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On Friday night I attended the Full Contact Social in Wyewood and had a wrap up meeting with their exchequer. All in all I believe this will be a largely successful event. There were a few details and bumps that I wish I could go back and correct, but everyone seemed to have a fantastic time and it was successful both financially and in terms of good press for the local group.

From there I made a stop at Norwescon. I got to see some peeps I've known since highschool including the household I started with a long, long time ago who now  run the gnome parties and other events. I didn't get to see everyone I would have liked but I managed to avoid drama, which is always a good thing. Conner was a very good boy and very patient.

Saturday morning I got up early, and luckly had packed nearly everything in the car on Thursday night so I just had to get myself and the mini overlord together. We set out by 10 AM and managed to make it to site by about 12:30 (although I may possibly have increased my personal event cost greatly with a moving violation).
Svava got some baby time while I got changed. Conner's getting so big!  He's just turned 6 months and the pediatrician today said that he's very healthy and the size (both height and weight) of a 9-12 month old. I'll need to make him some new historical clothing soon! I'm hoping he can still wear his coats and hats at least through most of this season.
I got at least one thing checked off my to-do list and made a Ventian flag fan! I'm hoping to make at least one more and just have to find some wood dowling to finish it up. I also had the idea that flag fans would make a fantastic and inexpensive site token for July Coronation sometime, especially if it's some place east of the mountains or known to be surface of the sun hot- we could put an image on one side that's styled appropriate for the time (1540-1600, looks like a woodcut) and possibly the schedule or site map on the other! How functional! :) 

It was late by I packed up all of my decorations and rolled out of there. Nettie did a fantastic job with the feast, from my pet manuscript, the anon. venetian. :) 

Conner and I stayed over at my parents house in Longview. Not only was it a perfect stopping point it was good to visit and let them have some time with Conner. I tried again to get through to my father about the open heart surgery he really needs, but he's decided that not only does he feel it would be a waste of money, he doesn't think it would "be good for him". I let him know point blank that he had better get his affair in order because while I'm totally okay with him wanting to leave everything to my brother I think it would absurd for him to refuse treatment to save money only to have his estate tied up and a portion of it go to the state because he didn't want to get his poop in a group in advance.

I called the mancreature and he let me know that they were having a family gathering at his parents house, so conner and I drove home, met up with him and all went together. It was a lovely family gathering and while Rob is athiest and I'm more spirtiual than religous I really enjoyed his father's blessing over the meal. He talked a little about the holiday and why it's so important to some, but then went on to talk about the blessing of family and how he hopes we will always be happy, healthy and there for each other in times of good and bad. Everyone took turns holding Conner, and there was another little cousin there who just turned one year and is actually a bit smaller than Conner is now, but slightly more moble.

I had hoped to get some sewing done on Sunday, but by the time we got home we were all so tired that we all crashed out together. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but it was a very good day and I'm so appreciative of how wonderful, supportive and functional (in it's own kooky way) Rob's family is and how they've made it clear that we're family too.
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