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This week's lesson seems to be that sometimes even if you really want something that dosen't mean it won't be without stress and you have to learn to live with things not being on your preferred time line.

The ongoing saga of the contractor from hell is now entering a new, suprising and hopefully, really truly the last stage. Apparently recieving a letter from the Attourney Generals office, &/or my insurance company was the motivation he needed to offer to finish the job he contracted for over two months ago. I wish I could have the last month or so back to enjoy my pregnancy with less stress, both physical and financial, and that he would have decided this before it got to this point- but at this point I'm trying my hardest to be grateful that the Friday 8PM deadline I gave him is in site, after which time I'll never have to deal with this again.

It looks like Conner may hold out for 10/10/10 after all. While I'm getting very uncomfortable I'm really excited and still think this would be an AWESOME birthday.

Family and friends have been so amazingly supportive. I can't wait to introduce my son to all the wonderful people in my world!

I'm trying to make the most of this experience as I know it will likely be my only chance. Despite the discomforts and stress I'm currently more comfortable with my body image than I can ever remember being, even when I was in my mid 20's, worked out 3-5 times a week and counted every single calorie I put in my mouth. I love my baby belly and I'm so glad that I got a chance to have a maternity photo shoot to capture the experience. I can't wait to see the pictures!

I got to do some more beading with the girlchild and talk with her more about her incoming sybling. I'm hopeful that meeting him will settle any qualms and fears that have been put into her head. I think she'll make a fantastic big sister!

I've been finding more information and articles in my research for the paper I'm working on. I've definately hit a wall where most of the information I'm finding is fascinating and relates to my general field of study, but not as much as I'd hoped to this particular paper. However one of my dearest companions has decided to gift me with one of the books that looked most promising but wasn't in my current budget. I'm feeling pretty spoiled on that front! :) 
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I did another search while I still have better access from the University. I'm going to try to gather as much research material as possible for review while I'm at home with baby (whenever he finally decides to make an appearance). 

The Criminal and the Saintly Body: Autopsy and Dissection in Renaissance Italy: 
 http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/2863109.pdf?acceptTC=true  - printed

The manly masquerade, Masculinity, Paternity, and castration in the Italian Renaissance

" In this our lightye and learned tyme": Italian baths in the era of the Renaissance.

Medical history from the earliest times:

The Politics of Physicians' Responsibility in Epidemics: A Note on History

A prelude to medical history

A brief history of spa therapy

Public Health and the Medical Profession in the Renaissance $30 to print

Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance $30 to print
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Trying to focus on the good, work on what needs attention, and let the rest go.

Thankful list
I have awesome people in my life. Really and truly- amazing, intellegent, thoughtful, and caring people.
The girlchild is the daughter of my heart, even if she's not the daughter of my body. She constantly amazes me (in a good way). I'm hopeful that all the upcoming changes will bring us all closer together.
Despite all the life trauma and distractions, this pregnancy has physically been so blessed- no healthy issues, discomfort, but no pain (other than the emergency oral surgery) and no complications.
For better or worse the stalemate with the contractor is now broken, and while it's not a great situation I now can move forward and start putting it behind me.
I'm hopefully, and delighted that people have come forward to help with the cleanup this weekend despite my not being able to physically be there myself. I'm a little nervous about the high expense of the rental equipment and worry that it might nearly be as much as it would cost to hire someone for the day (423.33 per day + 10 for the tow hitch each day, so potentially nearly 900.00 for the weekend if it's not returned by noon on Monday)- but I'm trying to stay positive and hope that great progress will be made over the weekend. 

This coming Sunday is my due date. We'll see if things happen on schedule. At this point I'd still be happy to be exactly a week late and have him be born on 10/10/10, but we'll see if I still feel that way in a couple of days. :) 

I've been voraciously pouring over articles in any free moment, and so far I've gotten through the first two and dug into a third. I posted reviews to my Facebook, but I'll repost them here as well, so I can refer back to them more easily. 

