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The 12th night apprentice meeting was great. I was a little confused at first by the listing. Since it was listed as the Laurel’s Apprentice meeting and went from 8-10 I wasn’t sure if any Laurel’s would be stopping in from 8-9 then going to their meeting from 9-10. I was actually hoping some of the Laurel's might stop in, introduce themselves, chat a bit, etc. If there's any interest in that I'd be happy to try to get two hour meeting slots from here on out. I’m not complaining by any means, I’m very grateful to the autocrat team for having made time and space for us.

I did want to take just a moment to clarify, there seemed to have been the impression that we were meeting to get together and talk about the Laurels and/ or exclude them to be mean or something that effect. That couldn’t possibly be further from the intent. The reason the AnTir apprentice list was started in the first place was to share information without whining or negativity, and to help build a network of resources for non-peer artisans that does not seem to currently exist and hopefully, become a bridge of communication between the groups. It was meant to facilitate sharing, community and growth, not us vs. them. I promise. Girl scout’s honor even.


        It was nice getting to meet so many new faces and starting to get to know each other. This was mostly just a social meeting, and we went around and each introduced ourselves and talked about what our interests are. Lots of great information was exchanged, and the introduction helped people hook up with those who had similar interests and resources to share. At least 4-6 people came away with new resources and research information after they mentioned what they had been looking for. I love that.


All in all, I’d say it went really well and I hope this can become something that happens regularly at any event where there is enough interest. There was also the suggestion of advertising any gatherings or meetings as artisan / apprentice instead of just apprentice so it’s clearer that it’s also open to those who aren’t apprenticed.


I’m really optimistic and excited about everyone getting the chance to know each other and share ideas and information.

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So, this was the longest time off that wasn't necessitated by illness that I've had in far, far too long. :) 

I took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off work. 
Wednesday: I ran around doing errands, shopping, and finishing up whatever packing I hadn't done the night before. Isebel got there later than expected as even though she had stayed late the previous two nights to get her work done she was asked to stay to help others who hadn't. :P~~~  I really didn't think that everything was going to be able to fit into her little new bug, but the little bugger has way more room than I had thought. Wow. We drove up to Goditha's and had no problem crossing the border. I know it's always easier going into Canada than home, but still. I attribute it to I's bubbly blond-ness that she does so well. 

Border gard: What's the reason for your trip? 
Isebel and I: Girl's weekend 
Border gard: are you bringing anything with you, other than the cake? < points to the catering stuff I have in the back that contains everything_but_ a cake>
Isebel: Oh, we're eating that. < cocked head innocent look, complete with boobalicious shirt> 
Border gard: Carry on then. 
You'd never know that she's got a degree in German with a specialization in linguistics, sometime I think she likes it when people underestimate her. When she whips out the brains behind the blondness it's amazing.
Get there, get everything into the fridge or freezer as needed, then crash out. 

Shopping in the sari district! Wow, just wow. I told myself that I'd be good any not add to the mountain of fabric I'm going have to move, unless it was so good that I'd be willing ot get rid of something else in it's place. I found some absolutely gorgeous red and gold brocade with an absolutely perfect pattern. Isebel got two very interesting pair of shoes both with very unusual wooden heels. Fabric, shoes, and awesome indian food for a late brunch- it doesn't get much better than that. 

On the way "home" we stopped at the super store and I just wish there were one of those near me. Great selection, great prices, and the international sections were very impressive. 
We wound up the night with me sewing more on the fabulous new dress that I didn't actually manage to get finished in time, and watching one of my all time favorite movies, Herold and Maude. 

Friday there was list making, baking and frantically trying to get to site. Goditha had a brilliant method of keeping foods hot when traveling to a potluck, etc about 1-2 hours away- she heated up bricks in the oven then wrapped them in towels and put them in a box with the food. I think it worked perfectly. I was terrified that I would be late as we left about 20 minutes later than planned. Isebel mostly was patient with my panic-yness. Once I got on site and loaded stuff up on a hand cart, the Dragon's Lair posse kicked in and were awesome about getting the rest of the things from the, and arranging things artfully on platters. Mad props to Talon and lilcindylouwho most especially. 
I think all the food went over well. The meatballs were hoovered, as I knew they would be. The samosas were well recieved also. Alienora once again supplied her fabulous homemade cheese to round things out. I may have gone just a bit overboard with the middle eastern sweets, but all in all I'm pretty happy with it. 

I was so very busy all day Saturday, I didn't get to see any court but I enjoyed learning. I've got a little list of all the things I will need to make sure are in order before I completely run my first Costumer's Guild contest all on my own: 
Bring laptop- possibly with pre-existing spreadsheet and forms, if not I can make my own. 
Calculator, as it just makes things easier
envelopes! Get a box of them, and stamps for good measure. 
Compile list of all kingdom and baronial newsletters for possible announcement publication- advertisement needs to be kicked up. 
Angus and his lady were starving so I fed them, and Angus plated all the food while I ran back down for one final check in, and to get stitched into my gown. I finally ran away to do the final touched on my apprenticing shin-dig, and do the final room-tidy. 
I'm really happy about how the food turned out for both parties, although with infinite time and resources I would loved for both of them to have been waaaaaaay more elaborate. 
My apprenticing ceremony was awesome, and my new apprentice siblings are so amazingly fabulous! Randy played harold and read out the text of my scroll (both sides were the same so of course he just read one) after Melusine, Isolde (our witness) and I all signed both sides. There are parts of it I've been thinking about discussing more here, but this post is already long enough. The scroll was based on an Italian legal document (with Illumination no less!) that Ursula in her delightful evilness pointed out to me and the text was slightly modified from a late period contract of indenture. I'll have to try to get a picture and post it here. Annika is an amazing scribe (thank you annika!) as well as seamstress, Sebstian, apart from the mad rapier skills is a self proclaimed "clothes stallion", and Genevieve is a sweetheart.   There was much great conversation, and Par-tay! I think I wound up putting about 5 pounds of cheese back into the cooler at the end, most of it brie. I think I may have over-done the cheese, just a bit.
Sunday was a total blur. 
Apologies again to A&L for forgetting some of the catering stuff. I was so slammed Saturday I just didn't get a chance and by the time I was moving on Sunday you were gone. :( 

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So, I've got all the running around errands as done as they're going to get (at least on this side of the border). 

