if I'm not threatened with floggings for bringing yet more kitchen stuff into the house. :)

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Thank you everyone for you well wishes about the new bathroom turning into a fountain. They sent someone out to fix the leak yesterday, and today they will be sending someone out to repair the damage it caused. I was so happy to at least have one room done remodeling, I guess I jumped the gun. :) 

I last night Slysidonia came over, and amidst hanging out and chatting we finished testing both versions of Jannaniyya (the Gardener's dish), and I think it turned out really well. I just have trouble remembering to write down what I've done while I'm doing it. :)
I took this in a totally different direction than the one previously done. I interpreted these as being almost like crust-less quiche.The summer/fall version with all the gourd/ firm squash, eggplant, and cucumber was nice, with lots of textures and flavors, but the spring version was fabulous. They are both vegetarian but not vegan, and hardy enough that I think even the carnivores would be satisfied. 

I hope they like what I've come up with, if so it may wind up in the next Fudal Gourmet pamphlet. :) Unfortunately since they may be possibly including it in the upcoming pamphlet I won't be sharing the full redaction here. 

Here is the original text though, so you can see where I started and what you think of my quiche-esk interpretation. :) 

I had some of the left overs for breakfast to test how it would be reheated, still yummy!
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 Someone posted looking for information on Saxons, but not Anglo-Saxons so I asked for more specific. I looked around some more and found this link-o-rama: 
If it sounds like something they can use I'll pass it on, if not I'll keep looking but I just wanted to post it here so I don't lose it.  

Foodie links so I don't lose them: 
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So, this was the longest time off that wasn't necessitated by illness that I've had in far, far too long. :) 

I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work. 
Wednesday: I ran around doing errands, shopping, and finishing up whatever packing I hadn't done the night before. Isebel got there later than expected as even though she had stayed late the previous two nights to get her work done she was asked to stay to help others who hadn't. :P~~~  I really didn't think that everything was going to be able to fit into her little new bug, but the little bugger has way more room than I had thought. Wow. We drove up to Goditha's and had no problem crossing the border. I know it's always easier going into Canada than home, but still. I attribute it to I's bubbly blond-ness that she does so well. 

Border gard: What's the reason for your trip? 
Isebel and I: Girl's weekend 
Border gard: are you bringing anything with you, other than the cake? < points to the catering stuff I have in the back that contains everything_but_ a cake>
Isebel: Oh, we're eating that. < cocked head innocent look, complete with boobalicious shirt> 
Border gard: Carry on then. 
You'd never know that she's got a degree in German with a specialization in linguistics, sometime I think she likes it when people underestimate her. When she whips out the brains behind the blondness it's amazing.
Get there, get everything into the fridge or freezer as needed, then crash out. 

Shopping in the sari district! Wow, just wow. I told myself that I'd be good any not add to the mountain of fabric I'm going have to move, unless it was so good that I'd be willing ot get rid of something else in it's place. I found some absolutely gorgeous red and gold brocade with an absolutely perfect pattern. Isebel got two very interesting pair of shoes both with very unusual wooden heels. Fabric, shoes, and awesome indian food for a late brunch- it doesn't get much better than that. 

On the way "home" we stopped at the super store and I just wish there were one of those near me. Great selection, great prices, and the international sections were very impressive. 
We wound up the night with me sewing more on the fabulous new dress that I didn't actually manage to get finished in time, and watching one of my all time favorite movies, Herold and Maude. 

Friday there was list making, baking and frantically trying to get to site. Goditha had a brilliant method of keeping foods hot when traveling to a potluck, etc about 1-2 hours away- she heated up bricks in the oven then wrapped them in towels and put them in a box with the food. I think it worked perfectly. I was terrified that I would be late as we left about 20 minutes later than planned. Isebel mostly was patient with my panic-yness. Once I got on site and loaded stuff up on a hand cart, the Dragon's Lair posse kicked in and were awesome about getting the rest of the things from the, and arranging things artfully on platters. Mad props to Talon and lilcindylouwho most especially. 
I think all the food went over well. The meatballs were hoovered, as I knew they would be. The samosas were well recieved also. Alienora once again supplied her fabulous homemade cheese to round things out. I may have gone just a bit overboard with the middle eastern sweets, but all in all I'm pretty happy with it. 

