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So, I've got all the running around errands as done as they're going to get (at least on this side of the border). 

I went to that fabulous Persian / Iranian bakery I've heard so much about, and < insert ominous music here> They're frickin' closed for remodeling! 
Oh, the humanity! 

So, now I've changed some plans, again. 

I also went to cash and carry, and while they didn't have the one thing I really went there for they did have chafing dish sets for 10$, so I got two. The plan currently is to bake or fry (although I personally prefer bake) the samosas, and if things go according to plan I may be frying the andalusian cheese filled doughnut thingies in my room in batches and bringing them over- this also depends on how far away our rooms are. I was originally just planning on serving everything cold, but I think this is a much better (re: tastier) option, if I can get it to work. If not I'll put ice instead of fire under the chafing dishes and keep things at a safe cold temperature. 

I've also got 3 fairly big but not fancy platters, two smaller but nicer ones, and a pewter platter I'll be bringing. They're already packed. 

I've got some things in order already for my party on Saturday night too, but I'm telling myself not to worry about Saturday, at least until Friday is done. 

So there will be hummus & pita, tiny vegetarian friendly samosas, carnivore friendly samosas, cheese balls (if I can get them to turn out), lamb cabobs (if I can get lamb on that side of the border), a veriety of sweets (including date filled cookies), a platter of cheeses, dried fruits (they won't bruise in transit, yay) and nuts, and a few other odds  and ends. 

I'm going to be working on finishing the waist band and leg cuffs of the new pants, and working on my sleeves on the way up. I'm going to be working like mad on the cartridge pleating once I get up there.
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Here's an amazingly cool concept. I'd love to see this in AnTir, but I know I'm not personally up to the challenge _yet_.
I think we could even take things further as suggested by orlaith in the post I yoinked this from (with permission). I could see AnTir doing this from all one country, all documented recipes. See offical rules below.

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