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The Chicken with cinnamon-orange sauce was judged a success last night. My only concern is that I want to pre-cook the chicken breasts as I won't have an oven on site. I was thinking of re-heating the sauce so at least that would be hot when served, I just don't want to over-cook the chicken as that's one of my culinary pet-peeves. When I have the money I plan on buying myself a seal-a-meal so it will be in boil in bags and I'm hoping less susceptible to drying out from re-heating. 

I'm also going to make the specialty bread and I think I'll give it a trial run tonight as  my bread making skills are a little rusty. 

The Jeep is mostly packed except for last minute stuff (feast basket, odds 'n ends) and the cooler which I may load empty tonight and just bring everything to it rather than tote it around full. I'm debating whether I should pack my little metal table & chair set in case I do wind up spending considerable time eric-side. Hmm, I'm guessing my barony will have a shade up, and I'm always happy to come with munchies.

I've got buttons to sew on one pair of Venetians (pants) and another pair that's only been (mostly) cut out. Finish cutting out waist band, stabilizing stitch to all edges then try to zip those up while the bread is rising and the big batch of sauce is condensing. 

All in all, I'm enjoying my world,  my friends, and that I've found a place where I can history and food geek out to my hearts content and it's not considered a negative. Happy time in geek-land.
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I thought for lunch I'd make something everyone can just grab 'n go. So with that in mind I think I've decided on a variation of a lombard patellum. I figured I should probably try it out tonight so I'm not springing something on everyone (including myself) that I hadn't done a test run of. I think I'll also try to bake them a head of time so people can just grab them from the cooler whenever they're ready. 

It looks so pretty, and it was tasty too ( I think I'll add cheese though). 
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I need to make or get a food icon. 

Anyway, I've been working on gathering recipe & menu options for the Page's feast, but in the end I'm going to let them choose and just give them lots of choices (so there's not just casting about aimlessly, but they can pick from anything, really). 

In the meantime I've been looking at recipes for May Crown.

Oh, and one of the biostatisicians (he's Australian, very sweet and yummy) just stopped by my desk and brought me a little glass period looking jar of a spice he said is hard to get over here. He wrote down the names for me: Ajwain  Carum Copticum (syn. trachyspermum ammi). Anyone recognize it? It looks and tastes like caroway seeds.  


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