Article review- "Medieval Woman's Guides to Food During Pregnancy: Origins, Texts, and Traditions". Technically before my time of focus, but provides a good foundation of where many of the scientific medical theories in the Renaissance came from. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in food and medical history. ...http://journaldev.cbmh.ca/index.php/cbmh/article/viewFile/292/291

Article review-Theory, Everyday Practice and Three Fifteenth Century Physicians. Comparisons of the history and practical styles of three Physicians(Michele Savonarola, Jacques Depars, and Antonio Guaineri), as relates to theories on the plague, the use of Astrology, Magic and Alchemy , and the study of another common disease, Pleurasy. This isn't focused on childbirth and while one of the physicans is often mentioned in my more core studies (Michele Savanarola) it provides more back ground information as to general medical practices at the time than more direct information on my specific topic. It does mention childbirth in passing a couple of times, but it's value is more in a better understanding of Savanarola's background and medical education. A good read. http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdfplus/301784.pdf

Updated to add one more article review: 
Article review- the Fate of Popular Terms for Female Anatomy in the Age of Print. Ooh, this is a naughty one! Mostly based on French medical texts dating back to medieval, some of which were published abroad, this covers the sometimes scandalous evolution of the terms used in medical professions to describe female genitalia. A revolution in anatomy based on new information garnered from the study of dissection of human cadavers created a need for completely remapping and charting our understanding of the human body. One of the ways this was address was to catalog all the terms used by French midwives, some of which were rather...descriptive.
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I realize that once the baby comes I have no idea what my energy and brain capacity will be like, but I also know that I'll go stir crazy if I don't have something to occupy myself with, especially if I wind up having to delivery Ceaserian and can't drive for 6-8 wks. So, I'm lining up projects that I'll be able to work on as time and energy allows, and hope to be able to get back to working my way through all the recipes in the Anon. Venetian too- if I can ever get my hands on that darned boar and venison I need.  
Long rambling list of ideasm to-dos, and sources that many may find boring )

Bambino update- I woke up about 12:15 last night with contractions/ pain and couldn't sleep through it so I went and got into a warm bath until they finally subsided about 1:20.

Also, further note to self- defaulted contractor finally came to pick up the vehicle he had left sitting on my property for the last several weeks sometime in the late night early morning (11PM-6AM) September 27-28th. I wonder if this means he's recieved the notice of complaint from the Attourney General's office, or if he's just finally gotten enough gas money to come and get it.

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I found a copy of a slightly later edition of an Obstetrics manual first printed in Venice in the 1590's
The good news is it seems to be in a Library in New York, the bad news is you have to physically come to it. No loans (which makes perfect sense) but there also dosen't seem to be any microfilm or reproductions available.
Later editions are available through Abe Books, but the prices start at well over $1,000, and the age ranges from the 1660's. Both out of my time and price range. I'll talk with David about this tonight to see if he can help me track down a better source.

I'll come back to these images later and fill out much more detailed descriptions.
Cut for period medical images, some may be inapropriate for work  )I've been writing this up as both an outline for a research paper, and as a presentation or class with lots of images. I've also been looking into the art and ritual of pregnancy and child birth in the Italian Renaissance, but I see the two topics as being related, but separate.

Random links I found amusing while searching for further information: 
This on is on Advice in the Italian renaissance
My favorite so far is:
 After blowing your nose:
You should not open your handkerchief and look inside, as if pearls or rubies might have descended from your brain.  —Giovanni Della Casa, Galateo (1558)

This is not what I was looking for, but it has an amazing article on the historical use and medical theory surrounding Mandrake root.

Library search

Chronological history of medical science and advancement: 

Further search for any versions on microfilm: 
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I just realized that with all the contractor drama yeserday that I completely forgot to observe Thankful Thursday, which is especially important when dealing with what can feel like never-ending mountains of crap. 

So, one day delayed, it's apparently Forgetful Friday, masqurading as Thankful Thursday. 

