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I feel like a cloud has finally started lifting. I've been horribly sick with tummy troubles since Monday, and it finally seems to be clearing up. Add to that my father having a massive heart attack the week before, and my having a different cold I feel like the last two weeks have been a waste, which his so very not good right before an event that's been a year in the making. Luckily Countess E and the rest of the team have been really jumping in and make that things are lined up, because frankly I've been a useless mess the last week or so.

Tonight , Elspbeth and Zoya are coming to pick up the Ginormous! bags of lump charcoal and Conner's stroller so I'll have more room in my car for Urtatim, bedding, and any other equipment needed. I pick up Urtatim from the train station, have 1-2 guests coming from Caid, and have to figure out what the heck I'm going to do for tomorrow night's potluck (fish, for lent? will it hold well?). Depending on how everything else goes I may just go with the old standbye of roasted chicken or come up with a slection of cheeses and cured meats. I think I'll make some kind of soup or stew as well because I know there will be people who will have no food who aren't registered and we can't add anyone else to dinner.  

I had also originally planned to make a rice flour & applesauce cake for Conner's 6 month "1/2 birthday", and special hand made gifts for the teachers & kitchen staft I don't think I"ll have time. Normally I'd whip myself into a frenzy and stay up all night if nessisary to finish the extras, but I think all the critical stuff is well in hand and tonight I"ll prep as much as I can until a reasonable hour, then go to bed. I really can't afford to slip back into illness this weekend.

Here are the options I'm considering for the potluck tomorrow night: 

XXV. Fongi.
Se tu voy fare fongi, toli li fongi sechi e metelli a molle in aqua calda e lavaly ben, poy li lesse e poy fali boni como tu voy e conzali; poy toy cepole et herbe e conza cum specie dolze e forte; e poy meti li funzi entro e frizi ogni cossa insieme, e toy mandole non monde e maxenale, e poy mettelli suso i fongi; altri li meti agresta e vole essere caldi.
XXV Mushrooms
If you want to make mushrooms, take dried mushrooms and put them to soak in hot water and wash them well.  Then boil them a little and make them cook how you want and prefer.  Then take onions and herbs and season with strong and sweet spices, and then add the mushrooms and fry everything together.  Take unpeeled almonds and grind them and then put on top of the mushroom dish, alternatively you can add verjuice and it needs to be served hot.

I already have dried porchini, and a lovely bottle of verjuice (which I was already planning on bringing for the verjuice tasting). I'd need to get onions and decide what kind of herbs to go with for this.

XXXVI.          Herbetella de quaressima.
Se tu voy fare herbette de quaressima cum olio, toy li herbe, zoè spinace, e blide, petrosemolo, e mente, e maiorana poca ben monde e ben lavate, e fale alessare. Quando sono apres che cocte, cola fuora l’ aqua e strucha ben fuora a mano, po’ le batte con coltello, po’ le bati cum lo mazo, po’ le miti in la pignata e sofrigeli con l’ olio e con el sale tanto che basta; poy li miti quella lessadura sopra, e fay chosere si che siano strette e poy tray in suso e lasalle ripossare. Quando vanno a tavola, menestra e polveriza sopra specie.
XXXVI Herb omelet in lent.
If you want to make a herb omelet for lent with oil.  Take the herbs, that is spinach, beet (leaves, or swiss chard), parsley, mint and marjoram, a little peeled (stems removed) and well washed and put them to boil.  When they are almost cooked strain out the water and then squeeze it out with your hands, then chop them with a knife, and beat them with a mallet.  Then put them in a pottery pan (pignata) and fry them with oil and with as much salt as is enough.  Then put a little of the boiling water above, and close the vessel and see that it is well closed, and pull the pan to the back (of the fire) and let it rest.  When it is ready to go to the table dish it up and powder with spices above.
I could get all the herbs for this tonight and prepare it in a  crock pot. -This reminds me, I need to get my second crock pot back from Elsbeth tonight so I can potentially do two crock pot dishes and saffron rice. This would be a good dish for lent, vegetatians (although none have requested vegetarian food so far as I've been told), and those with a gluten intolerance, because it dosen't look like this or the dish above call to be in a crust.

( I think there may be a translation error here and grated suet should be grated onion) I've got the madrone culinary guild translation here somewhere, but it's copyrighted so I won't post it. They made this for their feast last weekend and OMG their version is light, flavorful and delicious!! Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have time for this tonight.
LVIII. Pane de noxe maravigliosso e bone.
Se tu voy fare pan de noce, toy le noce e mondalle e pestale, e toy de herbe bone e un poco de cevola gratà e specie dolze e forte e uno pocho de zucharo, e miti in lo mortaro con le noxe e fa pastume. Poy toy fior de farina e fane un folglio a modo de lasagne grande e largo e sotile, e miti questo batuto suso, e muolzilo tuto insembre e falo a modo de uno pane, e poy lo caricha ch’ el vengna sotille a modo de una fugaza;
metilo a choxere in lo forno, e quando l’ è cocto, trailo fuora e laselo afredare.
LVIII. Bread of walnuts marvelous and good.
If you want to make a bread of walnuts.  Take walnuts and peel and grind them, and take good herbs, a little grated suet, sweet and strong spices and a little sugar.  Put these in a mortar with the walnuts and make a paste.  Then take wheat flour and make a sheet in the way (that one makes) lasagna, large and wide and thin.  Put this (nut) paste within and knead all this together in the same way that one makes bread.  Take the dough, when it has become soft like a cake, and put it to cook in the oven, and when it is cooked pull it out and let it cool.

I'm also planning on making saffron rice because it will go well with lots of things and is relatively safe for lots and lots of food restrictions.

Date: 2011-04-14 06:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] countess-e.livejournal.com
My happy mantra has been "fine, it's going to be fine, it's going to be fine, it's going to be" because it's always worked so far. Really. Again, phone if anything comes up at the last minute, we are on it.

Date: 2011-04-14 09:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fittzwm.livejournal.com
Reading the recipe, I bet it is grated suet, probably meant to be cut into the walnuts like butter or lard. Sounds like they would be tasty little cakes.


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