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Since the closest exotic meat shop won't have their next order of boar roast in for at least a week I'm going to focus on getting largess for Pennsic up and running.

I need to get more bottles- but I can't seem to find the link anywhere that Elizabeth had sent me in either email or going back through LJ. :( I'll check Artco tonight on the way home too and see if they have any more of the bottles that I had been using.

Here are a couple of saffron sources- I need to get an ounce, so it's going to run about $100- which is actually down a bit from when I looked last year when it peaked around $150 per ounce- and that was the best price I could find!

I'm going to definitely do sealing wax on the ones going to Pennsic as it will not only keep the corks in place without getting them too far down, it will help keep the tags from coming untied. I need to check my candle making supplies and make sure the bottle sealing wax is still in there and wasn't accidentally purged.

I'm going to change up the booklets for the Pennsic donations- just a bit. I'm going to try to at least replace the front cover woodcut image of an Italian 1500's sugar grater, with the appropriate populace badge or ensign for each kingdom (if they have one). At this point I'm only doing one set per-kingdom, not additional sets for the principalities, if I have enough of the bottles and spice mixes, I'm debating if I should do those as well. If anyone has a better or more complete list of populace badges than the one in this handout, please let me know- it looks like only Lochac and Glen Abhann are missing them : http://www.estrellawar.org/Portals/EstrellaWar/articles/Populace%20Victory%20Pennants.pdf

Unless I can find a home printer that prints color reliably on card stock, I think I'm going to pay to have the UW copyshop print out the covers, then print the inside myself as that seems to print just fine and dosen't need need to be in color and I'm going to be hand binding them in a historically appropriate but simple way.
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I finally got a replacement phone, but I lost all my numbers. If you would like me to have your number, please PM me. :) I have lots of calls to catch up on.

I also made a trader joe's run with the roomie. I stocked up on fairly healthy stuff to take for lunches and breakfast since the hospital cafeteria food is both overpriced and over-fried. As we took my car this also meant an epic purging and cleaning of said car as hasn't been done since before the move. Good lord I was hauling a lot of stuff around with me. Whew!

The original reason for the TJ run was to get more saffron for the fine spice mix as I need to resupply to sent a batch of 10 sets for Estrella. I bottled the batch of sweet spice mix I blended on Saturday, and I still have some of the strong mix left so once I'm done with this last batch, making the booklets, and the little bag I should have enough for the sets.

I'm still thinking about possibly switching out one of the recipes in the booklet (the stuffed eggs), but I still haven't decided what I'd replace it with if I do.

Here are some options )

I kept getting dive bombed by the insomnia fairy last night. I finally got to sleep around 11-11:30, then I woke at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 before the alarm went off at 5:30. I may just go straight to bed when I get home tonight.


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