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Got yet more work done on the house last night. It's coming together but we are in desperate need of more kitchen storage. I'm not sure when we'll be able to make it to Ikea, but it is definitely in our future. After feeling slightly grumpy all week that I'd come home from work and work on the house all night while Mr.Man played computer games I prodded him last night to really work on the mountain of laundry and put away dishes, etc while I worked on the rest of the kitchen. We got a lot done and at the end of the night had a long talk. All is well- traa laa. :)

I've gotten some offers for classes already for Culinary Symposium in 2010! Master Ref (viking_food_guy) is working up some new Viking age goodness, HL Eulalia de Ravensfeld (shadowdryad) has some awesome ideas on food for the working classes, Anne Marie (ornerie) will be teaching something fabulous, and I've gotten at least one out of Kingdom offer as well.

This one from Dame Alys Katharine from the Middle actually made me Squee out loud this morning!!
1. Making Comfits - Hands on, need stove with 2 burners. Would need to borrow some equipment (wok, small pan, etc.). Time is 1-1.5 hours and might need to be limited in actual participants. Handouts.

2. Cookery at Hampton Court and With Ivan Day - 1 hour; a look at DVD photos of three courses I have taken, cookery I've watched. Would need some way to show photos from DVD. (My notebook is only 9" wide.)

3. The Banquet Course and Sugar Sculptures - probably 1 hour. What items constituted the banquet course; handout with lists, selected recipes (about 60) and bibliography. DVD of sugar sculpture (Ivan Day, Peter Brears) from an exhibit in York, England. Would need some way to show photos from DVD.

4. Possibly one on selected pastry/dough from course at Ivan Day's and demonstration at Hampton Court.

5. Could do a basic course in sugar paste (but I think you have folk out there who can do it as well).

I've also got an offer for the oaken cooks symposium in April to fly into Detroit, stay with one of my long distance foodie inspirations and commute with her back and forth to the event! This actually makes it do-able so I'm looking into what I might be able to get flights for. http://orcs.freehostia.com/
It looks like I can currently get a flight with one stop for as low as 326, or nonstop for 481. I'll have to look at the budget and ponder on it, but I really want to go, if even only to hang out and get to meet Elewyse!
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Last weekend's Culinary Symposium was a blast! I drove down with two friends and even the long ride down was fun! The food was delicious and perfect. P3H had lots of fun making a fort out of our bunk beds, and we claimed the cabin for Venice (I happend to have a flag in my bag). The Roman Class I took may be one of my all time favorites. I just love how she not only talked about the food, but where the food came from, the context it played in their lives and culture.

I also got to play with sausage making and used the funnel like implement (sausage hand stuffer) to make my sausages which was oodles of fun. I still might want to get the sausage attachment for my Kitchen Aid, but it was cool doing it by hand too.

One of the ladies there mentioned that her husband is Sicilian, and as he grew up there is a native speaker and I was delighted to share my Italian research books with him and thrilled that he seemed to just dive in. I believe it was their second or third event and it was wonderful to see how much they and their young daughter took to it all. :)

We're already jazzed up for next year, and Margaret and I are already plotting. One of the gentlmen down south is also interested in autocratting and has found a site he feels will be absolutely perfect.

We're hoping to do site visits to the potential sites as soon as possible, but at this point it may need to wait until after the holidays. We are looking at a Girlscout Camp, and a state park's enviromental learning center.

The teacher round up has begun! If you would like to teach, or know anyone you'd like to learn from please let myself or Margaret/ Mort know. :)
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It's been requested that we look at earlier in November for next year's date. To go earlier we'd need to be the first weekend, November 5-7th, 2010 and it looks like the only AnTir conflict so far is a potential Crown Council.  However, In the West, next year's calendar isn't up yet, but this year that weekend is Cynagua / Mists War. In Caid, I couldn't find next year's calendar but on this year's that weekend is Coronation. 

Any suggestions or thoughts on what might work better for people? I won't really start things rolling until after this years Symposium, but I wanted to start thinking about everyone's calendars if we want to make this workable for people outside of AnTir as well.