I was so very busy all day Saturday, I didn't get to see any court but I enjoyed learning. I've got a little list of all the things I will need to make sure are in order before I completely run my first Costumer's Guild contest all on my own: 
Bring laptop- possibly with pre-existing spreadsheet and forms, if not I can make my own. 
Calculator, as it just makes things easier
envelopes! Get a box of them, and stamps for good measure. 
Compile list of all kingdom and baronial newsletters for possible announcement publication- advertisement needs to be kicked up. 
Angus and his lady were starving so I fed them, and Angus plated all the food while I ran back down for one final check in, and to get stitched into my gown. I finally ran away to do the final touched on my apprenticing shin-dig, and do the final room-tidy. 
I'm really happy about how the food turned out for both parties, although with infinite time and resources I would loved for both of them to have been waaaaaaay more elaborate. 
My apprenticing ceremony was awesome, and my new apprentice siblings are so amazingly fabulous! Randy played harold and read out the text of my scroll (both sides were the same so of course he just read one) after Melusine, Isolde (our witness) and I all signed both sides. There are parts of it I've been thinking about discussing more here, but this post is already long enough. The scroll was based on an Italian legal document (with Illumination no less!) that Ursula in her delightful evilness pointed out to me and the text was slightly modified from a late period contract of indenture. I'll have to try to get a picture and post it here. Annika is an amazing scribe (thank you annika!) as well as seamstress, Sebstian, apart from the mad rapier skills is a self proclaimed "clothes stallion", and Genevieve is a sweetheart.   There was much great conversation, and Par-tay! I think I wound up putting about 5 pounds of cheese back into the cooler at the end, most of it brie. I think I may have over-done the cheese, just a bit.
Sunday was a total blur. 
Apologies again to A&L for forgetting some of the catering stuff. I was so slammed Saturday I just didn't get a chance and by the time I was moving on Sunday you were gone. :( 

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Monday (night): 
Call Goditha- Done (need to call back though, I missed her so she just emailed me the first round of info).
Buy cheese, check I/A/M/ME - (got cheese still need to go to I/A/M/ME grocery)
Contractor coming to sign paperwork for more remodeling- Done
Finish Venetians (pleat waistband) finish hand sewing bodice on Venetian gown- finished bodice 
Wash all clothing for weekend that needs it - Done
(addition- dinner & hanging out with slysidonia) :) - Done :)

go to I/A/M/ME grocery, for lamb, if they don't have enough check halal grocery in Northgate
Organize outfits by day, including all undies and accessories- started- need to pack washed undies, etc.
List & organize serving ware, all dishes , cooking times, needed ingredients for each
Make sure I have all needles, threads, thimbles, etc to finish hand sewing skirt and pants
Visit Leanne? Bring Venetians to sew while there?

Wednesday- errand day: 
Call cash and carry before driving there. May be able to eliminate step, may make own damn pastry shells.
Costco- tartlett shells if they have them, antipasto- pickled asparagus, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, etc. 
Possibly cash & carry in Everett - tartlett shells for tart de brie & apricot tarts for apprenticing party
Pick up pastries from Iranian bakery. 
Pack once Isebel gets to my place- drive to Canadaland

Can't forget to pack: 
Passport- just in case
Food for B's Vigil- Middle Eastern
Heraldic bench for B's vigil
Food for my Par-tay French/ Italian 
New dress- if it's done
Pins for wimple & veil  
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After the cooking frenzy for T-day, I'm going to start testing recipes for 12th night. These will be for my apprenticing par-tay, and depending on how well they work possibly for B's vigil as well. I haven't totally hammered out what I'm going to do so here are some options that look really good to me: 

Stuffed eggs (French or Italian version)
Mushroom Pastez (French)
Fish day rissoles- essentially tiny fruit pies (French)
Spinich tarts? (French)
Marzipan danties (Italian)
Cherry cheese tarts (Italian)
Toledo cheese pie (Spanish)
Tarts of dried apricots (Spanish)
Torta in Balconata- Multilayered fruit&nut tart(Italian- Venetian)
Jordon almonds, candied fennel & possibly quince paste &/or candied
orange or lemon peel.   
I'm also thinking about bringing a crockpot to have meatballs in the room as well, incase this is dinner for some. I may actually do a crockpot roast from a period recipe, but only if it looks like M and the new apprentice sybs may have time and desire to have a sit down dinner. If so I'll also bake some bread ahead of time too.  

Anyone want to help me test recipes? 

I think for T-day I'm going to make anyone of these that strikes my fancy when I leave work today at 2 (they're being super nice and paroling us early) to go shopping, get packed and maybe go gaming before heading south. 
Cherry cheese tarts (Italian)
Toledo cheese pie (Spanish)
16th century apple pie (English) 
Cherry lace torte - family recipe

This will also be a good trial run for at least a couple of the recipes, but I still need to decide if for 12th night I'm going to try to get little pre-made tart shells or just make lots, and lots of my own. :)
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The garlic sauce recipe came from a translation of Libro di cucina/ Libro per cuoco (14th/15th c.)  (Anonimo Veneziano), which you can oogle here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

III. "Agliata", roasted garlic sauce.
Agliata to serve with every meat.  Take a bulb of garlic and roast it under the coals (substitute an oven in the current middle ages).  Grind the roasted garlic and mix with ground raw garlic, bread crumbs and sweet spices.  Mix with broth, put into a pan and let it boil a little before serving warm. 

My version: 
Take two heads (not clove, whole head) of fresh garlic. Cut off just the tops and wrap in tinfoil with a little water.  Roast on a cookie sheet for about 45- 60 minutes at 350. Once cooled squeeze out of skin, thow out skins. Add 1/4 cup fresh raw garlic chopped or crushed, blend in either food processor or blender until perfectly smooth. Add liquid* and bread crumbs until desired consistency is achieved.  
The original manuscript calls for broth, I've used both chicken or beef, and have also made a tasty vegetarian alternative with either vegi broth, or vinegar which adds a slight back-kick to the in your face garlic flavor. I'd start with adding 1/4 cup of both the liquid of your choice and the bread crumbs and keep going with one or the other until its the thickness you'd like. You can either make this quite pasty or fairly liquid. If it needs to travel you can also make up the paste and add the liquid on-site. 

