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Here are some more photos of my historical hair experiments. This is the prep that I have to do ahead of time to get it to do this:


The rest  are behind the cut, if I can get it to work.

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So, I've been insanely busy, but at the AQ social meeting on Tuesday I managed to catch up with all of the major contributors to the festivities.

A&S will be there afternoonish on Friday with the tubs of Baronial fabric for draping. They will also be the head of team dance with the Bouncing Baron (aka Trahern). While they don't have the specific dances hammered out yet, I've pretty much got a dream team who have done countless balls before so I'm just going to let them spin. I'm still hoping for live period music, but they haven't gotten solid confirmations back yet. The one who was really excited about playing will be sitting vigil (not for a friend, his vigil) and so naturally that would be rather difficult. :)

I received a tentative menu which makes me a very happy camper ( I was getting just a bit nervous. B&F have also done full on feasts before, this will just be nibblies, and I have great respect and confidence in them both. I can't wait to see how it turns out, everything on the menu sounds wonderful. I do need to get ahold of the lady doing the cake subtlety as they've asked that I make sure it's clear that the feast food crew won't be cleaning up after the cake.

The miniature tableaus of the 7 deadly sins are about 1/2 done, and she says it's the hard ones she did first. Whoohooo!

The lovely Mort is handling the decorations and I plan on getting there as soon as possible on either Thursday night, or first thing Friday morning to help.

The only thing still hanging in the breeze is figuring out the best way to get the invitations / flyers printed. I can take them to the local Kinko's but that's definitely not the most cost effective way, and I'd like to make as little financial impact as possible. I'd like to have them done in advance so they can be distributed to all of the various hotels and passed out to everyone who checks in Thursday and Friday with an SCA room.
Hmmm, maybe I can pick Mr. Foxxy's brain and see if I could send someone either an attachement with the files to be printed, or figure out where to print them and mail the completed ones to someone who's going down even earlier than I am.


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