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This year's Culinary Symposium hasn't even come and gone yet, but I'm thinking of Organizing next years.  I went to a non-SCA function out at Millislyvannia State Park and I think that it might be a great site for this event. The cabin capacity is only 150 people, but there are RV accommodationsavailable, either for just parking, or parking and hook up and there was quite a bit of interest in that last year (but unfortunately it wasn't available at the otherwise wonderful previous site).

This site is in the Olympia area, and I believe had long ago been the site for Madrone's Staggering Hedgehog events.

Millersylvania Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is a reservable rental facility for groups of up to 150 people. The ELC includes a dining hall/ kitchen, 19 sleeping cabins, two restrooms/ showers, one amphitheater, one private swim area, eight canoes, two rowboats, three ballfields, plus a volleyball and a horseshoe court. Prices vary depending on size of the group. For information or reservations, call the ELC office at 360-902-8600 or toll free at (800) 360-4240.

The current numbers look workable, but it would be more than what we expect for a typical camping event, but we would be providing sleeping accommodations in cabins. It would be 9.58 per person, per night, and 3.50 per day for those not sleeping over. I imagine we would also be arranging food so that students wouldn't have to worry about it, or leave site to eat and could focus on the classes offered. I'm thinking the overall site fee with cabin and food included for the weekend will need to be around $70, but more number crunching still needs to happen. Day Trip fee would be 50?

I just sent a tentative message out to the B&B of that area as well since the site is in their lands, and I want to make sure they're okay with someone outside their group planning an event in their area.

Here are some reviews of the site
And some further information: 

Now I just have to wait to hear back from Glymm Mere, and send an email to the nice park ranger to arrange a site visit if it's a go.

Should I change the date? Is there a date that would work better for everyone? The original one was chosen because of the difficulty finding a date that had no other schedule conflicts and a site available. :) 

So just looking into an idea still at this point, nothing is even set in tissue paper yet, much less stone. It's still more than a year away.
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Lots of reminders and updates- please read if you are attending, or are interested in attending. Due to some last minute cancellations we now have available spaces in closed but unheated units.

Clicky for all of the information & tentative feast menu )
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There is just so much coolness on this site I'll have to break it up in chunks. Here is the first set, which is the yurt village where we may wind up doing the bulk of the outdoor cooking over fire. There is a large shelter where we can add a large fire box (so long as we're careful to bank the coals in the fire place first and not mark the ceiling) in addition to the double chimney brick hearth fireplaces that are there. 

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Please checkout Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)'s class offerings on the forums. She's hoping to get some feedback to her post on the forums, and while lots of people have looked no one's commented so far. 

You can find it here: 

Here is the text, but please click on the linky above and give her your response there. Many thanks!

Dear Cooks:

I'm coming up from the San Francisco Bay Area for the symposium. And besides taking classes, i'm planning to teach.

Please let me know what sort of classes people would be most interested in, in relation to food from al-Andalus to Persia.

-- a general survey of cuisines of the Near and Middle East - there are surviving cookbooks from the 9th through the 16th centuries.

-- a lecture class on Ottoman Palace cuisine, for which we have some surviving recipes.

-- a focus on some other aspect of Near and Middle Eastern cuisines - just let me know what in particular.

-- if actually cooking is of interest, we could prepare a small meal of around 4 dishes - let me know if there are any particular ingredients, dishes, or cultures you'd like to try.

I'm all excited about coming up to visit and now i'm actually looking forward to the darkening month of November.

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the personal formerly known as Anahita

Dar Anahita - my home in the web

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Here are some photos of the main building which contains the commercial kitchen, as well as the dining hall which will probably be divided between the hands on feast track and the lecture track (there is a sound dampening divider that can be used to divide and quiet the room). 

Pictures of sleeping spaces, and their related cooking/ teaching spaces to follow. 
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Wow, it seems like every thing has been running at warp speed. We know exactly how many beds there are but this saturday we're going to go look at all of the sleeping, cooking, and teaching spaces, take lots of pictures and start laying out all the little logistical details. I'm hoping we can get floor plans for all of the buildings we'll be renting. If not, then we'll just have to make them. 

I plan to send a message out to all the list letting people know that spaces are going fast, and try hitting up the known world apprentice list for people too- I'd love to finally get to meet some of the people on there, most of whom seem to live in the Middle. We're hoping to make people from all over the known world feel like welcome guests. 