Serves 4 garlic lovers or up to 8 flavor weenies. :) Also great made in big batches. I used about 10 heads and went more heavy on the raw crushed garlic for the wedding and it served 100 with about 1/4 cup left over. For my brother's wedding I used about 4 heads, and one of the attendees decided it was a great chip-dip. You won't have the most romantic breath after eating it, but you probably won't get sick for at least a week either.

Honeyed carrots: 
I can't remember the original sources, just that I saw a recipe for period carrots, the basic "take a goodly amount of carrots, cooke until they are don - add hony, butter and serve it forth" kind of a thing. :) I thought, HEY, I can do that and I need a tasty veggie, so I winged it. I can't believe we went through almost all 10 pounds. 

My version: 
This was for 100 people, so I'll put down what I did then break it down to smaller portions. 
10 lb baby carrots, peeled. It would have been nice to cut them into cute little rounds, but I was limited on time and help so I ran them through my food processor with the slicing attachment. It sliced most of them long way instead of little rounds, but it worked well. I decided to make these vegetarian friendly (but not vegan) so I cooked them in vegi broth until they were still firm but not raw. I added 1/2 stick of butter to each 5 pound pot, and honey to taste (probably about 1-2 cups. Let flavors combine, drain most of liquid and serve. 

Guesstimating for 6- 8 people, depending on how much they like veggies: 
1 pound baby peeled carrots,  3 cups broth (veggie, beef or chicken your choice), 1T butter, 1/4 cup honey (honey to taste, add some, test, add more if desired). 

This is really one of those dishes that is dependent on the individual cook, how done do you like your carrots, how sweet will you like them. It turns out even yummier than I had originally envisioned. :)
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The Chicken with cinnamon-orange sauce was judged a success last night. My only concern is that I want to pre-cook the chicken breasts as I won't have an oven on site. I was thinking of re-heating the sauce so at least that would be hot when served, I just don't want to over-cook the chicken as that's one of my culinary pet-peeves. When I have the money I plan on buying myself a seal-a-meal so it will be in boil in bags and I'm hoping less susceptible to drying out from re-heating. 

I'm also going to make the specialty bread and I think I'll give it a trial run tonight as  my bread making skills are a little rusty. 

The Jeep is mostly packed except for last minute stuff (feast basket, odds 'n ends) and the cooler which I may load empty tonight and just bring everything to it rather than tote it around full. I'm debating whether I should pack my little metal table & chair set in case I do wind up spending considerable time eric-side. Hmm, I'm guessing my barony will have a shade up, and I'm always happy to come with munchies.

I've got buttons to sew on one pair of Venetians (pants) and another pair that's only been (mostly) cut out. Finish cutting out waist band, stabilizing stitch to all edges then try to zip those up while the bread is rising and the big batch of sauce is condensing. 

All in all, I'm enjoying my world,  my friends, and that I've found a place where I can history and food geek out to my hearts content and it's not considered a negative. Happy time in geek-land.
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I thought for lunch I'd make something everyone can just grab 'n go. So with that in mind I think I've decided on a variation of a lombard patellum. I figured I should probably try it out tonight so I'm not springing something on everyone (including myself) that I hadn't done a test run of. I think I'll also try to bake them a head of time so people can just grab them from the cooler whenever they're ready. 

It looks so pretty, and it was tasty too ( I think I'll add cheese though). 
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 Tray(s) of meats & cheeses:
Ham (2 pounds? I'll see what looks good and if anything's on sale)
Roast beef (got one pound may get more)
Prosciutto (wound up being to pricey and not really fitting the theme anyway). 

specialty french cheese from CM (Mimolette ), and Gorgonzola. 

Goat's milk cheese rolled in a little EVOO & fresh (have about 16 oz cheese will roll there). Make sure I have EVOO and pepper grinder packed. 
Small sliced bread / crackers (Cater's water bisquits or similar, Lavosh, or similar)

Stuffed eggs (not specifically English, in fact they're Italian but they're darn good period finger food): 
Eggs, Marjoram, saffron, ricotta, EVOO, verjuice (I'm breaking into my personal stash of verjuice for this). 

Trays of sweets: 
Marzipan tarts (Fiamma) 
Applets & Cotlets (see if I can get them at this time of year, if not check the Indian grocery store to see if they have decent turkish delight).
Shrewsbery cakes 
dried apricots.& possibly dried apples, pears, prunes, dates, cherries? I'll see what looks good. 

fresh fruits (sliced apples, pears and grapes and pineapple) May wait until I get to oregon so they're not bruised.
Already have about 3 types of nice cheeses, baby brie, soft goat's milk feta, a little cevre. Fruits & cheese for Friday night's vigil too. 

Everything's period, and most of it's english, or at least was also had in England. I couldn't resist a few Italian touches that work well as finger foods.


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