I went to that fabulous Persian / Iranian bakery I've heard so much about, and < insert ominous music here> They're frickin' closed for remodeling! 
Oh, the humanity! 

So, now I've changed some plans, again. 

I also went to cash and carry, and while they didn't have the one thing I really went there for they did have chafing dish sets for 10$, so I got two. The plan currently is to bake or fry (although I personally prefer bake) the samosas, and if things go according to plan I may be frying the andalusian cheese filled doughnut thingies in my room in batches and bringing them over- this also depends on how far away our rooms are. I was originally just planning on serving everything cold, but I think this is a much better (re: tastier) option, if I can get it to work. If not I'll put ice instead of fire under the chafing dishes and keep things at a safe cold temperature. 

I've also got 3 fairly big but not fancy platters, two smaller but nicer ones, and a pewter platter I'll be bringing. They're already packed. 

I've got some things in order already for my party on Saturday night too, but I'm telling myself not to worry about Saturday, at least until Friday is done. 

So there will be hummus & pita, tiny vegetarian friendly samosas, carnivore friendly samosas, cheese balls (if I can get them to turn out), lamb cabobs (if I can get lamb on that side of the border), a veriety of sweets (including date filled cookies), a platter of cheeses, dried fruits (they won't bruise in transit, yay) and nuts, and a few other odds  and ends. 

I'm going to be working on finishing the waist band and leg cuffs of the new pants, and working on my sleeves on the way up. I'm going to be working like mad on the cartridge pleating once I get up there.
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Monday (night): 
Call Goditha- Done (need to call back though, I missed her so she just emailed me the first round of info).
Buy cheese, check I/A/M/ME - (got cheese still need to go to I/A/M/ME grocery)
Contractor coming to sign paperwork for more remodeling- Done
Finish Venetians (pleat waistband) finish hand sewing bodice on Venetian gown- finished bodice 
Wash all clothing for weekend that needs it - Done
(addition- dinner & hanging out with slysidonia) :) - Done :)

go to I/A/M/ME grocery, for lamb, if they don't have enough check halal grocery in Northgate
Organize outfits by day, including all undies and accessories- started- need to pack washed undies, etc.
List & organize serving ware, all dishes , cooking times, needed ingredients for each
Make sure I have all needles, threads, thimbles, etc to finish hand sewing skirt and pants
Visit Leanne? Bring Venetians to sew while there?

Wednesday- errand day: 
Call cash and carry before driving there. May be able to eliminate step, may make own damn pastry shells.
Costco- tartlett shells if they have them, antipasto- pickled asparagus, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, etc. 
Possibly cash & carry in Everett - tartlett shells for tart de brie & apricot tarts for apprenticing party
Pick up pastries from Iranian bakery. 
Pack once Isebel gets to my place- drive to Canadaland

Can't forget to pack: 
Passport- just in case
Food for B's Vigil- Middle Eastern
Heraldic bench for B's vigil
Food for my Par-tay French/ Italian 
New dress- if it's done
Pins for wimple & veil  
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After the cooking frenzy for T-day, I'm going to start testing recipes for 12th night. These will be for my apprenticing par-tay, and depending on how well they work possibly for B's vigil as well. I haven't totally hammered out what I'm going to do so here are some options that look really good to me: 

Stuffed eggs (French or Italian version)
Mushroom Pastez (French)
Fish day rissoles- essentially tiny fruit pies (French)
Spinich tarts? (French)
Marzipan danties (Italian)
Cherry cheese tarts (Italian)
Toledo cheese pie (Spanish)
Tarts of dried apricots (Spanish)
Torta in Balconata- Multilayered fruit&nut tart(Italian- Venetian)
Jordon almonds, candied fennel & possibly quince paste &/or candied
orange or lemon peel.   
I'm also thinking about bringing a crockpot to have meatballs in the room as well, incase this is dinner for some. I may actually do a crockpot roast from a period recipe, but only if it looks like M and the new apprentice sybs may have time and desire to have a sit down dinner. If so I'll also bake some bread ahead of time too.  

Anyone want to help me test recipes? 

I think for T-day I'm going to make anyone of these that strikes my fancy when I leave work today at 2 (they're being super nice and paroling us early) to go shopping, get packed and maybe go gaming before heading south. 
Cherry cheese tarts (Italian)
Toledo cheese pie (Spanish)
16th century apple pie (English) 
Cherry lace torte - family recipe

This will also be a good trial run for at least a couple of the recipes, but I still need to decide if for 12th night I'm going to try to get little pre-made tart shells or just make lots, and lots of my own. :)
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Here are some more photos of my historical hair experiments. This is the prep that I have to do ahead of time to get it to do this:


The rest  are behind the cut, if I can get it to work.


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