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I've been plugging away at the little things while mostly being focused on the big looming things (the article for the KWH and the Italian food class) so I'm actually pretty well on track for my offices and other volunteer stuff.

I have been in contact with the autocrat team for both July Coronation and next 12th night to schedule room and time for the guild meeting and contests. At July coronation they don't have space inside a tent for us, but they said that they can reserve us a space to bring our own tent. I've got to ask if we can borrow the awesome shade I'd like to use, as I think that would allow plenty of room for both the contest and would allow for us to put out information and a display about the guild in hope of drawing in some new blood. I'll be posting here again once I know if we can use the big shade, but please let me know if you might have any display items you'd be willing to bring to put up!
I've also started looking for a replacement as I'm about 1/2 way through my term as contest coordinator and I'd like to give my replacement lots of training time before they take the lead. I've gotten one nibble so far and may be asking more again if I don't hear back in the next week or two. I'd really like to try to find someone from the outlaying areas if at all possible as it seems to me that lately the offices have just been being passed among those in the central region who know each other well enough to try to coerce encourage each other to take an office. That's not to say it was premeditated or anyone was ever intentionally excluded, just that it's easier to put the friendly social thumbscrews on someone if you know them. ;) I know I'm not the administrator this go-round (although I might consider taking it on next time as I'm already just doing a lot of the scheduling and logistics when I take care of the same for the contest side of things), but I'd love to see more people feel welcome and enthusiastic about the guild and I think it would dovetail well with the A&S goals of the kingdom as a whole.

I just happened to run across mention of some food blogs of the foodies down in the Dragon's Mist area and I wanted to put them here so I don't lose them (as easily): 
http://briwaf.blogspot.com/ Awesome bit on Barley water,  another nondairy, nonalcholic beverage. Eulalia rocks!
LOLSCAdians: http://lolscadians.blogspot.com/ The wrong is just so right. Warning: may cause blindness


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