Everthing seems to be coming along wonderfully with the 'Neep. No complications, no bedrest, not even gestational diebetes! He hasn't come yet, and may not until after his delivery date, but we'll see. I'm excited to meet him.  I don't want to get too worried about what might be, because in the end he'll be the size he'll be, and it will happen however it happens. Aside from practicing what I learned in birthing class there's not much else I can do at this point.  I'm getting uncomfortable and having trouble sleeping, but I'm still trying to enjoy as much of the experience as possible.
Here's a picture taken by the girlchild this Wednesday night, I'm at 38 1/2 weeks here: 

The bag is packed and last night we went out and got the combination infant car seat/ carrier/ stroller as all the car seats we've been gifted seem to be for older babies, so we'll be set for a while- I also plan to have a car seat available for my car, daddy's car and nonna and poppy's as they're going to watch him every Monday.

The roofers are done, exept for the downspouts, and I just have to pick out the color. They will be done this weekend most likely. While this has been the single biggest expense of this remodel happily it's been one of the most painless (other than the $12,000 price tag). I would highly reccomend Pinnacle Roofing Professionals to anyone looking for a good, reliable roofer.

Earlier in the week I decided I needed to pamper myself a bit so I decided after months of debate and budget pinching that I'd splurge and get myself a pedicure- luxury, especially since I haven't been able to reach my own toenails comfortably for months and I felt like it had gotten to the point where I could hang from a belfry by them. I took the time last night to do my hair too, so I'm feeling all primped and ready to go, and I'm delighting in my current baby rotundity.
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Geek link for my sweetie- check out that hot companion cube! 

The indian for B's Nepal fundraiser is coming along. I've made some changes to the menu. Instead of doing chicken kebabs which might dry out we're doing butter chicken and saag paneer as we'll be serving rice anyway and at that point it's definately not finger foods.
Updated menu for 40 expected attendees: 
Samosas (80 each of the small coctail size both vegetarian and meat)
Naan - debating whether I should factor 1 whole or 1/2 naan per person- will be cut into 1/4
Murg Makhani aka Butter Chicken
Saag Paneer - creamy spinach & onion with cheese
Basmati rice
Sauces- haven't decided which yet, curry (which kind?), tamarind, chutneys?
B's mom will be making a fresh green bean salad with feta, and a tropical fruit salad. 
Instead of hassling with hot chai on a hot day, or making lassis for 40 people I think we're doing iced tea. 

R's aunt last night insisted that 6 weeks home with Conner after he's born isn't enough so she has offered for the family to give us what would have been my take home pay during another 6 weeks so we can afford to have me stay home!! I would never, ever, ever have asked for it, and I talked it over with R first but OMG what an amazing gift! So long as my job dosen't freak out about it and I can get the FMLA paperwork taken care of, I can't think of anything more precious than more time at home with my baby before I have to head back to work.
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Last night was a nice break from the non-stop that's been my life lately. I finally got caught up on my one TV naughty pleasure- True Blood, before the mancreature and Girlchild got home, then we met up with one of his lifelong friends and went to the old spagetti factory for dinner. I was in bed before 9PM! W00T! 

Tonight I'm going to treat myself to a mellow evening of doing my hair and hanging out with the mancreature as I've got a full weekend and he's heading off to his 30th year of church camp (it's still bizarre to me that an Athiest so enjoys going to church camp for a week). I'm still sad that I can't make it, but I'd rather have the week with Conner on the outside than be at church camp hugely pregnant with him in an non-airconditioned cabin. I'll likely be commuting from up north all next week so I can go up and clean in the evenings after work. At least Eduardo has generously asked me to come stay at their place overnights so I won't be sleeping on a cot in an empty house for the week.

One day at a time, trying not to be overwhelmed with how much has to be done by the end of next month. This will be one hell of a push, but at least once it's done there should be a huge weight off my shoulders and I'll be in a position to rent to better people.
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I like things busy, but it would be nice to have a little down time once in a while too. I think I'll schedule Wednesday and Thursday night to be my lounge and do nothing except catch up on True Blood and sleep nights. 

