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From the historical costuming list by way of Corba_girl - I also saw a round heavily carved Italian renaissance walker at a house museum in Milan.

If you look up "Ages of man" you'll find a lot of images of a baby walker. It is the visual reference for just past infancy and not yet old enough for the hobby horse stage. 

Here is the one I made for my daughter. It isn't the most authentic of  things but I made it what I had on hand and she liked it.

A cooking blog about the historical cooking going on at Hampton Court Palace!!!
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I've been posting these tidbits to Face book, but it occurred to me that I should post them here as well, where I can more easily come back to them later.

For your amusement or abject horror:

Pre-natal advice from Renaissance Italy Part I: "The mother-to-be should drink wine that is subtle, aromatic, and well aged." "Stay as far away as you can from white wine, woman reader, even though it's true that white wine looks better in your hand. In your ninth month however, start drinking white wine as it will open you up and facilitate child birth" "Cold water is not good at all- better to drink wine." - Savanarola

"wine is beneficial for the stomach and genreates good spirits and heat. A light red is best and if you mix it with water, then use water in which you have extinguished a hot iron" - Marinello

Part II: "fruits, like fish are cold and humid; moreover, many of them are gassy, so generally you should avoid them altogether or eat them only in moderation." " When you crave a piece of fruit, just think that the most noble and beautiful fruit in the world is the human creature in your womb, so surely you can resist the vituperative claims of your palate for a vile, ugly, bad piece of fruit that will harm what you carry inside yourself" -Savanarola

More will definately follow as I haven't even touched on fertility, lots of other dietary tips including leafy greens and other vegitables, meats, and fats.
Digital copy of one of Michele Savanarola's books:

OMG I LOVE This site:
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Monday (night): 
Call Goditha- Done (need to call back though, I missed her so she just emailed me the first round of info).
Buy cheese, check I/A/M/ME - (got cheese still need to go to I/A/M/ME grocery)
Contractor coming to sign paperwork for more remodeling- Done
Finish Venetians (pleat waistband) finish hand sewing bodice on Venetian gown- finished bodice 
Wash all clothing for weekend that needs it - Done
(addition- dinner & hanging out with slysidonia) :) - Done :)

go to I/A/M/ME grocery, for lamb, if they don't have enough check halal grocery in Northgate
Organize outfits by day, including all undies and accessories- started- need to pack washed undies, etc.
List & organize serving ware, all dishes , cooking times, needed ingredients for each
Make sure I have all needles, threads, thimbles, etc to finish hand sewing skirt and pants
Visit Leanne? Bring Venetians to sew while there?

Wednesday- errand day: 
Call cash and carry before driving there. May be able to eliminate step, may make own damn pastry shells.
Costco- tartlett shells if they have them, antipasto- pickled asparagus, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, etc. 
Possibly cash & carry in Everett - tartlett shells for tart de brie & apricot tarts for apprenticing party
Pick up pastries from Iranian bakery. 
Pack once Isebel gets to my place- drive to Canadaland

Can't forget to pack: 
Passport- just in case
Food for B's Vigil- Middle Eastern
Heraldic bench for B's vigil
Food for my Par-tay French/ Italian 
New dress- if it's done
Pins for wimple & veil  
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I've found a couple in books, but while I don't feel comfortable coping recipes here from a book I see nothing wrong with passing on links to websites. So with that in mind here are some that look good, and are very like the two versions I've found in a couple of books: 

With yeast

Without yeast, but made with tea

With yeast, and uk measurements

I think I'll try the first one tonight. I love the pictures and descriptions on the last site. 

Happy baking (& eating)!


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