        The Culinary Symposium is filling up quickly, 1/3 of the sleeping spaces have already been reserved- so if you're coming from out of town or out of Kingdom please get your reservation in early. The heated cabins will be full soon then we'll begin filling up the yurts, which are not heated but still quite spiffy. 

You can send you reservation requests to Liu Xian  at: liuxiansca@hotmail.com.  She will then send you the form and instructions for payment. 

You can also come join us on the forums for discussion, class offerings, and to help organize ride sharing:

To volunteer or request a class please contact the event stewards (aka autocrats) at: foodiejoy@gmail.com 

For each of the classes you'd like to teach, please send me the following information:
Class name
Class size Minimum and Maximum
Supplies, equipment and facilities needed for this class (including what you need us to provide, and what you need us to reimburse you for)
Class time length
What you consider to be the experience level: basic, intermediate, or advanced.

Please feel free to contact the Events Stewards, Lady Margret Elwald of Dragon's Laire and HL Raffaella di Contino at foodiejoy@gmail.com   with any comments, questions or needs.

In joyous service,


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If you've already sent me all of this information please ignore this post. If I've just got your LJ and class name pretty please with lots of pleases on top send me the rest of the information below, either with your email address in a reply below (I will screen all comments so the world can't see it) or email it to foodiejoy_at_gmail_dot_com so we can have as much information on what is needed for your class(es) when we look at the site this weekend. If we've got multiple offers for the same class title we're also hoping to figure out how similar or different the curriculum might be.

Please and thank you. :) MWAH!

For each of the classes you'd like to teach, please send me the following information:
Class name
Class size Minimum and Maximum
Supplies, equipment and facilities needed for this class (including what you need us to provide, and what you need us to reimburse you for)
Class time length
What you consider to be the experience level: basic, intermediate, or advanced.
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Since we're including breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday so people don't have to worry about feeding themselves and can focus on classes, we want to make as sure as possible that there will be something for everyone to eat. 

For breakfast we had talked about doing frumenty- the meat version for carnivores, and a vegetarian version, and I found a good one but it wouldn't work for anyone allergic to almonds. Maybe we'll have 3 crock pots going? Also, I think having some nuts and dried fruits on the side will help round things out a bit.  http://www.godecookery.com/goderec/grec24.htm
We may also have optional sausage bits to throw into the meat version (I think I got the idea for that one out of a Madrone booklet, one of the staggering hedgehog ones).  

For lunch we're thinking of doing soups, at this point it sounds like beef & barley and a vegan lentil for non-meat eaters. This will be served with rolls and butter (and possibly non-butter as well). 

If we can organize it dinner will be prepared by one of the class tracks on feast planning and preparation. If not, we'll come up with an alternate plan. :) I've got one offer to teach it already.

All of this is included in the site fee, so as much as it's tempting we can't go nuts with the food, but we're foodies too so we couldn't stand to serve something either not period, not good, or to see anyone go hungry.
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The contact previously listed for reservations was apparently the wrong domain, you can reach Xian at: liuxiansca@hotmail.com.   Our most fervent apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Also Yvon has generously created forums for discussion, class offerings, and to help organize ride sharing:

In joyous service, 

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Mort the wonder co-autocrat will be getting the contact information for our reservations person then I'll send out the first email advert for the Culinary Symposium.  I'm going to be asking on my LJ friend in other Kingdoms to spread the word far and wide- I'm really excited about getting to potentially learn from people all over the known world. 

Maybe I can get people from other Kingdoms to teach classes on things they see more, like Day Boards (which you never see over here) etc.


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Here is the second draft- this is still a work in progress. Please let me know what you think. I'm waiting to hear back on finalizing the name, so in the mean time I'd love to get some opinions on this before it's sent all over the known world. :)  
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 Please let me know what you think. I'm waiting to hear back on finalizing the name, so in the mean time I'd love to get some opinions on this before it's sent all over the known world. :)
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Wow, it seems like it's been way more than a week since Mort emailed me with the idea, it's starting to look like a more fleshed out plan everyday.
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So, while brain storming names, gattagrigia suggested Known World Culinary Symposium and I like the sound of it. This is in the larval stage, but I think with every step it's getting a wee bit better. 

Edit: Known World Culinary Symposium, or Historical Food Symposium? That is the question.

