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Saturday was supporting a friend & sewing day. We hung out, had much girl talk and I managed to get the back portion of my green Venetian cartridge pleated. Now I just have to finish the front portion (which being side back laced is three times the amount of fabric as the back). I also need to get the sleeves sorted out still and I will be well on my way! I need a new gown. I also need to figure out the neckline on my camica. It's buggered up and I just hate ripping out hand stitching.

We also played some cheapass games TM I had never played before and had oodles of fun. There should be more game nights!! Perhaps Fridays when there are no events? I'm still missing the D&D, or Call of Cthulu sessions, but perhaps sometime this winter a group will present itself (or I'll offer my place to those more skilled at running such things as I would like to play but I'm not sure if I'm up to DM'ing).

Sunday I went to watch another friend play Hockey, and cheer her on. She plays in a co-ed league and even though she's likely the smallest person I saw on the ice she definitely held her own. There were some issues with the other team's sportsmanship, and the ref's failure to notice, but definitely worth going to support a friend. They have to play this team again next week, so if I'm able I'm going to try to get as many people as possibel to come along with.


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