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Tonight is session # 2 in which we actually start playing. W00t! I believe I have all of my character information in order now, so I won't feel like I'm holding everyone up. It will be so nice to start getting my gaming fix again regularly. I've been missing it.

For dinner this week? Another batch of barley stew, this time with lamb and lots of garlic and herbs. Mostly a period recipe with extra herbs they didn't call for (but they had) and I couldn't resist tossing in. My friends may be sick of it by Banner War, but at least I've got different social groups to inflict my various test batches on. So far everyone's loved it, but I'm nervous about when it will be time to cook for 150.
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I think we got a really good start. I admit being way too sleepy and having had far to long a hiatus from character building made things go much slower (my fault, not the GM's) than usual. I feel like I bogged everything down, and hereby promise to have all of my little duckies in a row before our next session. I will be playing a female freedom fighter who's being incognito as she's been press ganged into service on a republican ship.

I think time permitting I will try to cook something for each of our sessions, preferably trying out a new period recipe each week. The leftovers from the dish I tested for the first time this week went over really well. Although I'm not sure if they were just being nice, and gamers in a feeding frenzy will eat just about anything. :)

Who knows I may join the dark side and give the Cam another go to. More gaming geekiness and another costuming venue, not that I need additional sewing projects at least until after 12th night.
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I tried out a fabulous period recipe last night courtesy of one of the food goddesses of the Madrone Culinary Guild. This may be used for the baronial banquet, and possibly added to the next pamphlet so I won't post the recipe. I have been given permission to give a general description though, so you can drool then go make reservations. :)

BTW, does anyone have an e-mail address or link to who I need to contact to make reservations for the banquet?

Lombard Rice w/pullets & sausage

It's a many layered dish, like lasagna, only the layers are italian rice, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, chicken, salami, cinnamon and sugar. It came out very, very tastey.

I think I'll bring the leftovers to gaming tonight. It's a star wars based game I've never played before. I'll mix my history food geekiness with my gaming geekiness and the will be much joy in geekland!


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