That also got me thinking about what that name would infer. I'd love to have people come from all over the known world and share their food obsessed goodness, but does such an event already exist? Would we be stepping on anyone's toes long distance? 

I did a little looking around, and all I found so far is this:


Cooks & Bards? That ROCKS! Okay, I know we're going to stick with just food (at least this time), but this does give me lots of ideas. Also, it's good to get some idea from their class schedule about how many cooking / teaching spaces they seemed to use, and that it would further seem that we will have more available to us. 

It also looks like they ran the event through Monday, with a final song/ recipe swap on Monday morning after breakfast. I can't imagine that we would be extending the event through Monday as it would be cost prohibitive to do so. Since I believe the site is charged by night, I'm think we (being the autocrat staff) can at least get on site fairly early on Friday to decorate and make sure everything is ready. 

Once we get further along, I'd also like to start (or find someone who'd be willing to start) organizing ride-shares. Since this will be an event where people don't need to bring an entire encampment I'd like to encourage people to ride-share and maybe I could even pick some people up from the airport on the way from Tacoma on my way up if we've got people coming in from out of town. I think if we can get a member of the autocrat team that would be willing to help take care of people coming long distance, put them in touch with locals if they need a ride from the airport, make sure they feel welcome and wanted, etc. I'm also planning on making a matrix for all the classes so that we have contact information for each of the teachers, what they're teaching minimum and maximum limits, as well as any supplies or equipment they'll need for class, if they'll be staying the weekend or just the day and if they'll be bringing their bedding or be flying in and needing some.

I'm just brain dumping at this point, it's been one heck of a week down at the ranch, but just looking at how far things have come already- WOW. 
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Alright, can anyone answer an Ithra naming question? Is there some special meaning to calling it a Grand Ithra? Does there have to be more than a certain number of tracks/ classes, or specific core classes offered? 

I'm just wondering as Mort and I were tossing names back and forth and would like to start calling it something consistantly. The Culinary Grand Ithra sounds kind of fancy-pants to me and I like it. :) 

Also, I did a search for the site as Mort's been there but I never have and I was curious, and here's what I found: 

Check out the sleeping yurts, and the covered out door cooking area. I didn't see a really good picture of the indoor industrial kitchen, but I really like everything I saw. 

Edit: I just found driving directions to the site too- 

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Mort's awesome idea is becoming reality. We're still working on logisitcs, and researching details but it's definately on it's way. Lots and lots of little details to think about. Once we've got all the facts in and the details/ pricing hammered out I'll start advertising in ernest.

So far requested class topics include:  

Requested classes so far:
Early period / Norse foods
Period wines
Period mustard sauces
Brewer’s and vintners? (Dependant on site allowances)
Kitchen management / scheduling (i.e. menu planning, cooking / prep space rotation, etc)
Middle eastern food
Period banquet etiquette,
Redacting from period sources, period varieties of veggies/fruit,
Simple camp cooking,
Advanced camp cooking,
Period table setting and tableware

Offered classes/ activities so far:
Dutch oven cooking
Late-period Scottish cooking
Clay baking ovens?
Cheese making
Ottoman/Persian food

< List edited

I think I've almost talked one of my all-time foodie superheros into coming out to teach so I'm even more all a-squeee! 
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 There's an amazing young lady (i.e. not me) who came up with an amazing idea while talking with Countess E about Ithra stuff, she's got an idea of a possible site which would have sleeping facilities available (a girlscout camp).

What do you all think about an all-period food Ithra , there's so many things that could be covered from basic feastocrat skills to stuff like what we do at Junefaire (period cooking in pottery over fire) and I know somewhere in kingdom there's some folks with a portable (although not 100% period) bread oven... maybe even camp cooking classes like dutch oven (which I might add many period recipes that call for placing skillets one atop another etc lend themselves very well to!)..aelianora's cheesemakign etc etc etc !!!

I am partially wondering if  1)there would be enough interest and 2) if there would be interest outside of people  who I'd want to teach the classes (although  some people  would prolly want to teach AND take classes).

I'm so excited that I want to see if there's enough intrest to start beating the bushes and helping make this happen any way I can. This idea has me so very excited, this would be just about the coolest thing EVAR.


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