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This is just a list to myself for the last bits of freshness I need to get- mostly on Friday before the event. The cheeses I may get tonight. All the nitty-gritty details behind cut as a courtesy.
Need to put out an additonal call to the list for apple corers/ slicers- the kind that cuts apples into 8ths and cores at the same time. I'm worried about roasters now too- we need 4 optimally and 2 are on the fritz.

Shopping and task list reminders based on menu )Have I mentioned that it takes a village to cook a feast? Just look at the preliminary list of mad talent- Margaret on the piggy roast, Renart on the cheesy 'neeps, Rycheza's noodly skills, and that's just the beginning.  I love playing with other foodies, they are good people. That hell's kitchen guy is an aberration and a freak! The rest of us feel and share the love! 
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6 commercial sized convection ovens.
Large full sized standing warmer - to hold hot foods in safety zone (potentially useful for Veggie tarts, maybe others)
8 outlets in kitchen-
space in front that will be curtained off has 13 heavy duty outlets - for roasting ovents and rice cookers? 

Ask Mort- about how many roasting ovens needed for roasts & serving ware

If unable to get serving ware in time -talk to E about borrowing.
Check in with HL R about noodles- if not then plan alternate. If not homemade, keep dish? Test alternate friday or saturday if not confirmed.  Just heard back, she's going to give it a try! This will be awesome! I already have the walnuts. Noodle-y goodness!
ask guild list if they have industrial tin foil, who all plans on coming- call out for rice cookers

Autocrat to verify that we can use their pans as long as we leave them clean.

Changes to menu- ask Oonah if she thinks she can do walnut bread- need to know by end of week. If not, switch for sliced artisan to accompany fruit, cheese and stuffed eggs.

Work around for no stove tops- possible brown gobbets of chicken the night before then chill- finish cooking on site, possibly in roasting oven, if nessisary. How many roasting ovens available for this? Possible call for roasting ovens needed if not enough.

Tomorrow make spread sheet for prep time/ cook time for all dishes / equipment/ prep surfaces available. Start with pre-prep like candied items to the end of clean up.

I go crash now.
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After work tonight I'm commuting over the Dragon's Lair- instead of bussing home and driving around I'm hopping a van pool with a coworker and taking the ferry across. R said he will come and pick me up after the meeting and site visit. I must remember to email him at least the name of the site, if not the address too.

I will be bringing a couple of copies of the source material as well as the most current version of the menu. Oh, and I must remember to finish checking in with a couple of memebers of the culinary guild about whether they would like to be in charge of a specific dish (e.g. the bread artist doing the fabulous nut bread, the all around can do any period food lady possibly making the homemade noodles for the lasagne), and see if anyone wants to come over this weekend to play with candying orange peels and sauces.

Our fabulous candy fairy evaria  is sadly unable to make it due to previous commitments, but we will think of her fondly and soldier on! 
Anyone interested in fiddling with culinary bits, just hanging out and being social while others do so (or even working on other projects and being social) are very welcome to stop by. At this point I'm thinking Saturday anytime after 10AM- that way if we get a lot done I can actually spend Sunday lounging like a lizard, and if not I can bust more bottom. Email me at raphaellad at yahoo dot come if you would like the address. 

Thank goodness the house is pretty clean- I just have to clean the bathroom and convince R that dishes should not be stored in the sink (ew!). 
Here are the recipes we will be focusing on this weekend: 
CXXX To make a good and delicate dish of oranges These are a definate go- I'm just not sure on what exactly a serving size should be for this. Meat, veggies, starches, even cakes and pies are easy, but how much of each comfit should I plan for each person? 
CXXXI To make a chopped orange dish in another way candied orange peels- only chopped and cooked until almost hard- I think the extra dried ones may work for this. :) 

III. "Agliata", roasted garlic sauce. Garlic with garlic
XVII Perfect strong sauce ginger, cinnamon, cloves, breadcrumbs, and vinegar. 

I already worked on the sauces again here: http://ayeshadream.livejournal.com/235813.html
Now I just need to make them again in bulk. 
I may give this a quick run through too, and see if a version of pastry crust will work well.
XXXVIII Lasagne A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices.

All of these recipes currently come from a single source the Anonimo Veneziano and I'm currently working from the translation found here: http://www.geocities.com/helewyse/libro.html

There is also an online version still in Italian here: http://staff-www.uni-marburg.de/~gloning/frati.htm
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Per Cominciare:

Frutte & Formaggio - Fruits & cheese
Pane de noxe - A rich bread with walnuts & spices
Ove plene  - Stuffed eggs

 Primo Servizio

Ambrosino: Chicken with dried fruit, almond milk and verjuice, sweet and sour (possibly adding a vegan version)
Panicata - Millet polenta- This is probably getting switched out for rice w/ saffron, still vegan
Rapa armata - Turnips with cheese

 Secondo Servizio

Arrosto - Pork  roast with two sauces on the side
Agliata - Roasted garlic sauce
Savore rinforzato – Strong Sauce of  ginger, cinnamon, cloves, breadcrumbs, and vinegar.
Panini con burro – Bread rolls & butter
Torta de herbe – A tart of spinach & other greens with cheese. 

 Terzo Servizio  

Lasagne - A sweet pasta dish, lasagne noodles with ground walnuts, sugar and spices. 
Ranciata - Candied orange peels
Confetti - Various comfits. 

Lately, I've been feeling like I'm running in mud- I don't seem to get very far and it's very exhausting. Next week I'm going to be making and putting up the sauces in bulk, chopping and bagging all of the dried fruits that will go into the Ambrosino and starting the candied orange peels. I'm going to see if I can get in touch with someone who does amazing homemade bread and talk them into doing the Pane de noxe for me in bulk. I'm also going to see if someone wants to take on the fresh noodles for the sweet lasagne dish, and specifically ask people in the DL culinary guild who I know are awesome at specific things if they would be willing to take lead on specific dishes. I know they are awesome in general, but often people seem to respond better to a more specific request- like "you there, you make a rockin' armored turnip- want to throw down for candlemas"? 

I'm still trying to figure out how to best make the sergentry meeting work at Ursulmas- it looks like to get meeting space we may wind up getting bumped to Sunday, but enough people day trip I'm concerned that we may loose people we really could use input from - but we will have to make due with what's available. There is a small chance that If the coronets sharing the baronial pavilion wouldn't mind we could maybe, possibly have it there- whenever there is a break in the schedule. I was brainstorming and suggested maybe we could have a dinner meeting just off site, but that didn't seem to be any interest in that either.


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