The weekend was really good, but really packed. I went up and helped at the Wyewood feast. It was their head chef's first time leading the charge, so I think she was a bit nervous, but it all came off well and any behind the scene wrangling I think & hope was unnoticed by the feasters. 

Sunday I got up way too early for a weekend and headed to Seattle to pick up Chemicallace on the way to her Courtier trials in Duval for Madrone. It was a very long meat grinder of a day (as all Sergeantry trials are really meant to be) and after her joyous and hard earned success I dropped her back and home and got home myself sometime after 11PM. 

It's a good thing Eden emailed me for an ingredient because I was so wiped out I may have otherwise forgotten about Monday night's Culinary night in Madrone in preparation for their Venetian themed Baronial banquet! I think the testing is going pretty well as this was our 3rd recipe testing night, and they're quite experience at banquet ramp up. I did find the facial reactions amusing to both the sauce that I accidentally over vinegared (I don't know if was being tired or craving pickled things lately, but WOWIE ZOWIE that was puckery, although I thought it was NOM), and the agalita/ double garlic punch to the face sauce. 

Tonight I need to head to the Dragon's Lair practice to talk over some things, and will hopefully be able to  catch up with people to carpool and nap there and back. 

Wednesday night we have the girlchild so I still can't catch up on True Blood, at least until after she's gone to bed and I don't think I'll want to stay up past 9 either, so Thursday will be my sloth and watch night.  

Friday after work I'll be doing the final walk through on the house, which is currently looming over my head like a pointy looming thing. I just hope the unstable drug using spouse who's not on the lease isn't there to try to get in my face. I'll be re-assessing how much I have to and can get done in the next month so it hopefully won't be sitting empty sucking money and energy out of me any longer than that.

Satrurday is a friend's birthday lunch followed by a red dward marathon which will be a nice relaxing break for a while.

Sunday will be digging in and starting the rehab work on the house. I just have to keep referring to the lists so I don't feel overwhelmed with everything that has to be done. I'm still getting more estimates on the roof, but in the end I also have to make sure that it's not just price but long term investment and ease of care that decides things. I think I've decided to take out the trees and replant fruit trees and other trees that won't do as much damage or be a cause for concern down the road. I love the trees but the terror I felt when I heard one crack in half a come down a few winters ago is nothing I ever want to relive, especially since I had been lucky that the broken half wedged in another tree instead of flattening the neighbors house as it would have otherwise  done. I'm still waffling on the cabinets. I love the sturdiness of the originals, but a former tenant decided that she was going to refinish all the doors and instead left them outside to warp. I've got a very limited budget that the new roof is going to take most of so the choice may come down to what I can afford and as sad as it is, it's cheaper to rip out the solid cabinets and replace it with new than it would be to reface them or have custom doors made.
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Since I'm feeling a bit weary today I thought I should start with trying to focus on the good.

Thankful thursday: 
Despite worries over home repairs I'm deeply grateful that I have the ability to take care of it, and all my responsibilities.
I have amazing, wonderful, supportive people in my life. 
Regardless of exhaustion and feet like canned hams I'm in awe of the miracle growing inside me and promise to cherish every moment, even when it means I can't reach my toes or it feels like he's practicing bony octopus gymnatics inside me. 
I've come to appreciate my body just the way it is- I look like a ripe earth goddes right now, about to pop. 
I love that I'm surrounded by people who not only tolerate my passion for geekery, they understand, share and feed it. 

This month has been so hard. So many set backs and hurdles. Still, I've met most of them head on and have made significant headway on all the things I have any power to effect. 

I'm still getting estimates for the repair work my house needs. I got another estimate for the roof, this one a little over 6,000, but it's for torchdown, not the PVC the other one is. I'm going to ask them all if I should go with a metal roof because the pitch is so shallow, and ask them all for estimates on that. 

I've also gotten a few estimates on taking out some of the trees around the house. These have ranged around 1,700-1,800 for _TWO_ trees, or one company said they'd take them all out for 1,000 if I let them have the wood. I hate to do it, and I love the near perfect circle of trees in the back yard, but this would be a huge weight off my mind as I contiue to rent it out until the market recovers, and would put the cost into a feasible range. I want to have the trees gone before the new roof is put in. 

