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Gearing up for all of the sewing I have in front of me I thought perhaps the next step might be to compile the sources I'll be working from for these garments & accessories.

Portraits looking at hair styles as well as garments seem to indicate that my decade didn't really see much in the way of veils in formal portraits. I will check vecellio's when I get home tonight for other social context before making any veils.

Here are some examples of the hair styles I will be working from:



I love this one, but the outfit doesn't distinctively shout VENETIAN to me. http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/wardrobe/MoroniVentaglio.jpg

The infamous Veronica Franco:


Another set of subtle rolled horns, these remind me of the victory rolls from WWII:


More elaborate horns and what seems to be almost a peasecod belly:


Images with subtle pearls in the hair, which I suspect is a pearled hairpin:

http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/wardrobe/Lavinia1560.jpg   and


Here we see a style fairly close to the head (i.e. no large horns) studded with pearls that don't seem to be attached to any type of net or caul. I again suspect pearled hairpins:

Here's the link to the extant hair pins again. http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/works-of-art/1975.1.1525-7


For the flag fan, but note the accessories, jewelry, sleeves and ruff! This is one of the images I was fortunate enough to see in person on my last trip to Italy:


Another image of a flag fan:



On to the gowns (looking at appropriate accessories in the same portraits):

My black coat came from this portrait; perhaps I should try to replicate the rest of the garment?



Another gown option, this one just into the 1580's, note the sleeve styling partlet with small collar or ruff, and what appears to me to be small wrist ruffs:



Love this! Note the images of children as well as the Orange gown I'd be focusing on for myself. Sleeves are the bane of my sewing existence so getting those right will be my biggest challenge: http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/wardrobe/Coccina1571.jpg


Slight sidetrack to other contemporary images that show both patrician women's and children's fashion.


This is an adorable family portrait- it's just slightly before my time, but I'd love to make the little outfit for my 6 month old son once I'm done with at least several complete outfits for each persona. http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/wardrobe/LicinioPOAFamily2.jpg


Another image of children's clothing in Venice, this one seems to have an eastern flavor:



I have to rely exclusively on images of gowns as unfortunately there are no known extant examples from this time and place. However there are at least examples of some of the underthings and accessories like shoes, shifts/ camica, and stockings. Many of these examples are also seen in the most recent Janet Arnold offering, but I thought I'd also provide links whenever possible.


Italian shifts- I intend to look at the construction but start with plain, unembellished versions until I have a fully fleshed out wardrobe, then begin to focus on each individual garment as close to the original embellishment as I'm able.








Drawers / breeches:

All three of these can be found in the new Janet Arnold, and with help I was able to draft a pattern to my size based on the ratios of this first pair. These will be the basis of my basic drawers, and I may ultimately try to replicate both the embroidery and bobbin lace. http://realmofvenus.renaissanceitaly.net/workbox/extdraw1.htm


This is the pair I'd really like to make but they are breeches, not drawers, so I need to noodle on it a bit more. I need to decide soon!








I want to start with a medium height pair out of wood and perhaps add a shorter pair for outdoor use as well. This is a fantastic site and I wish I could make it down to Cali for a weekend workshop with the artist!



Here's a delightfully naughty contemporary image featuring chopines and woman who's presumably a courtesan wearing drawers or breeches under her gown:

http://www.kimbellart.org/artandlove/courtesan_and_blind_cupid.asp and from the met:


Other accessories, possibly to purchase (if I ever manage to have spending money again before my son graduates college):

Specifically the girdle belt : http://www.sapphireandsage.com/replicas.html

Specifically the Italian terot cards, and instructions for games to play with them:


Whew, I guess that's plenty for now!

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