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Edit: it looks like I'm going to be requesting 4-5PM for the apprentice meeting at Ursulmas. That's after all the A&S stuff closes, but before court. Wish me luck. :)

So far the events that we have a reasonable amount of interest for are:
Ursulmas (Jan 25-27)
Kingdom A&S (March 14-16) 
July Coronation (July 18-20) 
September Crown (August 29-Sept. 1) 

I've sent emails to the autocrats of Ursulmas, Kingdom A&S, and September Crown. July Coronation still hasn't been announced, so there is not a contact yet.

I think I'll email the autocrat again with scheduling suggestions. Looking at the schedule it looks like the Laurel's meeting, which we usually try to schedule at the same time as (so apprentices don't have to worry about their Laurel's needing them do be somewhere else during the meeting), is also scheduled at the same time as the A&S Contest entries open, Living History presentations begin, Bardic stage entertainment begins- but none of those end until 4:00, so unless we ask for 4:00-5:00 I think we'll run into conflict with a lot of a&s activities. Hmm, I may ask if 4:00-5:00 will work for everyone or if we want to try for 11:00 am and run into the beginning of things. We could also go earlier, but with a lot of people day tripping, I think the earlier we go the fewer people we'll get. I know at 12th night at least a 1/2 dozen people said they would have loved to make it, but just couldn't make it that early. 

I'll post it on the apprentice's list and see what every one's preferences are.

Here's information for the first event, Ursulmas:
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The 12th night apprentice meeting was great. I was a little confused at first by the listing. Since it was listed as the Laurel’s Apprentice meeting and went from 8-10 I wasn’t sure if any Laurel’s would be stopping in from 8-9 then going to their meeting from 9-10. I was actually hoping some of the Laurel's might stop in, introduce themselves, chat a bit, etc. If there's any interest in that I'd be happy to try to get two hour meeting slots from here on out. I’m not complaining by any means, I’m very grateful to the autocrat team for having made time and space for us.

I did want to take just a moment to clarify, there seemed to have been the impression that we were meeting to get together and talk about the Laurels and/ or exclude them to be mean or something that effect. That couldn’t possibly be further from the intent. The reason the AnTir apprentice list was started in the first place was to share information without whining or negativity, and to help build a network of resources for non-peer artisans that does not seem to currently exist and hopefully, become a bridge of communication between the groups. It was meant to facilitate sharing, community and growth, not us vs. them. I promise. Girl scout’s honor even.


        It was nice getting to meet so many new faces and starting to get to know each other. This was mostly just a social meeting, and we went around and each introduced ourselves and talked about what our interests are. Lots of great information was exchanged, and the introduction helped people hook up with those who had similar interests and resources to share. At least 4-6 people came away with new resources and research information after they mentioned what they had been looking for. I love that.


All in all, I’d say it went really well and I hope this can become something that happens regularly at any event where there is enough interest. There was also the suggestion of advertising any gatherings or meetings as artisan / apprentice instead of just apprentice so it’s clearer that it’s also open to those who aren’t apprenticed.


I’m really optimistic and excited about everyone getting the chance to know each other and share ideas and information.


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