This dosen't cover all the new flooring, refinishing the original hard wood, and the new cabinets that the kitchen is in desparate need of, so I'm just hoping I can get the most crutial things done before I run out of money. 
The next Culinary Symposium is finally starting to pick up some steam. I'm helping set things up then stepping back, and I think the changes will be good, it's just hard to let go. The only thing that I'm really stressed and upset about is hurt feelings and misunderstanding that I thought had been avoided but wern't. I just hope we can sort it all out.

With all the other insanity going on and July Coronation in the middle there hasn't been much movement on the Kingdom Culinary Guild front. Rycheza's going to run with getting the guild back on it's feet and finding it's new purpose. She's got some great ideas and we've been discussing all kinds of possibilites. This is something else I've been thinking about for years, and I'm extatic to see it moving and have found so many people who are also interested in making it happen.
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Source has pictures for the super-curious:http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-501465_162-20011242-501465.html

OK, let's not be shy about this. Swedish archeologists have uncovered a prehistoric artifact made out of antler bone that looks like a modern dildo.

The phallic-shaped object, which may be as much as 6,000 years old, measures twelve by two centimeters. But deciding what exactly they came up with is the hard part for archeologists.

Compared with findings at other Stone Age sites in Europe, experts say it is more common to find female fertility symbols, according to Gsran Gruber of the National Heritage Board in Sweden. In contrast, he noted, male fertility symbols are relatively rare.

Another Swedish archaeologist, Martin Rundkvist, cautioned that there were "many non-dildoish uses for which it may have been intended."

Still, he wrote on his blog "without doubt anyone alive at the time of its making would have seen the penile similarities just as easily as we do today. If it is actually a pressure-flaker for fine flint knapping, then this would tell us something about how such work was conceptualized in terms of gender."

The region where the artifact was found is rich in Mesolithic sites. Most of the excavations near Sweden's Motala River have turned up large numbers of bone and wood artifacts - mainly harpoon and leister points, according to Rundkvist.

I have to admit I almost died laughing at the phrase "non-dildoish".
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I wound up being up later than anticipated, but I think a night of experimenting with historical food and teaching was also food for my soul.

I had a father (Edmund) & son (Ambrose), and P3H show up and jump in with enthusiasm. The dish was proclaimed delicious and would be a great (although fairly labor intensive) addition to a feast. I'll document what we did, and then what I think we should have done/ what I'll try next.

cut because it's long and I care but you may not :)  )

Because I didn't know how many people I'd be having I chose to go with chicken legs for consistancy and ease of serving as opposed to two whole chickens. This seemed to work fantastically. I also used two variations of meat to wrap it in as historically bacon often wasn't nearly as fatty as what we're used to today. We used both bacon and canadian bacon/ ham to test for flavor and workability differences.
Ingredients (what we actually used):
12 chicken legs = 3.44 lb bone in
2 "fresh cheeses"=1/2 lb Quark, 1 lb Ricotta
6 eggs
1 oz fresh italian parsley
1/4 oz fresh mint
1/4 oz dried margoram
1/2 oz sweet spices
1/2 pound bacon / 1/2 pound canadian bacon or ham                  
14 oz lard to fry in

Instructions as done: 
Skin and boil chicken (we reserved the skins to make broth)
once boiled shred chicken and mix with fresh cheeses, chopped herbs, sweet spices  
Take the chicken, cheese and spice batter and wrap in bacon, pin closed with toothpicks if needed. Fry in lard until done (outside is sufficiently browned and the inside reaches at least 160 by meat thermometer), this took approximately 10 minutes per side on my stove at about medium temperature. Allow to drain a bit, then serve hot with sauces on side

Sauce ingredients (as used for  both variations): 
2 cups liquid (homemade broth or verjuice) of which 1/3 cup each was held back for tempering
3 eggs separated into yolks and whites (the recipe calls for both, but that they be separated)
1/4 tsp fine spice mix for each
1/4 tsp sweet spice mix for each
1/16 oz saffron each

Instructions as done: 
Add separated eggs to reserved liquid. Broth blended better than verjuice. Add egg mix slowly to hot liquid while whisking constantly. Increase heat. Broth thickened quickly, verjuice became frothy. Plate and serve quickly with hot chicken.

The verdict:
Delicious and worth doing again. The flavor and mouth feel were both great. There was an even split on which version of the sauces were better with some favoring the zing of the verjuice over the meatier and more mellow broth, but everyone agreed they could do with more of the fine & sweet spice mixes, by about double. If considereing for a feast the broth version might be more cost effective, and there was one suggestion of doing it without the bone as a version of Cordon Blu, but I love the illusion food aspect of this recipe.  

Follow up: I sent home sauce, two of the leftover ham wrapped legs and one of the bacon wrapped leggs with Edmund and Ambrose. They tried one of each reheated in the microwave and the last ham wrapped one cold. They decided they liked the unheated ham one the best but were torn between the two heated versions. I think these might do better re-heated in an oven so as not to possibly sog out the meat as much if they were done in advance of a feast. They're also experiementing with the sauce versions with various types of cold meats.

What I'd do differently: 
I tried a new kind of historical cheese (Quark) that while wonderful, wasn't the best choice for this recipe. In the future, I'd stick with options like Ricotta, fresh mozarella, and cheve that are fresh and fairly soft, but not too soft. I think the batter would have possibly been better with fewer eggs as well as firmer cheese as it was a struggle to get it to stay in the wraps because of the consistancy. 

For the sauces, we had too much for the ratio of meat. I'd cut down the liquid volume to 1 cup which would also make for a thicker sauce, unless we also reduced the amount of  eggs. I'd also double the amount of spices used, except for the saffron which seemed to be spot on. 

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With much frustraition and regret I'm skipping the next three similar recipes until I can get my hands on some boar meat. Thanks to the generocity of one of the Wyewood ladies I've got some elk meat in my freezer, and I plan to try that for the second of these three, as well as trying to get some deer.
Click for transcript and translation of skiped recipes  )
The next one looks to be lots of fun- and I've done it before at "siege cooking" no less! Basically it's chicken cooked, shredded then mixes with eggs, cheeses and spices, then put back on the bones, wrapped in bacon and fried- served with a lovely sauce on the side. 

Click for transcript and translation of next recipe I'll be working on  )
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Today was brutal at work and I'm glad to see the end of it.

On a happier note, here a couple of links I want to save

1580's doublet and Venetians
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I'm waiting to hear back if I need to send out contest notices for July Coronation Kingdom Costumer's guild contest. The deputy contest coordinator will be running it on site, but I'll take pre-registration and advertize to help out- if they need me to. I offically stepped down at 12th night but unfortunately the new contest coordinator was attacked by life and won't be able to make it, so I've offered to get it moving and as close to on track as possible. :) 

Got the covers back for spice booklets and they look great! I'm glad I splurged to get the covers printed professionally. I can totally print the guts, but for some reason my color printer at home does NOT like printing on card stock and it comes out looking fuzzy and easily smudged. The ones I got back from the printer are shiny and perfect. Now I've got to just compile all the pieces whenever there is a free moment this weekend. 

Saturday is Chemicallace's wedding @ 5pm in Seattle, so I'll be heading north around 3:30-4:00ish. 

Sunday I'll be doing non-SCA volunteer work with the non-profit I'm on the board of. As one of the fundraisers we do for our group every year I'll be sitting at a booth at Cryptocon processing people as they have their pictures taken in a coffin! It's all for the good of the foster kids. :) 
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I Found much clearer electronic versions of the populace badges, including ones for the two kingdoms that I previously didn't have any version for! http://www.conalscorner.com/kingdoms
Unless there are any proposed changes, I'm going to send the covers off to the printers so I can possibly start assembling and binding them this weekend. :) 

Other links to save- Authentic SCA

A recreationist in germany who entire hand stitched her pavilion! 

A commertial post from Authentic SCA that might be of interest to some: 
tedeisenstein9:49pmnot-too-crass commercial announcement, I hope
The six-volume period set of part-books containing 250+ period motets that I've been blathering about for the last several months has been photographed and processed, and is now ready for distribution on data DVD's. (Giovanelli, Novi [atque catholici] thesauri musici. Liber Primus [-Quintus]...., 1568) Unfortunately, owing to the recent minor worldwide economic setback, I'll have to charge for it, much as I deeply regret having to do so, and even more deeply regret having to go back on earlier promises that everything will be forever free dammit!

In any case, the complete lists and the pricing schedule (and, more importantly, the How Do You Order? bits) are up and running on my store's website's blog - www.potboilerpress.com, and you click on the link in the upper right-hand corner, the one that says "blog".
(The six-volume set is the one authored/published by Giovanelli, in the Music set.)
This entry may be distributed freely, if it remains whole and complete; pass it on to whoever you think would be interested - SCA folk, (semi-)professional music groups, C&I people, herbal lists, liturgical researchers, colleges, whoever.
(cross-posted to a couple of other LJ groups; apologies to those who see it more than once)

I want this: http://potboilerpress.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9&products_id=857&zenid=714e8181d17620777a7a4e523226c11f
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Quick update before I drag my tired bottom to bed

This may look like a brick of cheese, but it's much, much harder. I didn't cut it so much as hack at it: 

I initially was going to melt it in the disposible pie tin I wound up hacking it to pieces in. I'm glad I realized that I'd need it in a much smaller space so I could dip the bottles deep enough to coat not only the corks, but the strings for the tags as well (as this serves to help them stay in place as well as seal the corks).

Dipping the bottle: 

Finished bottles!

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Happy Birthday unjessing !!!

The weekend wound up being good, but most of it didn't go according to plan. Friday night I went to the full contact social in Wyewood, and I think that went really well- we made omlettes for harlots and ruffians (which winds up being a kind of citrus custard), and french cherry bread pudding, both of which were quite delicious! I also got to talk with all their foodies and local peeps about the next Culinary Symposium, and I think they're getting excited too. :) 

On saturday morning I got to see friends and cute babies!! First a friend I've known since high school and his girlfriend came over with their adorable 1 year old girl who LOVED the big (and extremely patient) doggies. They eventually went on to visit grandparents then Monkeybung and her ridiculously cute family stopped by, seriously the cuteness just keeps getting cuter. Their boychild and our girlchild hung out while daddy fixed up the crib, and we chatted and admired their adorable gingerhaired baby girl. They eventually headed on to a handfasting I had also intented to attend, but the girlchild decided that she wasn't feeling up to going anywhere at all and daddy had other obligations that had him needing to leave the house so she and I hung out for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. I just hope D&M's little one didn't catch a bug from her- she sometimes gets mysterious illnesses, especially when she's worked up about something. Sunday afternoon she was miraculously feeling well enough to make a trip to build-a- bear to cash in one of her 5 adventure bite adventures. She now has her 12th build a bear (apparently mommy takes her quite often) and this one is a grey kitty who now has a shiny rainbow swirl  bikini and sparkly sandals.  

I finished bottling and tagging all of the spice mixes (19 bottles of 3 spice mixes) and Tuesday night I plan to melt my bottle sealing wax and dip the corks and tag strings so they'll travel more securely. I'm still waffling about the booklet covers- they look okay in electronic format but I did a test print in B&W and a couple of the badges are very pixel-y and I don't like it.

Trueblood! My other geekdom, not quite as longstanding as my love of (good or at least amusingly cheesy ) science fiction. The new season started last night and daddyman let the girlchild stay up late so I waited until she was headed to bed before I started it as I don't think it's suitable for a 9 year old. I'm glad I waited, not that I didn't enjoy the heck out of the big sweede flashing full backal nudity, but there are just some things she dosen't need to see.


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